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Among the most prominent devices and operating systems, Android has been among the most popular and preferable operating systems in the mobile app development space. There have been billions of users who prefer Android over iOS and Windows mobile applications.

The mobility space has been experiencing a paradigm shift towards the latest technology advancements that have been transforming the android app development services for more feature-rich, intuitive and robust android applications.

Many Android App Development Companies possess a team of expert android app developers which will help businesses to deliver world-class applications.

But Why Android is so much in Trend for Mobile Applications?

There is no doubt that Android is much more simplified when it comes to other operating systems. Businesses hire android app developers for their futuristic and upcoming applications. But what makes the operating system so popular?

The most prominent reason for Android’s popularity is that it’s free, Google has kept it free since the day of its release and is planning to keep it free in the near future. This has caught the attention of hardware manufacturers around the world who were planning to launch smartphones powered by a completely free operating system i.e Android.

Another important factor that makes it to the popularity of Android is that it is open-source and many hardware manufacturers have joined hands with Google for the emergence of competent smartphones. It is different from other mobile operating systems that are prone to licensing and copyright issues. Copyright and licensing issues have made other operating systems inaccessible as compared to Android.

It enables a big pool of expert android app developers to collaborate and contribute towards the operating systems for more innovative and out of the box android applications.

With Android’s strong emergence and popularity, will IoT be able to change the face of Android App Development?

IoT and Mobile Apps Go Hand in Hand

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?
Yes, the statement is true that IoT and mobile apps will go hand in hand as there have been stats below which clearly depicts the importance of IoT Connected devices as per Statista in 2019.

There are several android app developers that have an affirmation towards the positive transformation that IoT will bring to the android app development.

Nowadays, mobile applications are way more streamlined and functional as compared to apps that were developed earlier. The emergence of IoT in android app development has enabled the users to connect seamlessly to the world via smartphones or tablets.

Android App Development
Source: Statista

First things first, let us understand what IoT is, before digging into the in-depth details on how it will transform the android app development space?


What do you understand by the term IoT?

IoT Prominent in Android App Development
IoT (Internet of Things) better known as Interconnected Devices, a concept where one device is connected to other devices such as Smartphones, Smart TVs and much more via the internet. It has the ability to collect and transfer data over the network without manual assistance and intervention.

IoT has tremendously changed the concept of mobile applications and nowadays the applications are developed in such a manner that they are expected to do more than expected. This is the reason why we should move on from traditional methods of mobile app development to an integrated IoT mobile app development for futuristic mobile applications. Just like us, there are professional and authorized mobile app development companies in the market from where you can hire IoT app developers, but choosing for the best option is in your hands. Here at ValueCoders, we offer many more solutions under one roof and thus we have been always appreciated and awarded for our truly best app development services.

How IoT is making a difference in mobile app development?

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?

IoT is flourishing with each passing day as the concept of smart homes and smart cities has been becoming more prominent. In an IoT scenario, mobile devices act as an interface that will help in interacting with IoT connected devices. Smartphones comes with new age apps and sensors that will help in generating a lot of information about the user.

Apart from this, the smartphone can trace several other things such as the orientation of the device, the condition of light, electricity, and a lot of other things. These mobile devices have a variety of features in the form of NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth, so these help the mobile devices in the community to the other devices and sensors.

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?

As per the stats above, there is a huge demand for IoT integrated apps which will help the smartphone users to access IoT enabled devices that can help in enhancing the user experience to an optimal level.

For businesses, there is a huge market scope to invest in IoT integrated android mobile applications.

Businesses need to look out for android app development companies for an android app developer that can help in building your next application.

What are the major benefits of IoT based Android Applications?

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?
There are countless benefits that IoT-enabled mobile applications have to offer that can help businesses to serve objectives at an optimal level. The benefits are stated as below:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: With mobile apps, you can access greater flexibility. You can explore the offline version for limited purposes when there is low internet connectivity. Also, you can easily access the mobile app via smartphones at any point of the day and from any part of the world to monitor and control connected devices.
  2. Promotes Brand: Through the emergence of IoT apps, business promotions have become more effective as it enables you to convince your target audience to make a particular purchase or explore a product. An IoT enabled mobile app allows customers to easily use product or services before making a confined choice. That’s why it assists in the brand promotion to attract more customers.
  3. Integrates Social Media: Integrated with social networking, the IoT app will allow you to stay in touch with the people and employees at once. That’s why regardless of the time and location, you can stay in touch with business stakeholders and customers one at the same time.
  4. Real-Time Notifications: Besides controlling the IoT devices, these mobile apps also come with features like device-based functionalities, and real-time notification facility (for sending real-time updates to users on the IoT network.
  5. Offers Convenience: IoT enabled mobile apps offers more convenience as compared to laptops and tablets.  For tracking and managing IoT based network, mobile apps are a lot more useful as compared to the websites.
  6. Location Independence: With the help of smart devices, IoT integrated devices can be controlled from anywhere. So, even if you are at the farthest location, you will still be able to control the IoT network through IoT enabled mobile applications. A great way to get rid of location independence.

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Use-Cases of Android in IoT Ecosystem

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?

The different use-cases of Android in IoT Ecosystem are stated below:

  • Devices: For an IoT ecosystem, there is a need for devices and processor with an OS that supports its components. In the majority of cases, Android has been an affordable choice as it has the ability to meet all the requirements for supporting a variety of sensors.
  • Data Transfer:  In IoT, there must be a component supporting data transfer from sensors. Here are the two convenient preferences such as MQTT and XMPP and Android supports both of these open source implementations. The libraries can be utilized on Windows, Android, and Linux.
  • Program: IoT enabled devices require a program for receiving and storing the data. This could be a standard Linux Server which first receives data, then decodes and process it. This data could be used for succeeding analysis.
  • Sensors: A sensor identifies the physical properties such as temperature and produce digital signals. Many of the hardware vendor depends on domains like Android, Windows and Linux. Android is one of the popular choices among decision makers as it is open-source and can be tweaked as per your preference.

Are you ready to make the next move?

Both Android and IoT have a prominence in the coming year. However, businesses need to adopt to IoT based integrated android app development as IoT adds a great value to our general lives today. Just as the smart devices are flourishing, in the same way the potential of IoT is promising.

There are a number of open-source platforms that offers various tools for the creation of IoT enabled apps that will add up to the progression of IoT development.

Android App Developers across the globe are embracing the change of IoT in android app development. Researchers have been predicting this trend to move towards a more connected world, while businesses are opting to hire android developers for their next IoT based integrated android application.

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development?

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