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WordPress 3.6 vs WordPress 3.5

With WordPress 3.6 slated for an end of April release in 2013 there are already speculations doing the rounds as who would win it when the talk is about WordPress 3.6 vs WordPress 3.5 . With an ever increasing patron base WordPress will surely increase in excellence, flexibility and user bases. New features will be added to make Wordress reach higher standards. However what we should not forget is that we had experienced a beautiful user interface with WordPress 3.5 along with responsive designs Retina-Ready (HiDPI) Admin, faster wordpress short codes.

In order to decide on better effectiveness between WordPress 3.6 vs WordPress 3.5 we must take you through a tour of all things bright and beautiful in both. So here are all their features discussed in details:

Features of WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 comes with minimalist look and maximum features. There is minimum clutter for bloggers to get attracted to WordPress 3.5. Twenty Twelve or 2012 theme for WordPress is regarded as the best responsive theme developed so far. With flexible features such as front page template, custom menu, optional display font, background and widgets and header image, presentation of a post look better. The theme loads comfortably and looks great on mostly all kinds of devices. Here is a list of all the features:

  • Welcome screen is good with new users finding it easy to start off with.
  • Buttons are rounded and look similar to Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Admin panel is more useful than before.
  • If you fiddle with codes then WordPress 3.5 is the right place to begin your journey on themes and learning how to develop themes.
  • Twenty Twelve Wordpess 3.5 has gained popularity because of its mobile responsive layout. With more and more websites turning mobile and smart phones, tablets becoming more available, WordPress 3.5 gives mobile users the best experience. If you are looking to hit the right chord in the web world then making a mobile responsive website is all important. WordPress 3.5 will be at your service with its Twenty Twelve CSS showing you how mobile responsive websites are developed.
  • Media upload becomes trendier with overall changes in edit, post and add/upload options. A brand new ‘Add Media’ button has been introduced which includes everything from images, posts and other forms of media. This all-in-one button is intuitive in editing, dragging or positioning images. Gallery has been updated which lets wordpress 3.5 users to float through the process of selecting images, dropping or dragging images in orderly gallery thumbnails. Developers find media upload section very fruitful as customization coding becomes easier to follow here.
  • Inserting content from websites like Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr is superior than before. oEmbeds makes the process easier for automatic grabbing and embedding of content.
  • Edit Screen has been simplified. It is easier to pick colours or change the look. User interface is smooth and better on WordPress 3.5.

Features of WordPress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 is yet to release but there are a lot of announcements and reviews doing the rounds on the beta version to be launched soon. WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 wil be the first version of WordPress 3.6. Named as Twenty Thirteen or 2013 WordPress provides an all new default WordPress theme. As for predictions it is being stated that changes will be in the lines of auto-save, editing, content editing and workflow. There will possibly be easier and comfortable dashboard features to attract more users. Here is a list of WordPress 3.6 features:

  • Posts can be locked and auto save is present. A writer needs auto save option for his writing to have a natural flow. Expired cookies, browser crashes, connection problems can be easily won over with direct entry option in the WordPress admin.
  • WP Heartbeat API is a very handy utility tool that will allow server requests to be sent every 15 seconds which will generate events on the quantity of data received.
  • Twenty Thirteen is a very colourful theme that supports attractive blogging with focus on blogger utilities and posts.
  • Embedding your own audio and video files into your posts is easier now with wordpress 3.6 as there will be no need for an arbitrator media hosting service.
  • Edit-Flow plug-in will help enormously in revisions and flow of posts for small websites and blogs.
  • Maintaining codes and keeping an updated WordPress architecture will surely be the key to success for WordPress 3.6. API improvements will be done which will remove all incompatibility issues.
  • Adding items to menu will be easier as there are several refinements being made. Menu management including everything from coding to adding themes and default links will be a winner of sorts.
  • WordPress 3.6 stands out because of its support for PDO extension which helps in serving database connections. Future PHP versions would be compatible with wordpress 3.6.

As we wait for WordPress 3.6 to launch in its full strength and valour we would have to suffice with our WordPress 3.5. The latter has come a long way in delivering the right kind of blogging experience.

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