Angular vs ReactJS : What’s good for your business?

AngularJS vs ReactJS

Startups, SMEs, large enterprises prefer to use high functionality framework to develop robust web applications in a shorter time frame.

Nowadays, two frameworks AngularJS and ReactJS are extensively used in the web app development; that’s why enterprises are quite confused in selecting the best one. For clearing the enterprises’ confusion here, I will cover AngularJS vs ReactJS topic; this will help you to find the best among these two.

22.4% and 7.7% of developers not used technologies but they recommend USING REACTJS and AngularJS, respectively.

Angular vs React stats

Source: Stack Overflow 2020 Survey

AngularJS vs ReactJS: Begin the War by Knowing about  AngularJS and ReactJS

Let’s begin the AngularJS vs ReactJS war by knowing the important factors and advantages of Angular js development and React js development. You might be thinking that why I am explaining the vital factors of frameworks; this will help you to choose the best framework for web app development.



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AngularJS is an open-source framework for dynamic web applications maintained by Google and the community. It allows you to utilize HTML as your template language and permits you to spread HTML’s syntax to expose your application components clearly and succinctly. In order to get better solutions, you can hire AngularJS developers from the reputed Custom software development Services company. 

AngularJS used by 816,638 live websites. Additionally, 2,864,646 websites adopted THIS FRAMEWORK historically.


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Advantages of using AngularJS

Easy Decision Making: Since AngularJS is a full-fledged MVC framework, it provides opinions and functionality out of the box. AngularJS helps you get started more quickly without feeling intimidated by decision-making. This also helps new developers feel at home more quickly and makes switching developers between teams more easy and practical.

When comparing Angularjs Vs Reactjs, the latter only provides the “View” in the MVC (Model View Controller), thus it isn’t as structured and opinionated as AngularJS

Component structure: AngularJS evolved from a framework to a platform. Therefore, you can easily use its components with other frameworks. Additional functionality may be implemented just as in the form of components that accomplish it completely, so as directives that extend the functionality of the existing component.

angular development

Developing environment: You can choose your favourite environment for developing with AngularJS. Although most of its developers use TypeScript, you are free to apply Javascript or Dart. For templates, you can use either pure HTML or pre-processors like Jade.

Testing in AngularJS: Initially, AngularJS was created to make it easy to write tests for applications, especially if you utilise modules, as recommended in the official documentation. Therefore, AngularJS has a major advantage of testing ease which gives another reason to choose AngularJS.


Disadvantages of using AngularJS

Here, are cons of using AngularJS

  • Steep learning curve
  • Scopes are challenging to debug Limited Routing
  • This framework, some time becomes slow with pages embedding interactive components.
  • Third-party integration is complicated.



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ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and a community. It is used for building user interfaces or UI components. React can be utilized as a base in single-page or mobile application development. If you want to build the dynamic web app in less timeframe then you can Hire React Developer this will help you to get reliable solutions.

ReactJS is used by 1,485,695 live websites. Additionally, 1,311,295 websites adopted this framework historically.

React JS stats

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Advantages of ReactJS

SEO friendly: Where all the JavaScript frameworks are reactive towards SEO, ReactJS does a marvellous job in that. You are able to run ReactJS on the server and the virtual DOM will be returned and rendered to your browser as a regular web page. You don’t need to apply any other tricks!

JSX: It is an HTML-like syntax that compiles down to JavaScript. For JSX, markup and codes are composed in the same file. This means code completion gives you a helping hand as you type references to your component’s functions and variables. When comparing Angularjs vs Reactjs, the latter’s string-based templates come with the usual downsides: There is no code colouring in many editors, limited code completion support, and run-time failures. Hence ReactJS is ahead in this.

Great User Interface: React Native is much more focused on the user interface, unlike AngularJs. It gives your users a highly responsive interface with the help of JavaScript interactions between the Native environment of the device and ReactJS Native. Therefore, this increases the application’s load time and helps to keep it running smoothly without any interruptions.

reactjs developers

Highly efficient: React.js creates its own virtual DOM where your components are kept. This approach gives developers high flexibility and amazing performance gains because ReactJS calculates what change is needed to be made in the virtual DOM in advance and updates the DOM-trees accordingly. In the React js development, developers avoids costly DOM operations and does updates in a very efficient manner.

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Disadvantages of using ReactJS

Here, are few cons of using ReactJS

  • Integrating Reacts in the popular MVC framework like Rail needs complex configuration.
  • This framework would need the users to have in-depth knowledge concerning the integration of the user interface into the MVC framework.

AngluarJS vs ReactJS: Similarities Between Both JS Frameworks

In order to find the accurate result of AngularJS vs ReactJS war, it is essential to recognize the similarities between both frameworks. Let’s view the factors which are the same between Angular and React. 

CSS3: You cannot perform serious front-end coding without CSS3. Luckily both the frameworks support CSS3 and give you more opportunity to do better.

HTML5: Like other frameworks, for these two also HTML5  is obvious. Though the depth of knowledge required for both the frameworks is not the same they have quite similar applications.

Design Patterns and Object-Oriented principles: Not only in languages but these two frameworks have their similarities in designs as well. Some parameters such as Pure Functions, Singletons, Immutability, Composability, Inheritance,  and many others are core concepts helping you in doing good development in general.

javascript developers

JavaScript: In both cases, JavaScript (ES5 and ES6) is fundamental. As both are from the same language background, hence flexibility and reliability are the same.


AngularJS vs ReactJS Comparison table

Let’s view the comparison between AngularJS and ReactJS. By visualizing the comparison between these two frameworks, you will be able to estimate the AnjularJS vs ReactJS war result easily.

AngularJS and ReactJS Comparision table

Conclusion of AngularJS vs ReactJS war

If I talk about which framework among AngularJS and ReactJS is better then for me, it will be really hard to answer because both the frameworks in the AngularJS vs ReactJS war given neck to neck performance.  

However, ReactJS is SEO friendly, real-time and compatible with heavy traffic. Whereas, with AngularJS, you will see it offers easy development and testing along with reliability.

Well if the usage of the best framework for web app development is essential then similarly selecting dedicated and experienced developers from the best software development company is equally important. This will help you make correct use of the framework in web app development.

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  1. I support Angular more than React. After Angular 2 is released it’s now more powerful than ever before. Thanks for the rich information.

  2. No offense. However, there are several places which are not accurate in this article.
    I need add something just in case this article may mislead people. Take SEO for example, your SEO advantage of React is over Angular 1, not for Angular 2. Angular 2 does a better job in some places, for example, the rendering isn’t synchronous. It won’t block the event loop on the server as much as React.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion.. This article was published before the official release of AngularJS 2. That’s why you found the discripency. However, if now we consider about Angular 2 then you are quite right.

  3. Stupid comparison. These are not the same thing and don’t do the same thing. Angular is a Javascript framework. React only addresses the view. The very fact that the author conflates these two, means one should not use this company. It’s like saying “What’s best for your business? An accounting package or a new truck?” Apples and oranges, mate.

    1. A little softer language wouldn’t hurt, would it?

      I came here before embarking on learning a front-end JS for my Laravel API. The comment made me think twice. Back to reading their basics…

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