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Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world. It’s an innovative way to store and share data that is secure, transparent, and easy for everyone to access. But with so many Blockchain platforms out there, which one should you choose?     

Well, if I talk about the best, then Hyperledger Fabric and Stellar are two of the most well-known platforms. Now the question arises which one is best among these two Hyperledger Fabric vs Stellar. To know which one is best:

Let’s compare both platforms…    

What Is Hyperledger Fabric?


Hyperledger Fabric is a Blockchain platform that was built by IBM and Digital Asset as part of the Hyperledger consortium. It’s an enterprise-grade solution with Hyperledger smart contracts, pluggable consensus & privacy, which can be used to build applications for many use cases like cross-border payments, supply chain tracking, etc.  

Hyperledger Fabric with 12.8K GitHub stars and 7.5K GitHub forks

Key Features of Hyperledger Fabric

  • Highly modular, Permissioned architecture
  • It has an open smart contract model
  • Support for EVM and Solidity
  • Supports queryable data
  • Offers a flexible approach to data privacy
  • Flexible endorsement model

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What Is Stellar?


Stellar is a distributed, hybrid Blockchain solution. It was originally formed to help people make faster and more affordable cross-border payments. It can be used as both an asset’s trading platform and for stellar smart contracts. A special thanks to the Lightning Network capability it provides users with.

Stellar with 3.8K GitHub stars and 123 GitHub forks. 

Stellar Key Features  

  • Transaction verification time is 3 – 5 seconds
  • Support 1000 transactions per second
  • It allows Multi signatures and Smart Contracts
  • 1% fixed annual inflation  

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Similarities Between Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric

There are a lot of similarities that Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric have in common. For example, both platforms offer support for multi signatures and smart contracts while also being able to handle over 1000 transactions per second. 

Plus, they each utilize their own consensus algorithm, which means businesses won’t have to switch from one technology to another if they want different processing speeds.  

Stellar Vs Hyperledger Fabric: Which Blockchain Platform Is The Best?

Here I have compared the few parameters which will help you analyze which one is best among Hyperledger Fabric vs Stellar.      

1. Performance

Comparing Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric on paper, it is clear that the latter has an advantage. The biggest thing working in Hyperledger’s favor is its transaction confirmation time which only takes a mere three to five seconds to process. 

This makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to integrate into their workflows without slowing down productivity or causing frustration among employees. Stellar, on the other hand, is a bit slower and not as well suited for companies that need to do processing at scale.  

2. Security

When it comes to security, there are various factors you want your Blockchain platform to have before making an investment in its technology. First of all, you should look for solutions that use Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMC) because that provides the highest level of security to date. 

Hyperledger Fabric was one of the first Blockchain platforms to be developed, so it definitely has an advantage in this department over Stellar, which is much newer and therefore lacking some advanced security features. 

3. Customer Support & Community

One area where Stellar really shines is in customer support and community. The team behind the Stellar Blockchain platform is extremely active, which means that they are always working to improve their product by incorporating feedback from users around the world. 

This provides a much greater level of transparency than Hyperledger Fabric can offer because there isn’t as strong of an open-source codebase available for it. 

4. Scalability 

One of the biggest problems Blockchain developers are trying to solve is how to make their platforms scalable. Scalability can be measured by transaction speed, and it’s an area where Hyperledger Fabric excels over Stellar. Additionally, Stellar is capable of processing 1000 transactions per second, while Hyperledger Fabric process 3500 transactions.  

5. Popularity

The last thing you want to consider when looking for a Blockchain solution is its popularity. 

Although Stellar has only been around since 2014, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular Blockchains thanks to its ability to connect people across borders and offer them faster transactions than they can get with traditional methods like wire transfers or ACH payments.

It currently sits at the number seven spot on CoinMarketCap’s list of most valuable cryptocurrencies. 

Hyperledger Fabric, however, is much more popular than Stellar and has been around since 2015; it sits at the number eleven spot on CoinMarketCap. This advantage in popularity can be attributed to Hyperledger having access to incredible resources like IBM who are able to help it gain significant ground in the Blockchain space.

