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Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of processes, technologies, and architectures that transform raw data into meaningful information; this helps startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to make a profitable business decision.

What ARE Business Intelligence Tools?

BI tools are the sort of software employed to assemble, process, investigate, and envision large volumes of past, current, and future data; this is done to generate actionable business insights, create communal reports, and clarify the decision-making processes.

Important Stats Related to BI and its tools:

BI tools-stats
Source: Forbes
  • 32% of R&D teams continually employ four or more BI tools to do their work, managing all departments in 2020. (Forbes)
  • Healthcare, financial, Retail/Wholesale other industries are likely to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) in 2020. (Forbes)

How BI Tools Accelerate Business Growth?

Business Intelligence tools help small, moderate, and high-level businesses in several aspects, this ultimately enhances business growth. You can also reach ValueCoders to hire Business Intelligence Consultant to boost business growth. The consultant of our organization offers leading ideas that impact the business growth factor. 

How BI Tools Accelerate Business Growth

Let’s view the benefits of using top BI Tools:

Gather all relevant data: Whether you work in a small, moderate, or large enterprise, you can gather data from multiple portals like ERPs, CRMs, flat files, databases, APIs, etc. To analyze and connect the data of multiple resources, you need the best BI tools. These tools help businesses identify issues and trends.

Advantage of predictions: Businesses encounter hurdles in each turn, but all you need to do is “use your brain” to overcome them. But what if the difficulty can be predicted priorly? 

Yeah, you are thinking right. Business Intelligence tools can also help businesses to predict upcoming risk factors. BI tools are integrated with forecast engines that help generate future scenarios, which finally lowers the business risk factor.

BI consultants

Eliminate Manual Tasks: For managing the business data, users use spreadsheets and static presentations, but now most of the businesses prefer using model software (BI tools) that saves the employees time and helps in estimating accurate data.

Reduces business costs: Starting from sales planning, customer behavior analysis to real-time monitoring BI tools helps in all tasks. According to the BI survey, more than 50% of business intelligence (BI) users stated that these are the most prominent benefits that reduce costs.  


List of Top Business Intelligence Tools That Can Help Magnify Your Business:

Several different types of Business Intelligence tools are there, but all are not capable enough to offer leading solutions. Here I have listed a few top BI Tools that really offer profitable solutions to the businesses.



Datapine is a famous BI software that allows you to relate business and other data from different sources. This tool uses its leading advanced analytics features (including predictive) to analyze the data. 

Using the datapine tool can create compelling business dashboards, customized or standard reports, and much more. The tool offers leading features for advanced (data analysts and average) and business users.

Key Features of Datapine

  • The tools support the drag and drop interface features.
  • Include advanced and predictive analysis features to predict the analytics. 
  • The software dashboard holds multiple features like Drill-downs, chart zooms, widget linking, hierarchical filters, etc.
  • Allow you to generate multiple insights, including growth, value drivers, trends, etc. 



sas-bi-toolSAS Business Intelligence is one of the top-rated Business Intelligence tools that offers numerous solutions related to products and technologies. This tool is best for data scientists, data engineers, text analysts, forecasting analysts, and so on. This tool was founded in the 70s. At Capterra, this tool got 4.5 ratings. 

Key Features

  • It holds different BI products and technologies focused on visual data exploration, easy analytics, interactive reporting, and dashboards.
  • The tool offers automated analysis supported by machine learning organized in interactive visualizations that answer business-related questions such as “Where do my clients come from?”
  • It also offers Dynamic visuals that are built into interactive reports and dashboards.
  • This tool can be integrated with other applications such as Microsoft Office.


  • CLEAR ANALYTICSclear-analytics-bi-tools (2)

Clear Analytics is a famous tool that connects data from internal systems, cloud, accounting, CRM. It also supports the drag-and-drop feature. It can be operated with Microsoft Power BI, utilizing Power Query and Power Pivot. This tool has increased the business productivity by taking help from Business Intelligence Consultants of top companies.  

Key Features of Clear Analytics

  • The tool supports Power BI features such as Power Maps, Pivot and it also helps in sharing insights into mobile devices.
  • Offer a full audit trail that allows you to know where the data came from.
  • Allows to fetch data elements and organize them with visualizing, modeling, and transforming data.


  • SAP BUSINESS OBJECTSsap-business-objects-bi (2)

SAP Business Objects is a popular business intelligence tool designed for complete analysis, reporting, and data visualization. The tool offers office integrations with Excel and PowerPoint, where you can build live presentations and hybrid analytics. 170M users use SAP BI Tool across the world.

