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Create advanced cross-industry blockchain technologies with ValueCoders. We enable businesses to build advanced enterprise-grade blockchain solutions with hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries.

Our proficiency in Hyperledger and a deep desire for hands-on work with difficult blockchain projects make us your best companion for hyperledger development.

Utilize our hyperledger development services to upgrade your business, create a secure environment for your global settlements, and advance your cross-industry collaborations.

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Our Hyperledger Blockchain Development Services

Our team of experts has over 17 years of experience in web and mobile development, including blockchain solutions. We carefully create Hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries suitable for your business needs and strategies.

Hyperledger Consulting

With hyperledger consulting services, we provide businesses with the expertise they need to develop and deploy hyperledger-based projects successfully. Services include architecture design, development and integration, performance tuning, security audits, blockchain strategy sessions, and more. We'll assess your requirements and recommend a solution to achieve your business goals.

Hyperledger Application Development

Hyperledger developers specialize in building dApps for several different industries. These include but are not limited to finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and others. Our hyperledger developers choose the features they need, making it a versatile platform for many use cases.

Hyperledger Integration

With hyperledger integration, we allow businesses to connect and share data across multiple ledgers or blockchains. Doing this allows the connection to different blockchains, business networks, and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). We can also help you with cross-chain data interoperability, so businesses can seamlessly share data across different platforms.

Hyperledger Support and Optimization

Our hyperledger support and optimization services include all the ‌tools and expertise to help you implement and fine-tune your hyperledger-based solution. Our team can provide you with everything from guidance on how to get started with developing your blockchain application to detailed technical support for when you need help troubleshooting an issue.

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Reasons to Switch to Hyperledger

Businesses can use hyperledger blockchain solutions to improve slow or inefficient processes while ensuring confidentiality, agility, and security. If you want to be sure that you comply with industry standards, have workflow control, and need transaction traceability, then hyperledger is the right choice.

Workflow and System Monitoring

Hyperledger allows monitoring of the workflow and system performance of your blockchain application. You can use the built-in monitoring tools to track transactions, nodes, and channels. The information can help you troubleshoot problems and optimize your blockchain network for performance.

Public and Private Solutions

Hyperledger offers both public and private solutions. With a public solution, the network is open to all participants invited to join. With a private solution, access to the network is restricted to certain participants allowing enterprises to choose the level of privacy they need for their applications.

Identifiable Network Participants

Hyperledger identifies the network participants through their certificates or an electronic document that binds a public key to a human-readable name. Those who want to join generate and submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to the CA. The CA verifies the CSR, signs it, and returns it. Hyperledger Fabric also generates an endorsement key for each participant.

Visible Transactions, Processes, and Identities

Hyperledger can trace transactions, processes, and identities. Based on the capability, hyperledger can be used for various applications, including supply chain management, financial settlements, and identity management. In supply chain arrangements, for example, information about product origins and journey steps can be recorded on the ledger.

Privacy and Permissions Procedures

Hyperledger is a permissioned blockchain platform governed by a consortium of enterprises, allowing privacy and permissions to be set up in various ways. With hyperledger, businesses can control who has access to their data and how it is used. Hyperledger can help ensure that only authorized parties get access to sensitive data.

ValueCoders, The Most Preferred Choice For Hyperledger Development


Our experienced developers have expertise in developing distributed ledger applications using hyperledger fabric. You can build a custom and scalable blockchain solution that can meet your specific business needs.

Under hyperledger development, we provide:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Overall Development and Support
  • Efficient Infrastructure
  • Public and Private Development Solutions
  • Chaincode-Based Contract Development
  • Roadmapping of business-oriented commitments

Ultimate User Guide to Understanding Hypeledger Development

What is Hyperledger in Blockchain?

Hyperledger is an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation, including finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and technology leaders.

Hyperledger offers a unique value proposition because it enables developers to create blockchain applications and solutions with far less regulatory friction and using existing infrastructure. For enterprises that want to introduce blockchain technology into their business operations, hyperledger allows them to do so without changing how they work today.

In simple terms, hyperledger is a way for businesses to build blockchain applications on a secure, flexible and scalable platform.

