Future of Mobile Marketing Now At Your Fingertips

With SmartPhones taking the world by storm, could mobile marketing be far behind? As technology used in SmartPhones continues to be upgraded, opportunities for using mobile devices for advertising continue to grow. Today, there are many companies that are using JavaScript and HTML5 for designing mobile websites to launch independently in the market.

Gone are the days of creating apps with the idea of ensuring mobile cross-platform flexibility. You can now depend on complete support from other popular devices using iOS. Since not every individual has a SmartPhone equipped with HTML5, you must employ a definite strategy when you are catering to the masses to get the desirable results.

With a well-designed plan to utilize SmartPhones for marketing, you need to consider some important factors to make this idea productive. You may be concentrating on exclusively using mobile devices for marketing and avoiding desktops completely. Whatever strategy you follow, you are going to need a defined campaign, support devices and a building model for mobile devices.

Define your marketing campaign:

Modern day mobiles are now complementing desktops. To launch any marketing campaign, you must first consider some factors, like, how users can locate your website and whom you want to reach out to. Other factors like what users are expected to do once they locate your site, and how you plan to track user actions are also part of your campaign.

When you plan to market your products to devices having internet connectivity, you must look at the different types of screen resolutions. You must focus on your marketing needs to decide which SmartPhones to target. Those using QR codes can support only iPhones and Android devices. When your audience is wider, it is best to use fliers, product packages, web banners and commercial displays. When your target audience is spread over a smaller area, it is possible to insert codes in company newsletters and business cards, which are most effective when paired with incentives like freebies and discounts.

Users coming to your site need to be addressed instantly; else they may get disinterested and navigate away from the site. Users are more attracted by what they can see before them and the key to marketing your products is by exploiting their attention to deliver your message.

Identify support devices:

The next step is to identify the delivery methods and the mobile devices your campaign will support. These factors largely influence your code and the images you will use. Since the working mechanism for desktops and mobile phones are vastly different, what works for one will not necessarily fit the technology requirements of the other. Since mobile phones today have varied display dimensions, it is important to choose your support devices intelligently.

Build for mobile device:

In doing this, you must consider the loading time, touch screen support features and small viewing spaces. You must decide whether you wish to include a single page or have a “quick launch” menu. For phones with smaller screen space, navigability must be quick and simple. The launch of sophisticated Android and iOS systems has increased user expectations, but conventional mobile devices are not capable of supporting feature-rich websites. User expectations (thanks to Apple’s offerings) are pushing web developers to improve a site’s performance to make it more dynamic. New SmartPhones are helping users to save bookmarks and create personalized icons. The focus is on implementing faster load times because users are always in a hurry for information. When delivering videos, options are many but devices are restricted; however, most SmartPhones can play videos via a CDN or from YouTube.

SmartPhones are steadily becoming the gateway to a whole new world of mobile marketing where you can learn about products, view and buy them with the touch of a finger.

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