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What Exactly You Need To Do To Launch A Mobile App?

What Exactly You Need To Do To Launch A Mobile App?

To start a new business might be easy but to retain your customers for long could be a difficult job especially for startups. In this modern business era, we are surrounded by a large number of mobile app development companies which deliver a good quantity of apps each month to their clients. This ultimately increases the numbers of apps present on the store and also give a call for strong competition among them.

Hence, for a startup, it becomes quite difficult to perform well in such a competitive arena. So, the startups need to know some things in order to launch a mobile app for their business.

As per Statista, more than 52 percent of website traffic took place on mobile devices in 2018. As more and more aspects of our online lives are transferred to mobile devices, developing a mobile application for your startup business is becoming a necessity more than a luxury.

According to the same source, it is estimated that over 7 million apps were available for download in the leading app stores as of the first quarter of 2018.

In this blog, we have discussed some ways which you must use while launching a mobile app for your startup business. This will help you perform well in today’s competitive business era and also gives your startup business a unique recognition.

However, you can hire expert mobile app developers from a reliable mobile app development company to give a good start to your new business. And of course, the ways listed below are budget-friendly and will give your business a quick boost in 2018.

The list is given below:

1) DIY approach

The DIY approach is best suited to you if you are a type of person who has not to frighten by learning code to develop an app. In fact, building a mobile app on your own from scratch is the right challenge for you. Although it requires much more time and is more demanding than using an intuitive solution(developing tools)like Buildfire or hiring a mobile app developer, building your mobile application yourself not only offers greater flexibility and control over the final product but also provides a significant learning opportunity.

One of the main benefits of having built your application from scratch is that you will be well positioned to make detailed improvements and customize your application, according to the user feedback. However, there are a number of web-based resources and communities of freelance mobile developers offering step-by-step tutorials. Thus you can easily develop and launch a mobile app for your startup business with any outer assistance.

2) Develop with Firebase

Firebase is a good back-end option for startups. It is Google’s own mobile app development platform and can help you drive applications that work on Android, iOS, and the web. However, Firebase eliminates the need for programming on the server and offers strong analytics and database capabilities, you still need to develop the front-end of your mobile application (the major part of the mobile application that your client sees).

Firebase option is less user-friendly for people who do not know how to code rather than the platforms like Buildfire, but its powerful database functionality can handle all the heavy work on the back-end once your mobile application is developed and delivered to the client.

3) Freelancing

If you are going to launch a mobile app for your startup business, then a freelance approach can help you in finding the best mobile app developers. Since we know that a good mobile app can significantly boost your business and give you a high ROI. So, hiring experienced developers from freelancing platforms can help you in developing amazing mobile apps for your startup business. There are some other reasons to go for this approach as listed below:

-> If you want to hire mobile app developers for customization in design and functionality instead of a template-based approach.

-> If you want to develop a mobile app quickly.

However, finding the right mobile app development partner could be challenging for many business owners. In that case, you can use top freelancing platforms which stringently screen their freelance mobile app developers. Some of these platforms even offer a free trial period in order to ensure that the developer is the right choice for your mobile app development project.

4) Develop with Buildfire

Buildfire is an amazing plug-n-play option for startups. It mainly offers two options for building mobile apps.

You can also hire a team of expert mobile app developers to create an application for you, or you can use its intuitive creator of the plug-and-play builder. This mobile app development tool consists of a wide range of templates which suit almost all types of businesses. It is much more useful if your service feels less direct than the applications you admire. You can also use a variety of add-ons to help you customize the functionality, as well as the appearance of your mobile application.

Once your mobile application is ready for launch, Buildfire will send your application to Apple’s App Store and the Google’s Play store. A platform like Buildfire works for those mobile app development companies that have a clear idea of the functions they want and how the application should appear. For instance, in terms of the drag-and-drop interface of the application, the application allows you to try different options until you find one with which you are satisfied.

Buildfire’s built-in emulator also allows developers to test how the application looks and behaves on a wide variety of mobile devices. If you want to build a mobile app for your startup without writing a single line of code, then Buildfire is an option that is worth exploring.


So these are the four important ways using which a startup can grow their business in less time and with minimum cost. Since the future is mobile and for a startup, it is a great necessity to develop and launch a mobile app which can help them grow in the near future.

However, you can also hire expert mobile app developers at affordable pricing from reliable app development company like ValueCoders. ValueCoders is a leading web and mobile app development company offering mobile app development solutions in iOS, Android since years.

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