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Pros and Cons of Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric

Here I have mentioned the pros and cons of using Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric; knowing the same, you can examine which one is best.    

Pros of using Stellar

-> Transaction confirmation time is very fast: Stellar can process transactions in three to five seconds. This makes it a great solution for enterprises that need their platform to handle large volumes of daily trading activity because they will not have to wait hours for their funds and data to be verified.  

-> Stellar supports multi-signature wallets, which are beneficial for companies that need high security for their funds. 

-> An annual inflation rate of one percent makes it a great choice because the platform doesn’t require any additional fees to be paid by its users, and there is no risk of depreciation like you would see with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency. 

Cons of using Stellar 

-> Stellar does not currently have any users who are located in the United States. This is important to note because many companies choose Stellar based on its reputation.

But they have no ability to use it due to their location or other factors that would prevent them from putting up a valid account for this Blockchain solution.  

-> There are some concerns about the platform’s security features being weak compared to other Blockchain networks that are currently available. 

Pros of Hyperledger Fabric

-> Hyperledger has a much faster transaction verification time than Stellar. It can also handle more daily transactions as well. Hence, it is a great option for businesses that need their platform to be able to work with high volumes of orders or data on a regular basis.

-> Hyperledger Fabric is a flexible platform. It can be used for both smart contracts and asset trading. Thus, it makes an excellent choice if your company needs to work with a variety of different types of data.

-> There are no transaction fees associated with Hyperledger Fabric. It is because there is no need for miners or mining activity when operating on this Blockchain solution.

Cons of Hyperledger Fabric

-> Hyperledger Fabric is not currently regulated by any government or financial authority, which means that the platform has no oversight when it comes to how funds are handled.

This can lead to potential problems in some cases, and companies will need to choose this solution carefully if they want something that they know is safe.

-> There is no way to add smart contracts or multi-signature security features onto Hyperledger Fabric, which means that companies who need these options will not be able to use this solution, and they may have to look at alternatives.

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Pros and Cons of Stellar vs. Hyperledger Fabric Explained

Stellar Vs Hyperledger Fabric: Comparison Table

The table given here will help you know which Blockchain platform is best for your business vertical.

Stellar Vs Hyperledger Fabric: Comparison Table

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Final Words

Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric are two different Blockchain platforms. They both have their own pros and cons, but the decision ultimately comes down to your company’s needs. If you want a platform that is flexible and can handle large amounts of transactions, then Hyperledger Fabric may be for you.

If you’re looking to build on an existing network or don’t need scalability in your system, then Stellar might work better for you. Either way, it’s worth taking the time to explore what these tools offer before deciding which one best meets your business’ needs!

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Stellar vs. Hyperledger Fabric: Your Blockchain Solution Guide

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which One Is Best Stellar or Hyperledger Fabric?

Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric are both excellent options for companies who need their Blockchain to be reliable, scalable, and flexible. 

The difference between the two is that Stellar has a faster transaction time than Hyperledger Fabric does; however, this comes at an expense because it can only handle transactions involving smaller amounts of money.  

Which famous brands are using Blockchain? 

Microsoft, Tencent, Amazon, Nvidia, Walmart, PayPal, Samsung, Bank of China are famous corporations using Blockchain.

What is the difference between the Hyperledger Fabric and Stellar blockchain platforms?

The difference between the two is that Stellar offers faster transaction speeds. It costs less to run than Hyperledger Fabric does. However, because of this, it has a lower level of decentralization. Moreover, it can’t process as many transactions per second as Hyperledger Fabric can.

How secure are Blockchain platforms?

Blockchain technology uses Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMC), which is the highest level of security available right now. SMC ensures that no individual party within a network can access information without having to give up their private key and thus compromising security for everyone else in the group.       

Hyperledger Fabric vs Stellar: Which is the Best Blockchain Solution?

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