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As per research by McKinsey, over 127 new devices are connected to the internet every second as we speak. Fortune Business Insights valued the Global IoT applications market at over $180 billion in 2018, and its valuation is expected to reach approx. $1,111 Billion by 2026. What do these stats tell you? For me, it’s a signal that IoT applications are about to spread everywhere and become the core of all future technologies.

Think about it, the Internet we use today is what links our combined intelligence and helps us advance so rapidly, both in terms of lifestyle and technology. The same goes for the Internet of Things. After all, IoT basically means devices communicating with each other, just like how we do it through the web and with the gadgets we use.

And I’m not only talking about consumer-centric IoT devices. IoT is honestly, much more valuable for business applications than it is for consumers. It could help take the load off human workers and let them focus on more “human” aspects of their job. When combined with other technologies such as AI, Blockchain, web applications, among others- IoT applications for businesses could bring up advanced solutions that ease processes and save costs simultaneously.

So if you know IoT applications are going to spread like wildfire in the future, why not capitalize it today? Take a step towards the same by going through this infographic below:

How To Build Profitable IoT Applications For Your Business [Infographic]

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Are you ready to leverage IoT applications for your business?

Well, I hope the above infographic helped you understand how you could practically apply IoT across your business vertical. Now, what are you even waiting for? It’s time you spend some time on research and try to find the best IoT development partners to help you attain a sustained competitive edge with IoT.

How To Build Profitable IoT Applications For Your Business [Infographic]

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