Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

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Mobile app development has revolutionized the way we do business today. Business owners can’t neglect the power of the mobile app as approx. 6 billion of these gadgets predicted to be in use by 2020.

In fact, the whole business world is neatly encapsulated in mobile devices. You can easily catch your favorite events globally, can do video chat wherever you are, and has transformed the communication ways.

So, it becomes necessary for all mobile app development companies to select the best technology stack for their business. However, the concept of the best technology stack is very minimal.

What is a technology stack?

A robust technology stack can bring you various fruitful results no matter which mobile app development process you are following. The best technology stack determines the future of a software product. It is the best technology stack which is the present as well as the future of a mobile app.

Moreover, the complete technology stack for mobile app development is divided into 4 areas as mentioned below:

1) Development platform: It is the place where libraries and interfaces play their roles in order to design and develop a mobile app.

2) Frontend development: It is the interface through which users interact with the respective mobile app.

3) Backend development: It is the backend section that takes user input, processes it and then converts it to the respective output.

4) Additional requirements: It includes other technology elements that affect mobile app security, performance, and its robustness.

This is what a mobile technology stack stands for. But there is a different type of technology stacks which every business should be aware of before starting their mobile app development project.

Types of technology stacks:

1) Native App Technology Stack that includes:

– iOS Tech Stack

Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

– Android Tech Stack

Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

  2) Hybrid App Tech Stack  

  3) Cross-platform Tech Stack

By choosing the best technology stack you can make your business go long as it is capable enough to make a product a big brand. It can power your product for great success but only after considering various factors that are given below.

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In this blog, we will discuss some major ways to select the best technology stack for mobile development.

1) Goal of the app

The choice of the best technology stack for the development of mobile applications depends to a large extent on the objective that your mobile application will achieve.

The mobile application that depends on load processing requires a much stronger technology stack than those that operate around optimized interactions.

There would be a big difference in the choice of mobile application best technology stack if you are looking to develop a high latency application versus a mobile application with fast response and low latency.

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2) Parent company

The technology stack’s parent company can create a lot of difference in the choice of the best technology stack for mobile development. There are many brands that offer better community support and better documentation as compared to others.

Adobe, Google, and Microsoft are some big brands that offer advanced development options and better community support rather than Facebook.

3) Team skill-set

Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

The idea is to rely on the developer’s skill set when deciding between two stacks of similar technology. There are several languages and frames that tend to give the same result but have some differentiating factors that separate them.

If you have a technology stack that your team is not familiar with, it will increase not only the effort and development time but also the cost of developing the mobile application.

While, on the other hand, the introduction of a stack of mobile application technology with which your team feels comfortable will help streamline the process and at the same time save the commitment of quality.

Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

4) Mobile app considerations

There are numerous factors that vary from one application to another. Some of these factors are:

-> A device in which the application would work
-> The condition of the network in which it would be executed
-> The user experience that you intend to achieve, the estimated time of commercialization
-> The platform in which it would be executed, among others.

All these elements of the grouped application help to decide the libraries, languages, set of frameworks and the software that would be combined to develop the respective mobile application.

5) Security

Ways To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile Development

Today, all modern mobile application development technologies are prepared to combat the security-related issues that an application can encounter after its launch in the market.

The problem arises when you have to choose the best technology stack that is not sufficiently documented or that requires writing a long line of codes, which makes the development process risk-prone.

And then comes the element of the skills of the developers. No matter what technology stack you include in your mobile application, hackers will automatically find their way if the application does not develop securely.

So, along with technology, the team of application developers also needs to have strong skills in the respective domain.

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6) Compatible with the technology

The stack of mobile application technology which is in line with the technology would work perfectly in the project.

So, this is important and especially if you are presenting a new technology stack once you have started the process of developing the mobile application.

In addition to checking the compatibility of the technology stack with the current project, you should also check how compatible the technology stack would be with the tools you might be planning to add to the application at a later stage.

7) Multiple operations

The technology stack of an application running on a platform would be very different from the one that runs on multiple platforms viz. Android, iOS and the Web.

It is the level of scalability that you should introduce in your mobile application to be portable on other platforms.

As in the case of the hybrid application or cross-platform app development, it would require a different set of tools that would be used for the development of a native application.


So far we have seen the number of ways to choose the best technology stack for the mobile app development project. Since the best technology stack can boost your business by powering the software product. So, it is one of the most important decisions for every business owner before starting any project.

In fact, it would be more helpful if you are a startup and ready to introduce your first mobile app development project. So, always make sure that the technology stack you choose will work well with your app structure and prepare it to be scalable and an innovative app no matter which technology you are working or ending up with.

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