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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Are you thinking of building a web application to meet your business project requirement, especially in 2021? If many thoughts are penetrating your mind, and you don’t get the right ideas on how to project your needs in an application, hire Laravel developers. In this highly speedy and most technological world, it is a silly move to ignore the popularity of digitization.

To bring your brand identity into the desktop screen of your target customers, develop a web application. In that case, consider opting for Laravel or Symfony according to your business needs. Both PHP frameworks have their advantages and significant features to add to your applications.

According to Google search history, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for web development, whereas Symfony has acquired the second position. Because of ready-to-use libraries and digital components, both PHP frameworks are effective for repetitive activities.

Here is an Infographic showing the “Laravel vs Symfony” war for your next web project in 2021-22:

Laravel Vs. Symfony? Which One Do You Choose for the 2022 Web Project? [Infographic]

To understand both frameworks’ functioning, read out the similarities between them:

  • Support for multi-language 
  • Object-relational mapping for data access on Doctrine (Symfony) & Eloquent (Laravel)
  • Less complexity in installation
  • Built-in model-view-controller (MVC) and support text search & scaffolding
  • Support multi-user system
  • Effective cross-platform PHP framework 

Why do you choose the Symfony PHP framework?

Some fantastic features of Symfony will help to make the right decision for the development of any web application. Before hiring Symfony developers, check out the features of the Symfony framework:

  • It is used as an enterprise-level web application framework to use the latest technologies in applications.
  • To provide a strong base for web development, Symfony uses reusable and decoupled PHP libraries.
  • It also works on MVC architecture that keeps live projects in a structured system.
  • Through the Symfony profiler, it gets easy to track the behavior of any application with proper mapping.
  • Learning of Symfony is easy due to comprehensive and detailed documentation.

symfony developers

Why do you choose the Laravel PHP framework?

Hire Laravel experts to know a deep understanding of the framework and develop better web solutions for your business progress. Go through the advantages of the Laravel framework and use it for rapid web applications:

  • It separates business logic code from presentation code to make necessary web pages with ease. It provides a quicker response in fixing the bugs.
  •  Through integration with backend tools (Memcached and Redis), Laravel allows easy and faster web development.
  • When it comes to testing web applications, it automates code testing using PHPUnit.
  • It offers quality online training and proper documentation to ensure its security and practical support.
  • Laravel adds efficiency to web development with a wide range of online tools and libraries.

laravel development

Final thoughts:

Keep everything in your mind before moving to any particular framework. You must know that a website is the best reflection of your brand identity. The more effort and deduction you pay to it, the better and enhanced digital creation you will receive. Make sure to connect with top Laravel development companies in India, such as Valuecoders, PixelCrayons, Unified Infotech, Kunsh Technologies, and more, for best outcomes. 

For more details on web development, connect with our professional Laravel developers and Symfony experts. At ValueCoders, you will create a high-quality and vibrant digital image through proper web development with highly professional web developers.


Laravel Vs. Symfony? Which One Do You Choose for the 2022 Web Project? [Infographic]

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