How ASP.Net Development Could Benefit Your Startup In 2019?

In this technology world, startups, being a driving force, is a major contributor to coming up with innovative and revolutionizing ideas for each industry. The name itself suggests its meaning that it is something which does new.

Besides this, the concept of business and consecutive growth is, however, a different piece of cake. Initially, it was not easy for startups to get their business run high among mass clients and maintaining the overall reputation at the same time.

This reason is simple as they have to face many challenges at first in terms of fierce competition from other businesses, funds etc. that automatically hinder their full participation in the startup ecosystem.

Keeping these hurdles in mind, Microsoft recently announced an initiative called Microsoft for Startups. It is also known as the Bizspark program which is a $500 million investment by Redmond giant & other investors. It is aiming to be an opportunity where startups would benefit from developing and marketing business software products.

For startups facing the impending frustrations of lack of funds for licenses and platforms, the ASP.NET program and Microsoft for Startups is an excellent way to start.

   Are you facing the same problem with your “startup”?

No more worries!!

Here in this blog, we will explore the major benefits of using the ASP.NET development framework for your startup, why should you use .NET and how will it help in the growth of your startup business in 2020 if you hire net developers .

Before this, let’s have a quick look at some interesting stats about the great popularity of “ASP.NET development” for businesses:

According to SimilarTech, approx. 17,911,080 websites are built using ASP.NET web development and there are 10,406,741 unique domains are present for this.

As per BuiltWith stats, approx. 41,304,935 live websites are using ASP.NET in their records.

So we can now say that ASP.NET is an ideal business solution for startups in 2019 as it offers real benefits in the development of commercial applications in various fields, from complex web applications to the creation of simple websites.

Moreover, the ASP.NET architecture carries out a consistent, scalable and reliable environment to develop powerful web applications.

The list of various supporting reasons is given below:

1) Easy interoperability

In the month of March this year, at the Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft had announced the two editions of Windows 10 IoT that would help developers create applications for connected IoT devices in an easy and efficient way and so business owners to how to grow their business using this.

Interoperability is not only easier to implement but also much more secure with the software developed in ASP.NET. The open source SDK suite in the Azure IoT suite, for example, offers open source flexibility while offering incredible development speed along with advanced security features.

Hence, it has proven itself to be the best platform for startups if they are planning to go ahead with this technology.

2) Guarantees safety

When data security and cyber attacks are at the top of everyone’s mind. ASP.NET technology continues to be a comforting framework due to its high-end security features.

In addition, its MVC architecture has a SoC approach, which makes it infinitely easy to make scalable applications and integrate securely with existing applications of your business.

Diversity and versatility are two enduring aspects of ASP.NET that continue to make it extremely attractive to companies.

With high performance frameworks such as ASP.NET, MVC and Web API used in conjunction with database systems such as SQL Server and Azure Document DB, .NET is a powerful package for a wide range of industries, from finance (e.g. mortgage solutions) up to education (like e-learning portals) for transportation (such as transport updates in real time).

3) ASP.NET and Azure go hand in hand

As we know that the future is the cloud. So we can say, in that case, the future is already here. It is understandable that Microsoft Azure immediately appeals to companies that rely on Microsoft platforms. But it’s the incredible combination of .NET products in Azure that is incredibly attractive to businesses especially startups.

Today, all future-focused business owners on the future can immediately detect the effortless partnership that ASP.NET has with Azure.

For example, asynchronous task management has been simplified since .NET has improved the programming languages VB and C #. So if your systems are integrated with Azure, you can hire Asp.Net developers for further development.

4) Mobile development with ASP.NET

In the past, the developers struggled to develop mobile applications that were based on .NET, but now, the complete scenario is different. .NET has become more versatile than ever.

The development of a mobile application based on .NET is perfect for companies like startups that want to reach a broad base of users through a single device or looking to create rich user experiences.

For example, the user interface of Telerik can be easily incorporated into .NET, which allows essential functions, such as drag and drop, which facilitates an improved user experience.

5) Scalability and speedy

.NET is highly scalable and provides a fast development environment. So, in this context, it would be wrong to argue about cost and time factors. In fact, it would be hard to go against the time and cost benefits of websites built on MVC architecture.

6) High consistency

.NET technologies are optimized for multiple platforms. Using .NET for web and mobile development, startups can access a coherent programming model that is still up to date with today’s advances.

7) More secure platform

.NET is one of the most secure web development platforms. The shopping cart e-commerce solutions simply can not survive if there are gaps. However, we are blessed with Dot NET which is fundamental to identify and cover these gaps.

Moreover, .Net web development helps startups in building various amazing business apps. Some of these apps are listed below:

-> Accounting / Bookkeeping systems

-> Custom CRM systems

-> Inventory applications

-> Logistics and supply chain management solutions

-> Dynamic websites

-> Mobile apps

-> XML Web Services

-> Warehouse and storehouse systems


So we have seen the various reasons how .NET development is going to benefit startups in 2019. No doubt, it is the best web solution to start with and to fight in this cut-throat competitive environment.

As most of the startups and SMEs require to hire net developers to develop innovative solutions and great strategies that keep them at the forefront of this competition. By adopting such solutions, this will not only give them a unique recognition but also reduce the overall operating costs and efforts to gain a competitive advantage.

Therefore, the Microsoft .Net development framework is a perfect and true solution for all problems of startups which develops flexible commercial applications within the defined time and budget.

You can outsource projects to reliable software development companies like ValueCoders which offers you to hire Asp.Net developers who are well versed with other frameworks like, Xamarin, and Sharepoint development.


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