Which is better, Ethereum or Hyperledger?

Ethereum and hyperledger are both blockchain technologies but differ in their features. Ethereum is a public blockchain that allows anyone to create applications on the network. Hyperledger is a permissioned network designed for businesses.

Ethereum can use smart contracts and computer programs that execute automatically when certain conditions are met to create digital currencies or register property titles.
Hyperledger does not have this capability yet, but it is working on it.

Ethereum allows developers to create decentralized applications.
Hyperledger aims to create an open standard for distributed ledgers.

Ethereum is open source and public.
Hyperledger Fabric is closed source and private.

Ethereum uses proof-of-work as its consensus algorithm
Hyperledger Fabric uses byzantine fault tolerance

Ethereum has a native token (Ether)
Hyperledger Fabric does not have a native token

What is the difference between blockchain and hyperledger?

The major differences between blockchain and hyperledger are mentioned here:

Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that essentially allows data to be stored and exchanged across a network of computers. The key difference between blockchain and other DLTs is that blockchain uses cryptography to ensure that data cannot be tampered with or removed once it has been added to the chain.

Hyperledger is an open-source project created to advance cross-industry collaboration around DLT. One of the main goals of hyperledger is to provide a standard framework for building enterprise-grade applications using DLT.

Blockchain is a public platform that anyone can use,
Hyperledger is a permissioned platform controlled by Consortium or Foundation.

Ethereum enables smart contracts on its public blockchain,
Hyperledger allows for completely private transactions within a group of known entities.

Ethereum applies Proof of Work (PoW), to ensure security; however, it comes at the expense of transaction speed and scalability.
Hyperledger uses Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, improving transaction speeds and offering high scalability.

In terms of adaptability/flexibility, both platforms are quite flexible.

Is Hyperledger free to use?

Hyperledger is free and open source software released under the terms of the Apache License. The Linux Foundation develops it.

Hyperledger Fabric is a modular platform that enables organisations to build highly scalable blockchain networks. It allows organisations to create private blockchains and invite others to join them. Hyperledger Fabric is also used as the underlying technology for IBM’s Food Trust initiative.

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Why should I hire Hyperledger developers from ValueCoders?

Hiring Hyperledger developers from ValueCoders offers you the following features & benefits:

  • We have a team of experienced and dedicated Hyperledger developers who can help you create cutting-edge blockchain applications.
  • We provide custom solutions based on your specific needs and requirements.
  • We offer competitive rates and the assurance that you’ll receive the best possible service.
  • Our developers are available to work with you full-time, part time, or hourly, depending on your project needs.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective partner to help you with your next Hyperledger development project, look no further than ValueCoders.

How much does it cost to hire a Hyperledger developer?

The cost of hiring a Hyperledger developer can vary depending on several factors, including the developers experience, location, and availability. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$200 per hour for a Hyperledger developer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the specific project requirements.

How can I avail a two-week trial before hiring Hyperledger developers from ValueCoders?

We offer a 2-week no-obligation trial to try the engineer(s) and ensure mutual fitment before adding to your team. If you like the services, you can pay for the time and continue! Simple, isn’t it?

We get on a call to understand your requirements and evaluate mutual fitment.

Align Engineer(s)
We align engineer(s) and initiate the development process.

Trial Phase
The engineer(s) work on your project, and we seek ongoing feedback.

Add Engineer(s) To Your Team
You can add the engineer(s) to your team based on the trial phase.

How Hyperledger can help my business?

Hyperledger can help your business in many ways:

  • Hyperledger is a powerful tool for creating and managing distributed ledgers. It can facilitate transactions and record-keeping within your business.
  • Hyperledger is highly scalable. It can easily accommodate large-scale transactions.
  • Hyperledger is an open-source platform, allowing businesses to customize and use the platform to suit their specific needs.
  • Investing in hyperledger development can provide your business with several advantages and opportunities.
  • Hyperledger is enterprise-grade software that is incredibly secure and scalable. That makes it perfect for businesses that want to use blockchain technology without worrying about the security or scalability issues that have plagued other platforms, such as Ethereum.

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