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Web Design Evolution History [Infographic]

Web Design Evolution History [Infographic]

The way we design websites have dramatically changed now. From text based sites back then, to websites with complex functionalities developed on open source platform, the web design methods has changed a lot. This has certainly meant a lot for businesses, to go according to the evolution of web design and building their websites for growth expansion.

Besides that, there is a flood of eCommerce CMS (Content Management System), with the speed and ease with which online business sites can be developed. Moreover, with the evolution of SEO, the web design strategies have also changed, taking into consideration the new ways to optimize for search engines.

In this infographic, we have shown the evolution of web design  in a cumulative manner:

evolution of web design infographic

Since 1991 to till date we have experienced lot of changes in the online space. The changes are not made in the same direction even not by any single organization. This evolution of web design is cumulative and beneficial to each one of us.

In a nutshell, regardless of all, there is one factor that has involvement every one of these developments- ‘content’. Every single web design element here we adapted  to bring the most relevant content to the users in the most effective and efficient way. Notions of adaptability, accessibility and usability truly define this era of web design and development. Looking at how web design has progressed this far, it’s exciting to think about where it will reach in the next 20 years.

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