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The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm. The outbreak that started from Wuhan, China in December 2019, has created havoc at a global level.

From 1 person in Wuhan to over 4,00,000 cases all across the world, this all has just happened in 3 months!

After creating footprints in countries like China, Italy, Iran and the United States of America, it has reached down to India, a country of 1.3 Billion population, who are now facing disastrous consequences with over 500+ confirmed cases till date as per the recent reports by WHO. 

Have you ever imagined the toll it has taken on the health infrastructure and para-medical facilities? Not only our healthcare industry, but this pandemic situation has also created rough times for major businesses in the picture. Our global economy is on a low down.

Let’s take a look at how it will impact businesses in the coming days.

What would be the Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses?

COVID-19 has almost disrupted industries from tourism, hardware manufacturing, automobile, among other industrial sectors. OECD reports that the global economy will face the slowest growth since 2009 due to the impacts of the novel coronavirus.

Not only this, but COVID-19 has also severely disrupted the IT industry. Thousands of IT service providers are unable to adapt to the new remote working environments that have become mandatory owing to the nature of this pandemic. 

In understanding of the unprecedented circumstances we’re in, ValueCoders has taken subsequent measures to adapt to the situation and we have enabled remote operations for all departments. 

Presently, staff from all our Development teams, HR, IT, Sales, Project Management teams among all other crucial departments are working from home and advocating Social Distancing as per the Government Advisories.

But, you must be wondering how our teams collaborate while working remotely? Let us give you a showdown on how we are coping during this time while working remotely round the clock.

How Are We Practicing Remote Working at Home?

As an IT outsourcing company, we already had corporate protocols for remote working set in place. That has helped us in setting up this new working environment for all our functioning departments. 

We are working remotely using interactive, highly encrypted communication tools and platforms that help create an in-office environment in the comfort of home.

ValueCoders has implemented all important measures to keep our team safe while helping them to be as productive as ever. Here are some steps we took towards our implementation:

1. Configuration of employees’ personal devices for maximizing the security of sensitive business data:

We have configured the personal computing devices of all our employees working from home to make sure they’re protected from all cybersecurity threats. While there’s not much we could do about the COVID-19 virus apart from social distancing, our expert IT infrastructure and support team has done everything they could to protect our team and partners from the viruses that threaten their computer systems and the valuable data stored inside them.

For teams working on bigger & more complex projects for which a personal laptop won’t suffice- we have provided them with specially configured desktops that will let our expert teams deliver their best efforts, even from home.

2. Ensuring timely deliverables 

In our remote working environment, it is possible to keep a check on project timelines to ensure timely deliverable.

For this, we are using a handful of software tools to ensure timely delivery:

For Project Management

Zoho: Zoho is a powerful software suite for team collaboration on projects and certain tasks. We’re using Zoho for task management across our development and marketing teams.

For Seamless Communication:

Microsoft Skype: We use skype to maintain seamless communication across all our teams through skype messenger, video and voice calls. An effective communication tool for our internal teams and client interactions.

Google Hangouts: We are using Hangouts to implement the concept of Virtual rooms, while practicing social distancing, wherein teams can connect virtually, without missing the atmosphere of office premises. 

For Time Management:

Hubstaff: With Hubstaff, we can not only track the time spent on any project. We can also use this software for instant billing and issuing of payments via online timesheets, employee scheduling, screen recording, employee monitoring, payroll software, GPS tracking, online invoicing, and project budgeting, and many more.

3. Using Virtual Rooms to facilitate Social Distancing at a large scale:

The term “social distancing” seems a bit misleading when taken literally. In the present situation, what we really need to do is “physical distancing”, to protect ourselves and everyone around us. 

That is what we have done already. But at ValueCoders, there is and never will be such a thing as no social interaction.

Having an active social interaction is part of the ValueCoders’ culture in our offices. We have tried to make a similar environment for our developers and other team members through virtual video conference rooms. These virtual rooms can be accessed by any of our team members through a video call. 

Presently, virtual rooms are used to conduct occasional team meetings, daily SCRUM, team interactions, and client meetings.

Wrapping Up

In Valuecoders, we are working as a team to combat this pandemic situation in rough times. To ensure the smooth functioning of our operations, we are collaborating with our internal teams on a daily basis to ensure business delivery at all levels.

We are in it together to fight this pandemic at an earliest with our teams at adherence to support businesses during rough times.

While practising Government Advisories, we are ensuring to look through business needs for custom software development, mobile application development or software product development

For business inquiries, you can contact our business experts for a deeper understanding of your project requirements.

Together, we can do it!

COVID-19: Are We Ready to Face This Global Adversity?

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