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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Ionic is gaining huge publicity due to the ease it offers in developing iOS and Android applications. The number of total apps created using Ionic exceeds 4 million. Being a hybrid app development framework, it has attracted a wide range of businesses looking forward to securing both iOS and Android applications. 

You would already know that Android applications are being developed in Java and iOS in majorly swift and objective-C. It means businesses have to hire developers with different tech expertise and programming language know-how. 

But! today, there is a great difference in practice, as a number of new technologies are being developed, such as Cross-platform app development frameworks Ionic, React Native, Flutter, and more. And! Ionic makes hybrid app development so easy, as you can use a single codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. 

Wondering? Well! Do Not. 

Here are some hybrid apps created using Ionic Framework. 

Hybrid Apps Developed Using Ionic Framework

Ionic is a competitive and efficient framework that allows you to develop an app in HTML 5. It means you use HTML, CSS, and Scripting languages like JavaScript to develop an app from scratch. The code developed in Ionic gets converted into native code, and then it renders that app on the platform. 

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It is so useful nowadays as developers don’t have to code separately, and businesses can secure both IOS and Android apps at the cost of one. Ionic App development hasn’t been regarded as the best choice yet, as it has nothing to do with huge brand apps like Facebook or Instagram.

app development

And! honestly, brands don’t look toward Ionic due to less popularity in comparison to other techs. There is no big brand behind the Ionic community. Thus Ionic app development services are underrated. Though, small businesses are now hiring Ionic app developers as the technology is profiting and has fostering capacity. 

Perhaps, you would be searching for a technology that can help you secure both iOS and Android applications at a cost-effective price. So, Ionic can be your best partner. To leverage it, you can connect with any mobile app development or software outsourcing company and get your solution developed at ease. 


Top 10 Hybrid Apps Created Using Ionic Framework [Infographic]

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