How AR/VR Will Shape The Future Of Businesses?

Recently, we have seen that many new technologies have made their way into various business domains. Augmented reality and virtual reality are such technologies which received so much popularity in less time and also become an indispensable part of today’s people lives. 

Using virtual reality, one can ride a roller coaster or float through space by just sitting at home. However, the future virtual reality apps would surely go beyond the entertainment we enjoy today and practically change the people do business nowadays. 

On the other hand, augmented reality use the present environment and mask all the other additional information on top of that. Pokemon Go is one of the best examples of AR apps. Other than this, apps viz. Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram provide users with many filters and also overlay animated images onto the user’s faces. 

Now, you must be wondering how these technologies will impact the future of various sectors. Both augmented reality as well as virtual reality have potential to spark dramatic improvements in a wide range of business sectors and revolutionise the way business people work within. In this blog, we will discuss how AR & VR has changed the future of businesses in 2019-20.

Checkout all the respective business domains below:



1) Retail & eCommerce

Augmented reality impact:

Traditional shoppers are nowhere seen these days. Online shopping has become a major trend among people and they do purchase products anytime from any place. AR can help businesses in bringing potential customers towards online shopping. USing this, customers can view their products in a highly realistic manner in the comfortable environment.  

In fact, the marketers can share up-to-date information of their respective products. This will list the product’s price, specifications, designs etc, and thus enhance the overall shopping experience of their customers. This is how AR is changing the way people shop today.

2) Healthcare

Virtual reality Impact: 

Currently, most significant virtual reality healthcare apps are used for both pain management services and physical therapy. It is most effective for patients suffering from chronic pain and find it cool solution for their disease. As per the study, it has been observed that it reduces pain by 60% and a great number of participants reported genuine decrease in their pain in their ongoing therapy. 

So, it is considered as the vital solution for pain treatments and a great alternative to opioids. Hence, it has the potential to change the doctors’ way how they done treatment for pain.  

Augmented reality impact:

Ar is already being used in healthcare industry to save people. It has become one of the major assistances for this industry to help them catalyzing their existing process. In previous times, surgeries required different types of monitors that would show the vital statistics of the patient through an endoscopic camera. 

However, leaving all these problems behind, doctors can use AR smart glasses that will display all the relevant information while they are performing the surgery and help them stay focused on the task at hand. With minimally invasive surgeries and help them perform effectively.

3) Education

Augmented reality impact:

Educational sectors has greatly affected by Augmented reality and also welcoming many game-changing events in future. To help them understand the concepts of their respective topics, AR apps provide students with immersive content. With the help of attractive 3D models, students can capture complex information in an easier way by providing a broader understanding of the topics.

In our previous times, historical sites and museums have incorporated various AR features into their exhibits to keep pace with technology. This is an excellent way for people to explore and gain additional informational knowledge. AR has to do with exploration, which eventually leads students towards learning and understanding. Hence, this is a recommendable technology for tech and the educational industry.

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4) Real Estate

Augmented reality impact:

Buying a house is a complicated task for everyone. For this, they contact builders and then visit the sample houses with them. But AR apps can give you the same experience at home. This is because AR uses computer-generated home images which make buyers envision the complete building when it is under construction. 

In fact, the users can modify the furniture, color of the rooms, size of the room etc. as per their choice. You can envision the completed property before it is built fully with AR apps. Hence, it is an effective tool for sellers and builders.

5) Travel & Tourism

Augmented reality impact:

AR is going to revolutionise the travel industry and bring a huge change to it. It will assist travellers and tourists in finding nearby tourists attractions and help them translating boards & signs according to their native language. 

Travellers can have extraordinary trips with Ar apps as this will help them display 3-D models of their respective destinations. This will aid them enhance their knowledge about a particular place.  

Virtual reality Impact:  

With virtual reality, you can explore a lot in this industry. Some of the major things you can do with this are given below:

-> Get engrossed in the gaming world

-> Explore places before planning a vacation

-> Improves the quality of communication

-> Immerse in the movie watching experience

-> Look into the beauty of Space

6) Journalism

Virtual reality Impact: 

By using virtual reality, you can do better storytelling as it provides new and innovative ways to do so.  So, it is going to play a very significant role in the future of journalism industry. Virtual reality provides 3D content which will soon become a commonplace for news consumers. This technology is going to amaze its customers through 360 degree video creation and quickly lets its users access virtual reality journalistic content. 

Hence, it will revolutionise the journalism industry in the near future by reducing the editorial control publications.  

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7) Manufacturing

Virtual reality Impact: 

Virtual reality is going to greatly influence the future of manufacturing industry. As per survey done by PWC, about 72.5% of manufacturers found both ar/vr technologies to be extremely important for U.S. manufacturing global competitiveness. Virtual reality will help engineers and product designers to collaborate on developing virtual prototypes. This will allow engineers to understand, test & validate their products. Now, they will be able to process early in the program development keeping take care of other constraints like cost, time & risk. 

In fact, it is a great tool of innovation and can create various applications for VR beyond its current use. Hence, it can significantly enhance manufacturing industry’s efficiency without replacing human labour. 


So far we have seen the varying effects of both modern technologies and how they will impact different business domains. The growth of both augmented reality as well as the virtual reality is huge in the near future. 

With so many positive advantages in multiple domains, both will fundamentally change the business processes and streamline things for better productivity.  

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