Vue.js 2.5 Released!! How Your Business Can Benefit From This?

Vue.js has released its latest version Vue 2.5 just a few days back. It comes with many new features including improved TypeScript and Error handling, improving tooling support, environment-agnostic server-side rendering and much more that gives you many business benefits too. This release contains awesome improvements to help Vue.js developers and to keep things better.

Here is the list of some of its major technical improvements along with its business benefits:-


  •  Better Error Handling

In its previous versions, we typically use config.errorHandler and renderError component option for handling errors in the applications. But we were lacking methods for handling generic errors inside a specific part of the application. So, a new errorCaptured hook is introduced in this version. A component with this hook captures all errors from its child component tree.

Business Benefit: No need to use multiple components for handling errors in the application. Thus saves time and efforts by Vue.js developers.

  • Better TypeScript Integration

Vue 2.5 offers improved type declarations which work with Vue’s out-of-the-box API without the need for a component class decorator. These new type declarations enable better Intellisense support for plain JavaScript users and power editor extensions.

Business Benefit: It gives type declaration compatibility to TypeScript users and thus provides flexibility in their work.

  •  Environment Agnostic SSR

In its previous release, the default build of Vue-server-renderer assumes a Node.js environment that makes it unable to use in alternative JavaScript runtimes. But Vue.js 2.5 offers a build of Vue-server-renderer i.e. environment-agnostic which can be used in pure JavaScript engines or in the browser. This has opened up interesting strategies such as utilizing Vue server-rendering directly in your PHP process.

Business benefit: Vue.js developers can directly use Vue server-rendering in the PHP. So, there is no need to use a different environment for this. Hence, it gives you more reactivity and flexibility.

  •  Better Support for functional components

Functional components which are defined as a Single-File Component in a *.vue file now involve features viz. hot-reloading support, Scoped CSS and template compilation. This helps in performance optimizations by converting leaf-components into functional ones.

Business Benefit: It helps Vue.js developers in enhancing the performance of the applications. Thus saves time and fewer efforts are required with this new version.

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Check out the entire list of Vue.js 2.5 changelog and new additions by clicking here.

vue.js 2.5 technical features

Besides, Vue.js comes with a number of other business benefits that we have listed below:

  •  Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  •  Reactivity
  •  Components
  •  Focus

Wrapping Note:

As far we have seen, Vue.js 2.5 release gives you various bugs fixings, new features, and improvements for your next web app development project. You might not be confused now for not upgrading to its latest version after watching the above video.

In fact, you can easily download Vue.js 2.5 through its official site. However, if you still found any difficulty with its downloading or upgrading process, then you are free to get expert advice from our Vue.js development team at ValueCoders. ValueCoders, an Indian IT outsourcing company, provides expert software developers for front-end web application development, for all your web app development needs. Contact Us Today!!

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