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ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. It is one of the superb tools that can help your business in completing the web app development task in a limited time frame.

ReactJS unique and modern features make it more reliable and demanding. Numerous popular and leading companies namely Netflix, PayPal, Apple, and so on using ReactJS. Startup to Popular businesses can use this framework as this provides outstanding performance and allows you to enhance the efficiency of an app.

Developers Loved ReactJS 

As per the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, ReactJS is the most loved and wanted framework. Over 74.5% of developers love to use this framework.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

ReactJS is one of the most wanted frameworks among Vue JS and Angular JS. 21.5% of the developers wanted to use this framework. Various advantages of ReactJS helps businesses in various aspects that’s why not only developers but various other industries also use this framework extensively. 

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

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How Benefits Of React Can Boost Your Business?

I think ReactJS is very crucial that’s why one of the world’s top platforms – Facebook (Fb) is also using this framework. It is obvious that this framework must be providing some benefits to Fb that is why this platform is using ReactJS.

Let’s not keep the things in suspense. Here I am going to reveal a few unique benefits of ReactJS, the mentioned benefits will for sure help you in knowing why use React for growing your start-up to moderate level business.

Advantages of ReactJS

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

Enhance the Working Efficiency

React can be utilized without JSX. But using it with JSX enhances its working and performance as well. This framework can also work with HTML as this will make the subcomponent working smoothly. The amazing combination of JSX and React mainly enhance the working efficiency and help you by simplifying the writing process. This finally utilizes less effort and allows developers to focus on the next step.

Easy Maintenance & Save Time

ReactJS can resolve the issues of updates that’s why most of the leading brands recommend using this framework. This framework allows you to re-use system components and according to developers this is one of the unique features of ReactJS.

reactjs developers

Re-use of assets is gradually increasing and currently, it is popular among the retail industry. The re-use whole process makes manipulation more manageable and finally provides a better app look codebase and enhances the growth factor. There are so many reputed companies namely Walmart Chile, Massmart, Walmart Brazil, Sam’s Club, etc that use this component structure.

Well Manages High Load Application

ReactJS offers an astonishing solution to the common issues that come with high load applications. Mainly a high load app affects the app performance. ReactJS utilizes virtual DOM (document object model) this helps users by resolving the issues in a faster manner. Because of this factor also so many businesses are using ReactJS as this provides better app performance and user experience.

Ensures Stability

ReactJS ensures code stability and this finally makes the app performance better and for doing this it utilizes downward data flow. When the app requires modification in an object then you can easily change its state by modifying a few specific elements, this provides more stability and dynamic web and mobile app performance.

Enhances SEO Performance

This framework can help your business by expanding SEO performance, it deals with search engine failure to read JavaScript of applications. Once after reading the app JavaScript the search engine allows you to run the app on the server and lets the browser work as a regular webpage. This not only saves the development time but it also enhances the app ranking. This framework also makes the application SEO friendly and also helps businesses in growing more and more. 

Apply Less Efforts

ReactJS debugging and design tools make the developer’s task easier and also provides dynamic app performance. The developer tools available on this framework are accessible as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. This can help your business by lowering the development cost.

Easy to Grasp and Learn

If you know the basis of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML then for you it will be quite easy to learn ReactJS. Learning ReactJS can help developers in building top-notch web and mobile applications and this finally helps your business in gathering more leads.

ReactJS Is Ideal For Web & Mobile Application Development

By following the same design patterns ReactJS expedites the transition method in both app development  Web & Mobile App.  React and JavaScript alliance empower you to develop rich UI and this supports the application to run on both iOS and Android platforms.

ReactJS provides real-time reload, ability to reuse components, modular architecture, and a generous ecosystem. These all things make the applications more dynamic and also lowers the app development cost, effort, and time.

Regular Usage Percentage

According to the 2018 State of Developer Ecosystem Survey, In 2018 the most regularly used framework was React at 60%, then Express at 45%, Vue at 33%, React Native at 25%, and so on.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development
Source: 2018 State of Developer Ecosystem Survey

As per the survey it has been predicted that in upcoming years the usage percentage of ReactJS will increase more and more. By providing outstanding features and functionalities ReactJS is really helping businesses and that’s why start-up to moderate level companies are now recommending this framework for the web app development process. 

