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Progressive Web Applications or (PWAs) are no news for entrepreneurs anymore. By the end of 2020, they will be quite familiar with this technology. PWAs are poised to change on how we interact with brands online and entrepreneurs are ready for this transitional shift.

By 2024, Progressive Web Apps will replace 50% of all consumer-facing native apps, according to Gartner Research.

Progressive Mobile Apps: A better way to reach to your customers

Mobile Application Development has been expanding its reach in almost all visible operations. There are several new application development approaches to facilitate an excellent user experience.  

Progressive Web Apps is one such approach. While the native and hybrid applications tends to slow down on specific user devices,  PWAs can work across multiple devices and provide an excellent experience in all.

Why Entrepreneurs should use Progressive Web Apps to launch their startup?

There is a multitude of benefits on how to make PWA an ideal choice for Entrepreneurs:

  1. PWAs are extremely quick: They give astounding client experience without requiring a lot of capacity and preparing limit.
  2. They provide an app like experience but are not apps, hence they are not required to be launched on any app store or global platform.
  3. They are not platform-specific as they can run on the browsers of the user devices.
  4. Cost-effective development: PWAs are easier and cheaper to develop than developing a native application.
  5. PWA includes push notification features and can access a certain in-built device features which all hybrid apps can not.

Here’s a list of top 6 Progressive Web Apps, helming the best UX for Entrepreneurs:

These PWAs are developed keeping user experience in mind. As the featured offered by PWA gives a significant boost to the overall app experience, implementing PWA has become a recent trend among startups and small businesses. 

  1. Pinterest:

What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

Pinterest lets its users create and maintain virtual boards where they can save images, graphics, GIFs, and more. Pinterest has more than 300 million active users monthly. Hence, the popularity and the use of the app are significantly high. 

In any case, as Pinterest first conveyed a site, clients have encountered more slow site stacking speed, which was not ready to persuade them to download their application

Thus, the makers have decided to switch to a better option, where these recurring issues get easily eliminated. Pinterest launched its PWA that drives better results than their native applications and hence increases active user count.

Here are some of the notable changes that have changed the face of Pinterest forever through the acceleration of PWAs:

  • The average time for using the Pinterest website increased by 40%.
  • A 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue was noted.
  • 60% increase in the core engagement through PWA.

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2) Spotify: What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

Musical apps are no lag behind when it comes to PWA development. Leading to its issue with Apple 30% pay commission, Spotify have identified its way to reach users with an impressive PWA. 

This progressive web app offered by Spotify mimics all the features and functionalities from its mobile app version.

It also changes the background of the application when a user moves from one screen to another. Convincing clients to add this easy route to their home screen, Spotify gives simpler availability and best administrations to their PWA clients.

3) Starbucks: 

What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

The world famous American Coffee Company provides a PWA for their customers. To enable easier ordering services and complete support for delivering the best user experience, Starbucks PWA includes all the required features and functionality. 

This progressive web app includes the functionality of running without the need of internet service.  It supports customizing the orders, adding multiple ingredients from the list – all without needing internet support.

They have seen tremendous results as the PWA is 99.84% smaller than their native iOS app but provides the same functionalities. The number of users placing orders from their PWA has matched the number of users using a native app to place their orders.

4) Uber:What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

Surprising isn’t it? Uber is also allowing its users to have the same user experience through their browsers with the help of PWA. As their network requirements and continued internet support requirements were driving users away from using their native app, Uber’s PWA allows booking rides even on 2G networks and low-speed internet connections.

This has challenges many to switch to providing the same services on their ride-hailing apps. While Uber produces the best of the results, its PWA which is driving business growth by serving every requirement of its users right away.

5) Tinder:What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

A famous dating platform, Tinder has also decided to introduce their PWA in the market beside their native app. Their PWA is significantly smaller than their Android App, approximately 90% smaller, cutting the load time from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds. 

Tinder has faced some serious competition because of the increasing number of dating apps and platforms but their PWA takes over the command when it comes to delivering excellent user experience.

6) Lancome:What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

Lancome cosmetics is a french brand of cosmetics that introduces their luxury makeup line for clients around the world. Despite their immense popularity, their dedicated mobile app drove lesser users to place orders than the ones who placed it through their website. 

To add up to their resources, Lancome decided to introduce their PWA app, which now drives increased user engagement and provides excellent shopping experience to international clients. 


So, if you are looking forward to an amazing user experience across mobile devices, PWA prove to be a great resource to invest in. 

You can look forward to hire web app developers that can accelerate your PWA musings in full swing

Changing to PWA can assist you with bringing down your versatile application advancement cost and upkeep and fill in as an incredible source to arrive at a most extreme number of crowd on their work areas and cell phones at the same time.

And hence it becomes an ideal option for entrepreneurs and small scale businesses who can achieve better results even when spending much less on their app development costs.

What Are The Examples Of Great Progressive Web Apps For Entrepreneurs?

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