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With the fast pace, the mobile app development industry is experiencing useful and innovative changes due to the emergence of various modern technologies. IoT is one of the most popular technologies that has again come in the limelight in recent years. In fact, IoT solutions are enjoying their existence in many fields like agriculture, retail, healthcare, and much more.

IoT can facilitate interaction and communication at all levels. Ease of use and the growing demand for such applications are two main factors responsible for the increase in IoT application development services.

As per the stats, this technology got huge importance in 2018. It is estimated that by 2022 there will be approximately 1.5 billion IoT devices with cellular connections which is actually a big number.

In 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide.

What makes IoT different from other technologies?

How is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

-> Software and hardware capabilities: The IoT network and related software must be able to handle complex business operations and be compatible with mobile application solutions.

-> Selection of programming framework: You need to make sure it prior to whether the app would be compatible with the existing IoT network or not while selecting the programming framework.

-> Compatible with license agreements: The IoT application must be compatible with the current licensing standards and agreements.

-> Aspects of connectivity: Wi-fi or Bluetooth, mobile applications enabled for IoT need continuous connectivity.

In this blog, we will discuss how the mobile app development industry is leveraged with IOT technology. Check out the various supporting reasons below:

1) Cost-effective

IoT can give a boost to the brand and reduce the cost of developing mobile applications. IoT can allow mobile application developers to integrate several components in a cost-effective way. It also makes the application more interactive and provides a space for innovation. In a way, IoT can save a lot of money.

2) High securityHow is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

When it comes to security, mobile application development services focus on improving security because the IoT concept deals with a large amount of personalized data. Such personalized and confidential data should be avoided in the wrong hands. IoT-based mobile application development solutions, therefore, need more attention to data security.

3) Valuable insights

IoT is a network of connected devices, servers, and other equipment. All these devices collect and access critical data to work seamlessly and stay synchronized with different devices and equipment. In this process, the IoT system can provide you with valuable information. You can use this information to make decisions in real time and simplify your complex business processes.

4) Highly convenient apps

How is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

The development of IoT mobile applications offers more convenience for users. It is obvious that we use smartphones more than laptops. In addition, we can take the smartphone everywhere with us. In other words, we can manage the entire IoT network in our work in a simple way. Features such as notification and integration of social networks can also be offered in the IoT mobile application.

5) Easily customizable and interactive

It is no exaggeration to mention that IoT can make mobile applications more interactive. In addition, this technology can open the doors to new personalization options. This means that your company’s mobile application can remain relevant and up to date with the functionality related to IoT and other necessary features. Hence, it will create feature-rich and futuristic mobile apps that would help you stay ahead from the growing competition.

IoT technology can provide you with simple customization options for the enterprise mobile application. It’s because developers can easily meet the needs of connected devices when they create applications for their business.

6) Niche SegmentHow is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

Being a popular technology for mobile app development, it is still found that many companies have not yet adopted IOT. So, if you integrate IoT at your workplace, there are probably higher chances for getting a competitive edge and thus you can address a niche market that has IoT-based mobile application solutions.

By hiring IOT developers, you can easily integrate the most important features to your business mobile applications. In fact, this technology makes the entrepreneur’s and the developer’s life easy.

7) Efficient

Customer participation can be significantly increased through an IoT mobile application. The IoT application can provide an excellent user experience and help your employees work more efficiently. The IoT network is designed to simplify and automate business processes. It can certainly increase productivity and efficiency. When it comes to the development of mobile applications, IoT can make the development process easier to use and users can work more efficiently with greater convenience.

8) Location independenceHow is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

The IoT mobile application can be used anywhere, regardless of time and place. Even if you are far from the workplace, you can easily control the IoT system. In summary, IoT offers location independence. Only smart devices are needed to run a mobile application based on IoT.

What makes IoT more valuable for custom mobile application solutions is the fact that this technology can affect all domains in various sectors of the industry. Whether you are in the health sector or in agriculture, IoT can easily meet your business needs and the personalized mobile application can take full advantage of this technology.

While IoT has many benefits to offer, the focus will still be on improving the security aspect because IoT applications are more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

9) Easy integration

IoT can be easily integrated with other emerging technologies such as AR, VR and Machine Learning. Therefore, it is easy to integrate the features of these futuristic technologies into the mobile application. However, IoT needs specialization for proper implementation. Mobile application developers with IoT experience can integrate technological advances.


So far we have seen that IoT is configured to bring radical changes to the traditional mobile application development process.

By taking advantage of the benefits of IoT, enterprise-class mobile applications can increase the productivity and efficiency of your complex business processes. You can control the entire IoT network at your workplace through your fingertips. The future of mobile apps will undoubtedly bring about better solutions if mobile development companies can get it right.

At ValueCoders(a leading software development company), we have a large and efficient mobile team that has successfully delivered more than 500 apps across 20+ countries. We offer end-to-end application solutions based on IoT. Our dedicated mobile app developers can meet business needs.

How is IOT Leveraging the Mobile App Development Industry?

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