How Magento 2 Helps Expand Your E-commerce Reach

Magento 2 was primarily released in 2015 and now they have updated themselves to version 2.1.9 in September 2017. Also, Magento has the largest share in the eCommerce market and growing rapidly. That being said, a dig up is required in case you are using some other platform for your e-store. We understand that migrating to a new platform can be inconvenient sometimes, however if you’re highly focused on online marketing, you’ll love some of the new features in Magento 2.

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SEO & Search

With the SEO & Search features in Magento 2, you can add search terms and synonyms to ensure that customers using a search engine will land on your site and/or product page. The latest Search Engine Optimization capabilities are built in to Magento, ensuring that rich snippets and reviews are accessible easily by Google.

In Magento Enterprise Edition, you can access to Elasticsearch as well.

It is one of the best catalog search tools for eCommerce. It’s able to handle and filter through large catalogs and has support for 33 languages (out of the box). Elasticsearch also offers suggestions to customers who may misspell what they are looking for and lets you attribute weighting to certain words.

New Admin Interface

Another attraction of Magento 2 is a revamped admin interface, and the new design hasn’t disappointed:

The cleaner design eliminates all the visual clutters and the menu bar is now on the left, making it similar to other popular CMS like WordPress.

It takes less time to add a product to Magento 2as the steps are now fewer. Additionally, you can add a product to a category by typing in the category name without checking the category box.
You can also manage how Google displays your content directly from the Magento 2 dashboard (out of the box – no extensions needed).
You can customize which columns show in the Admin panel.

APIs of Magento 2

Magento platform is well-known for its modular approach to front-end as well as back-end interface. It makes the job hard for responsive web designers when a number of internal and external service modules need to be integrated for an integrated user experience.

Fortunately, various APIs for features, functionality, and services in Magento 2 are solving such issues quickly.

Magento 2 API is a concept of a service contract where each module/extension is showing off the functionality over the relevant API.

Faster and Easier Checkout

Magento 2 has introduced several features to cut down on cart abandonment and hassle:

Magento 2 is reducing cart abandonment by allowing shoppers to check out as guests;

Better yet, Magento 2 features a two-step checkout process. If you’re thinking about losing subscribers because of the easy guest checkout features, don’t be worried, guests can create  accounts by  checking a box during the checkout process. An email with account details are also sent after the transaction.

Also, product images now load in the order summary so customers can see the items they are about to buy.

Shipping rates and options load automatically when a shopper inputs his or her address. Lastly, Magento 2 includes an option to indicate that your billing address is the same as your shipping address.

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Easier Google Setups

Magento 2 helps to integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords in an easiler way

Google Universal Analytics: Admins have benefited from Magento’s analytics integration for a while now, but Magento 2 introduces some updated features. The new product section can now track product impressions, product clicks and add-to-cart clicks. Every event between the homepage and confirmation page is now included.

Adwords: Magento 2 also includes Adwords conversion tracking in an advanced way. Adwords configuration settings are in “Store View,” so you can edit tracking configuration differently based on each version of your store.

Magento 2 Sites are Responsive by Default

Magento 2 offers fully responsive web design (RWD) on every site, that’s especially important given Google’s journey towards a mobile-first index. Better yet, the admin panel is responsive as well, so if you have to, you can work via Smart phone.

Bottom line

After realizing what amazing ecommerce features the latest Magento 2 version offers, you might be tempted to jump to  Magento 2. It is always helpful to have an impeccable team of Magento designers and programmers in your contact so that if you ever run into any problems, they don’t hold you back.

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