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Software trends are constantly changing due to the high demand for new technologies. From fashion to education, every industry follows new software development trends and stays updated too. Of course, full-stack development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace in this world of digitalization. This is what brings new surprises for full-stack developers today.

What stats say:

According to a report by Gartner, the IT industry has seen dramatic growth. It has also forecast growth of 5.1 % in 2022.

As per Statista, trending and global “blockchain technology” is predicted to increase dramatically from the year 2016 to 2022. Undoubtedly, it has become a hot topic in the tech world for the past few years.

The reason behind the growth of each industry depends to a large extent on the innovations introduced in the software development field. There is no static industry that can see such remarkable results, and this is the hard labor of full-stack developers that we can see some amazing trends in this industry.

Each year, updates and improvements in software product development technologies are creating new trends. The new technologies from PWA to blockchain are getting a bigger market constantly.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some key trends in full-stack software development that need the attention of all businesses. Here is the list:

1) Low-code development

Key Trends In Full Stack Development

In a world where standards, policies, regulations, and procedures are updated from time to time, standard coding practices make the adaptation process slow and frightening for companies and IT developers alike.

Therefore, low code development is the top and only solution for all these problems, and in the absence of complex codes that require experience, it can help clients understand their project in better ways, and perhaps allow them to make customizations on their own.

It is a great advantage for the development of business software and, at the same time, it is a crucial aid for companies that seek digital transformation. But, before deciding to get into the car, it should be known that even in 2022, such a practice would only benefit normal commercial use cases. In scenarios where companies require complex and structured solutions, a low code development practice simply would not work.

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2) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not very complicated to understand for a layman. In fact, each person has some idea about this technology. It involves developing software that thinks intelligently in the same way as a human.

Nowadays, the companies that offer services and automatic learning solutions are booming and more and more companies are changing towards AI as a necessity. It helps to improvise tasks and increase business in the software market. In addition, it has also reached fields such as health care, which has expanded the scope of the constant experiments of the developers.

3) Language Trends

Mostly, full-stack developers use JavaScript to program the software. The popularity of this language is due to its great adaptability for hybrid applications as well.

It is essentially vital to choose the correct language to avoid any kind of repercussion in the later stage. There are several surveys that inform us about the popularity of different languages.

Furthermore, in the stack overflow survey of commonly used libraries, frameworks, and programming languages, Node.js obtained 49.9% and Angular obtained 39.6%. Some other libraries, frames, and popular languages are React, .NET core, spring, etc.


4) IoT

Key Trends In Full Stack Development

The development of IoT applications is the latest advance in the development of software that has its effects extended both at the consumer and industrial levels. Thus, the technology that essentially unites all technologies is configured to witness an exponential demand in the domains of security and customer experience.

According to PWC estimates, more than 90% of cars will be IoT-enabled by 2022. This degree of connectivity and control is expected to provide greater efficiency in the fields of transportation, logistics, and supply chains.

Furthermore, the calculations of the former Cisco researcher, David Evans, give an idea of the scope of the IoT over time. More than 127 new devices are connected to the Internet every second!

5) Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is related to the simplification of banking transactions, such as the transfer of money through the creation of a single accounting book for different parties. All these services need blockchain software, so it would take numerous blockchain developers to serve in this sector. Moreover, the advantageous and growing opportunities in this field have made more companies extend their arms in blockchain development services.

6) Progressive web app

These web applications are different from normal mobile applications. You can understand it as a hybrid of web applications and mobile applications. They work on a script called service workers, and it is their integral part.

Hence, they are faster to load and provide some amazing features like push notifications. PWAs are easy to develop and maintain, which is why many mobile application development companies have focused on them in recent years.

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7) IT Outsourcing

The global outsourcing market is increasing every year and has tremendous trends. A survey conducted by Statista shows the size of the global outsourcing services market. The IT industry also has many subcontracting projects. Since business owners prefer to outsource to developers instead of hiring internal developers.

Industries in almost all areas of the digital era are in great demand from full-stack developers. In this way, they can analyze their software needs. From the development of health care software to the development of financial software, the software requirements increase with each passing year.

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8) Mixed reality

Key Trends In Full Stack Development

The mixed reality is the next evolution in the interaction between humans, computers, and environments. It opens all the previously restricted possibilities to our imagination. It is possible thanks to advances in computational vision, graphics processing power, visualization technology, and input systems.

Here, the twin technologies of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), combine to form what we call mixed reality. The scale of continuous scale covers all possible variations and compositions of real and virtual objects. The continuum ranges from a completely real and natural environment to a completely virtual environment.

Final Note:

So far, we have seen some amazing full-stack development trends that will benefit businesses in many ways. These trends give a very clear idea about the constant research and development that is taking place in this industry. It creates the need for immediate and continuous updates by companies and software developers. In this way, this helps business owners to sustain a good and long-term relationship with their existing customers, too.

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Key Trends In Full Stack Development

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