Apart from this developers also choose the React framework as this simplifies the tasks and allows help them in completing the task on time. 64.8 % of developers used React and after that they are again ready to work with this framework.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development
Source: 2019 State of Developer Ecosystem Survey

Top Applications Using ReactJS

Numerous famous applications are using ReactJS, this framework provides better app performance and also benefits the business by offering modern and dynamic applications. Let’s read which top companies’ apps are using ReactJS.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

This social media platform is partially making use of ReactJS as their webpage is built with ReactJS. The mobile application is also developed with a version of React known as React Native. Fb was the place where the ReactJS library was originally created and this social media platform opened its beta completely which rewritten ReactJS called React Fiber.


Facebook business pages – it allows you to create Facebook business pages and by doing this users can gather more audiences and can enhance customer engagement.

Chatting options – This application has a chatting option and by using this option you can talk with your friends on call, video call, messages.

Allows Posting – This platform allows you to post multiple photos and videos not only this but it also allows you to schedule the posting.

Facebook Page: On Facebook you can create your own Facebook page. If you are having an id on Fb then by the same you can create an Fb page.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

A huge part of Instagram is developed by using ReactJS and this came to know when the app presents its amazing features like geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy, etc. Instagram is entirely based on the ReactJS library, this offers users amazing features and that’s why the people are die-hard fans of this platform.


Create Business id: Instagram allows you to create a separate Business id and this really helps in enhancing the performance.

Photo Edit: This platform provides photo editing features similar to Snapchat.

Add Stories and Photos: It allows you to post multiple stories, videos, photos, etc. Apart from posting the photos, you can also tag the same to your friends. 

reactjs developers

Instagram Page: This platform allows users to create an Instagram page from the same id you can create the page.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

Netflix also uses ReactJS on its Gibbon platform. Gibbon is used for low-performance TV devices. This famous company also posted a blog which was explaining how the ReactJS library serves its startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, and various other benefits.


Utilizes less internet: In comparison to other streaming applications Netflix utilizes fewer data and this helps users in saving data.

Create Listing: On Netflix, you can create your favorite series, shows, and film listing, this saves users time and also allows you to track upcoming episodes.

Deleting Histoner: You can clear your history if you want to reveal the same with others. This enhances the app performance also.

Subscribe: Netflix also allows users to subscribe to the series as by doing these users get a notification on the new release. 

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

Over a year ago Dropbox switched to ReactJS. At that time ReactJS became very famous among app developers. ReactJS part’s plethora resources are used by Dropbox, this helps in providing outstanding cloud storage service and online backup solution.


Any device accessibility: You can use this mailing platform at any of the devices and platforms.

File storage: It also allows you to save small to large files and this helps in tracking things.

Online back-up & file recovery: If in the case by mistake any files get deleted then this platform also allows you to recover the data

Attach files: In this platform, you can attach multiple files in a single email and can easily send it to other users.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

Most of the Khan academy web app part is based on ReactJS. This framework enhances the app performance and supports the academy’s high load application in a very good manner. Apart from this it also helped the application by offering amazing features.

If I talk about the industries using ReactJS then there are numerous industries like healthcare, retail, social media, IT and so on that are making use of this framework.


Save Videos: This application allows you to save video and by doing this you can watch the same video later.

Uses Less data: The video available on this app uses fewer data and by using less data it also provides quality video.

Supports Multiple Platform: On android, iOS, windows, etc this application can be downloaded and used.

Link Multiple Id: On this platform you can link multiple id like Facebook, Gmail, and so on.

Wrapping Up

ReactJS is surely non-risky, advanced, and responsive. The most outstanding feature of this unique JavaScript library can tackle the challenge of building small to large-scale apps. ReactJS allows developers to work with DOM which is user-friendly and much faster. This framework also benefits the business in various aspects like in reducing development time, offering a dynamic app, increasing app performance, enhances SEO factors, and so on. The ReactJS factors mentioned in this blog is definitely a sensible choice for organizations.

To build leading application via ReactJS framework it is important to have with Right Application development Services as this can help you to Hire React Developer . The developers of a top-notch organization are experienced and have the capability of tackling all sorts of projects in a better way, always making the right decision in choosing top IT outsourcing companies as this will help you in boosting your business.

Business Benefits Of ReactJS Framework For Modern Web and App Development

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