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How to Make a Magento Site Responsive

How to Make a Magento Site Responsive

Do you own a Magento website? Are you seeking ways to improve its performance? Well, one possible way to optimize the site performance is to make your Magento website responsive, so that mobile users can access your site using a variety of handheld devices.

In the recent times, the popularity of mobile computing devices has grown significantly. This puts an emphasis on the fact that you need to have a Magento responsive website, if you don’t want to lose a significant proportion of web visitors that uses handheld devices nowadays. Moreover, your mobile friendly Magento website can prove an important catalyst to boost your e-commerce sales and also enter into the world of M-commerce.

So, if you are interested in making your Magento website responsive, you may follow the following steps:

  1. Use of Magento Extensions: Magento is an open source platform that offers you several extensions to convert your existing website into a responsive one. You can choose from CoucheCommerce and Tenfoot extensions to build a mobile ready website for e-commerce as well as M-commerce. When you install the CoucheCommerce extension, it automatically optimizes your site within a few minutes and you are ready with your online store. Importantly, your site uses the same URLs for both desktop and mobile devices, and this makes your website more SEO-friendly. Tenfoot is also a considerably automated extension, requiring no technical knowledge to convert your website into a responsive one. Tenfoot is available with a 30-day free trial and thereafter you may choose from different pricing plans.
  2. Use of Magento responsive theme: There are several Magento themes that you can use to quickly create a mobile ready website. Here are some of the popular themes:


source – www.hellothemes.com

Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme: This official Magento theme is packed with all functions that you may require to build your responsive website. With a user-friendly search feature, it is more suitable to build an online store that sells a range of products. The extension is free to use, but you may need a little technical expertise to use it for your Magento site. It allows you embedding audio and video, helping your site to appear more creative and salable.


  1. Argento Theme: With 14 popular modules, the Argento Theme provides you with more choices when it comes to choosing a responsive theme for your Magento website. The theme is based on CSS3, allowing you to achieve a more responsive layout. The theme is not free, however, and you need to purchase it. Once you purchase it, the developers will install the theme for you with a free support for a period of one month. You may subscribe further for support and updates after one month.
  2. Neddev Magento Mobile Theme: This is another Magento theme that is simple to install with the clear set of instructions. The theme is available with a 14 day trial period for you to evaluate its effectiveness. During the free trial period, you will also get free installation and customization options to get a complete idea about this Magento theme. There could be several other themes as well, but you need to choose tested and reliable themes so that your online store doesn’t come across any issue.


  1. PSD to responsive Magento: If you are a kind of person that loves manual conversions and coding, then PSD to Magento conversion could be the best bet for you. Although,the conversion process could be time-consuming, but it will provide you with a completely unique theme and template. You can convert PSD to Magento and can write HTML and CSS to get your unique responsive website in Magento.


Today, most of the e-commerce players have realized the benefits of opening their stores for mobile internet users. Converting a Magento website into a responsive one is not a complicated goal to achieve. One can hire a Magento expert to quickly build a mobile-ready website and witness a significant growth in their business.

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