What Makes Google’s Flutter Perfect for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

When it comes to developing robust mobile apps in quick time, the advantages of cross platform app development leave businesses with less logical reasons to go with native app development.

Even with cross platform app development, there are several options available in the form of different frameworks that are available. Flutter from Google has emerged as the best option for businesses as well as developers to derive scalable, native-like apps that ensure high-end performance.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look into what exactly makes the framework so popular and nice to develop mobile apps.

So, Basically, What is Flutter?

A robust framework for cross platform app development, Flutter incorporates a host of features that make it highly resourceful for developers. There are a good number of features entailed by Flutter which are missing in other app development platforms which make it popular among the global developer fraternity.

How is Flutter Better than Xamarin and React Native?

The Flutter framework definitely reserves an edge over its other two counterparts, namely React Native and Xamarin. Its needless to mention that these three frameworks form the top of the cross platform mobile development framework list.

Flutter’s superiority over the other two frameworks React Native and Xamarin is evident especially when it comes to developing apps ensuring high-end performance.

Flutter makes use of Dart – an amazing programming language based on Java and C/C++ that contributes significantly in developing high performance apps. The Dart apps built using this cross platform mobile app dev framework thus excel in terms of performance.

Moreover, the superb user interfaces provided by Flutter are unmatched as compared to those provided by React Native and Xamarin. If more native UI components are used, apps built from both of these other frameworks lack the much-needed responsiveness and get stuck at times, resulting in poor experience for the user.

Flutter being open source also comes for free which is though also the case with React Native. Xamarin only is available both for free and in paid version.

Flutter’s popularity among developers as per Stack Overflow Survey 2019

Flutter - cross platform mobile app dev framework

It’s popularity can be estimated by the fact that Flutter has even emerged as the most loved framework among developers, as per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019.

75.4% survey respondents confirmed their interest in Flutter development as compared to developing apps using React Native or Xamarin as per Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019.

Surely, the interest has aroused out of the superb benefits Flutter SDK has provided to global app developers.

The features of Flutter framework thus automatically come into the picture and same of the most remarkable ones have been mentioned in the next section.

Most Loved Features of Flutter..

A brief idea About Flutter can be derived by analyzing the vast array of features the framework comes equipped with.

Let’s now look deep into the prominent features that make Flutter so popular and preferred for cross platform mobile app development.


Flutter comes with a rich set of widgets as well as capabilities for creation of complex custom widgets as per requirement. In Flutter, widgets are for views as well as screen and the app itself. Flutter offers full set of widgets via Google’s Material Design.

Following is how native iOS/Android code interacts with Flutter

Flutter-cross platform mobile app dev framework

The framework majorly requires Canvas so as to render the widgets, so they can easily appear on screen and provide access to services like camera, Bluetooth etc.

1)Access to Native Features and SDKs

Flutter offers the feeling of developing on native platform by allowing you reuse your existing Swift, Java and Objective C code. This allows accessing the SDKs and native features on both Android and iOS. Moreover, Flutter Google SDKs are quite nice to work with for app developers.

2)Massive Community Support

Being backed by Google, Flutter comes with full support. Moreover, there is a large community of developers ready to contribute more & more into the framework’s growth with passing every day.

3)Simple Set-Up Requirements

Flutter allows coding even on low-end machines and so you don’t need to care about complex operating system requirements. Even the programming part is so easy that no prior knowledge of coding is required, object-oriented programming experience may be helpful though – as has been claimed in the framework’s technical docs.

4)Hot Reloading

This is the most talked-about feature of Flutter and the most useful one as well for developers. This allows developers to make changes to the code and view the same instantly on emulators, simulators and hardware.

The changed code is reflected instantly with the app in running state, thereby eliminating the need for any kind of restart. This feature brings huge ease of development especially when it comes to fixing bugs or adding new features in the app.

There are several high performance apps made using Flutter, many of which are highly popular in the current time. Different apps have been built for diverse industry verticals.

Following is a description of industry-wise Flutter apps

Social Networking: KlasterMe, Pairing, Meeve
Photo & Video: PostMuse
Health & Fitness: Reflectly, Watermaniac
Music & Entertainment: Hamilton, Topline, InKino, Music Tutor
Sports: Top Goals, Dream 11
Banking & Finance: Cryptomaniac Pro, Nubank
Education: School Planner
Shopping: HuYu, Xianyu
Lifestyle: Pawfect Match
Map & Navigation: Station La Moins Chère
Business: Alibaba, AppTree, Google Ads
Travel: Flydirekt
Real Estate: Realtor.com, Emaar
E-commerce: eBay

Right from social networking, travel, real estate to e-commerce, shopping, education and more – It can be seen from above that Flutter development has touched almost all prominent industry verticals and more are to be added to this list in the coming time.

With increased trust of developers in the robust framework and the enhancements to be witnessed in years ahead, Flutter based apps are expected to add more efficiency and value to businesses.

Finally Convinced How Flutter Can Make App Development So Effective?

Now, you must be having a fair understanding of What is Flutter exactly and how the cross platform mobile app development framework eliminates the separate requirements to hire Android App Developers or iOS developers.

Hence, when you go for cross platform mobile app development with Flutter, you not only save development costs, but also get to leverage the multitude of benefits the robust development framework has on offer.

The robust cross-platform development framework literally encompasses almost everything that helps developers churn out high-performance apps with high agility, keeping costs to a bare minimum for businesses in diverse industry verticals.

Now being fully convinced with Flutter, you must get consultation from a Flutter development company if you want to leverage the ease of building high performance native-like apps. Hire Flutter developer now!

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