Key Features of SAP Business Objects

  • It supports cross-enterprise sharing functionality that allows you to communicate with the customer and partners.
  • Handles data with real-time analytics when you connect with SAP BW or SAP HANA.
  • The tool allows you to analyze large volumes of data by using Microsoft Excel with SAP.

BI consultants

  • DOMO

    domo-business-intelligence-tool (2)

Domo is a BI solution that includes multiple systems that are highlighted in this program. This top Business Intelligence tool can also be used for data lakes, warehouses, and ETL tools. Like other tools, you can compare the data gathered from other enterprises; it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to explore the data.

Key Features of Domo

  • It supports the drag-and-drop Magic ETL feature.
  • Have the capability of visualizing and designing raw data to charts, graphs, maps, and others.
  • It supports 1000 pre-built cloud connectors.
  • Predictive analysis is controlled with Mr. Roboto, Domo’s AI engine, that allows data scientists to generate predictive models and utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other AI technologies.


  • MICROSTRATEGYmicrostrategy-bi-tool (2)

MicroStrategy is an enterprise analytics and mobility tool. Mainly focuses on federated analytics, hyperintelligence, and cloud solutions. Their mobile dossiers empower users to develop interactive books of analytics that perform on both iOS or Android platforms. Highly formatted reports, ad hoc queries, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution features make this tool more attractive.

Key Features

  • Tool’s hyper intelligence feature gathers data from various sources and places them into appropriate, zero-click insights. The tool offers contextual insights.  
  • The tool offers mobile deployment that allows users to leverage enduring reports, dashboards, and visualizations in real-time; it can be done from any location and device.
  • The tools allow you to integrate voice technology and chatbots.
  • Microstrategy administers a high range of solutions to deliver scalable, flexible, secure, and extensible cloud solutions.



  • GOODDATAgooddata-bi-services

GoodData is a popular business analytics software that proffers the tools for data storage, ingestion, analytic queries, visualizations. This tool can be integrated with websites, desktops, or mobile applications to create daily activity reports. GoodData got a 4 stars review on Capterra.

Key Features

  • The tools allow you to publish multiple reports. Its wide range of custom data models and analytics let clients publish their own releases and dashboards.
  • It offers a modular data pipeline for agile data integration with on-premise or cloud warehouse. The tool can handle all sorts of data, whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.
  • This BI tool Offers additional services and support for the entire data and analytics lifecycle, including development, testing, launch, and maintenance.



ibm-cognos-business-intelligence-tools (2)

IBM Cognos Analytics is one of the famous cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tools that employ AI instructions for creating dashboards and reports. The tool allows you to represent data to the real world and also permits you to ask queries. The tool offers robust solutions to various industries such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. Most of the Business Intelligence Consultants recommend this tool to businesses. 

Key Features of IBM Cognos Analytics

  • The Cognos Analytics search mechanism allows users to access, discover content within the software.
  • Multiple data sources are combined into a single data module that enables you to generate and work with insights.
  • The BI analytics tools interactive visualizations are joined with embedded geospatial mapping and excellent analytics.

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QlikView is one of the best BI tools offered by Qlik. The tools manage data analytics platforms. It is developed on an Associative Engine that enables data discovery without the use of query-based tools. The tool eliminates the risk of data loss and incorrect results. 

Key Features

  • The tool supports the Associative Exploration feature, which allows you to perform various functions related to the selection and search.
  • The tools associative engine consolidates all the data sources.
  • The tools allow you to interact with dynamic apps, dashboards, and analytics.




Yellowfin BI is one of the fantastic business intelligence software. Its functionalities include dashboards and scorecards, analytics, predictive, online analytical processing, query and reporting writing, and performance management. Yellowfin proffers filtering abilities that can be modernized in real-time.

Key Features

  • Combines five main products to connect, transform, and understand the organization data: Yellowfin signals, stories, dashboards, data discovery, and data prep.
  • It offers leading BI and analytics solutions: enterprise analytics, embedded analytics, and external analytical apps.
  • Yellowfin signals are based on excellent, AI-controlled algorithms and allow immediate, personalized notifications right to your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

The top BI Tools help enterprises manage the business task efficiently; using such tools can easily predict the risk factor, analyze modern trends, make a correct decision, etc.

The Business Intelligence tools list contains top-notch BI software that supports all businesses (startups, SMEs, and large enterprises). But to make accurate use of Business Intelligence tools and get effective results, it is essential to have correct knowledge of the tools. 

Well, to gain the authentic knowledge of BI Tools, you can also get connected with the ValueCoders(leading software development company in India) to hire Business Intelligence Consultant. They are experienced and have profound knowledge of advanced technologies. So if you want to make the correct use of the best BI tools, you can contact them at any time as they are always accessible for offering valuable services to its customers. 


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