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Who doesn’t know about WordPress now? From businesses to college students, everyone knows about this PHP-based open-source that enables people to procure website applications at ease. Being a famous tool, it enables everyone to create their own website for both business and personal use. 

Doubt and questions related to WordPress, we cover all in this article. So, stay hooked with me and gain staggering and useful insight into WordPress website development. 

Have a look at staggering insights into WordPress design & development:

As of March 2021, WordPress is used by 40.5%+ websites of the top 10 million. It is a huge number and shows how popular and frequently used CMS WordPress is. Surely, you too would be wondering that can you use this website builder CMS to secure an enterprise-grade website. 

Staggering Insights Into WordPress Design & Development For Small Businesses

What Is WordPress? 

It is the most frequently asked question on the internet related to website development. If you are new to this concept, you too would be wondering. Actually, it is a free, open-source Content Management System developed using PHP and MySQL. 

It is a ready-made backend interface that allows you to update and edit your website interface at ease. WordPress was initially designed for blog publishing and evolved swiftly to support other web content management such as traditional mailing formulas and lists, learning management systems, online stores, media galleries.

Now it has become a full-fledged tool for website development that is enabling anyone with a small understanding of PHP to create a website from scratch and publish it on the web. Besides, you can also secure enterprise-grade solutions with the help of WordPress developers for hire. Moreover, in simpler understanding, WordPress is the simplest, time-saving, and swift way of creating a website or blog. 

While technically, it is a CMS licensed under GPLv2, it allows anyone to create/modify their website through WordPress for free. Being a content management system, it helps you to manage aspects of the website, such as content without programming.

The drag and drop feature of WordPress allows you to manage everything on a website from scratch, and you don’t need to know to have a great programming skill with WordPress. 

Using this system, people who are not developers can build and manage their own websites. And! There is no fee to use this tool. 

So, won’t you like to create your own website on WordPress? Whatever your choice is, Let’s dive into the pool of knowledge to know WordPress thoroughly. 

Latest Version Of WordPress : 

WordPress 5.5.1 is the latest version that is still in a maintenance release. While Eckstine WordPress Version 5.5 is the latest version in use, fueled with a wide range of features and plugins that boost your website’s UX and performance.

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Why Choose WordPress For Website Development? 

WordPress is one of the major tools today that is a highly recommended tool for website creation. But! You must be having several doubts regarding why you should use WordPress. 

So, here are some features of WordPress inferring the importance of using WordPress for website development. 

Simplicity: WordPress makes it exuberantly easy to publish and build a website in the shortest period of time. As a beginner also you can use WordPress without any difficultly. 

Flexible: WordPress enables you to develop many types of websites, including online stores, personal blogs, online magazines, and newspapers.  

Easy to use: Using WordPress is as simple as Microsoft Word; you can easily drag and drop the components and use design themes. Moreover, you don’t need to do backend coding; the platform does it itself.  

No Cost Of Development: WordPress software ( is a completely free tool that you can easily use and download. In short, it facilitates no-cost development. Only you would have to pay for web hosting and domain purchase. 

Eliminates Coding: WordPress CMS removes the need for coding, as you can simply drag and drop components for designing your website from scratch. Besides, it offers access to a number of website themes that make web design and development smooth and flawless. 

Staggering Insights Into WordPress Design & Development For Small Businesses

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Open-Source: WordPress is GNU General Public Licensed open-source software tool that means it is owned by a single company. Moreover, hundreds of developers and users collaborate and contribute to enhancing this software free of cost.  

Access To Plugins For Extended Features: WordPress software enables you to access a variety of modern features with WordPress plugins. Actually, plugins are software that you upload to your website to infuse some more features such as payment gateways, contact forms, SEO, backups ad more. Currently, the web is brimming with an enumerable number of WordPress plugins that you can find on the directory and paid plugin hubs. 

Escalating Customization: WordPress themes are greatly accessible over the internet that enable you to test the website customization profoundly. A simple click and your entire website can look ravishing and rich; all you can do by applying a theme. There are advanced WordPress themes that bestow complete control of your website layouts. In short, if you are seeking more customization in your website, you would have to hire dedicated WordPress developers

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Bestow Security: Since security is the most critical aspect for everyone, WordPress ensures strengthening the security of the platform in each release. And! Now it has improved various areas of security and fixed up the bleeding edges. Major WordPress security issues arise due to user error. 

Premium Plugin And Theme Industry: There is no dearth of free plugins and themes. However, serious WordPress website owners use premium themes and plugins due to continual updates, security patches, and better customization. Actually, if you use a premium theme or plugin, you pay for ongoing development and support for features you are using. 

So, the above features are enough to conclude that WordPress website development is beneficial currently. If you are worried about what different types of websites you can develop using WordPress, then don’t ponder much, as it facilitates the development of a wide range of web applications, including: 

  • Blog 
  • E-commerce Website 
  • Membership Website 
  • Portfolio Website 
  • Forum Website 
  • Business Website 
  • Event Website 
  • Wedding Website, and more. 

It means you can leverage this CMS to create every kind of application depending on your professional and personal needs with the help of a deft WordPress development company. However, there are many other areas of industry-specific WordPress development that you can explore to leverage the popularity of WordPress. 

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Staggering Insights Into WordPress Design & Development For Small Businesses

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Let’s look at some WordPress custom development trends that gain the interest of businesses and startup aspirants that strive to use the potential of WordPress development. 

Custom WordPress Development:

It allows you to secure a customized website that ensures that it possesses a higher quality user experience and all desired features. Moreover, it also enables you to procure customized plugin, tailor-made website, extension for both personal and business usage. 

Here are the major areas of custom development where businesses and startup aspirants usually invest. 

WordPress Theme Development:

WordPress themes are in great demand, and so they have become a major point of interest for investors and developers. A rich theme can enable you to learn huge revenue, and besides, a personalized theme also improves your visitors’ interest in the application. Thus, WordPress theme development is a major business currently among both WordPress developers and businesses.

WordPress Plugin Development: 

Plugins are energies that infuse extra potential into your website. Thus, plugin development and adoption both are popular in the space of WordPress development. You can embrace plugin development for both reasons, either to sell out the plugin or to improve your website capabilities. 

WordPress Website Development:

Enterprise business needs the WordPress website customized for their users’ need and themes only offers basic functionalities of the application. Thus, developers’ assistance is critical to infuse user-specific features in the web application. For which, you would need custom WordPress website development or hire WordPress developers.

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WordPress API Integration & Customization:

Indeed, you can build a WordPress website on your own. However, there are some tasks that require you to do a little of coding, such as WordPress API integration & customization. Integrating various APIs such as data security API, payment gateway, database redirection, and customization are tricky jobs that a developer can perform better and reduce the chances of glitches. 

So, these are major custom WordPress development trends that you can leverage currently. 

WordPress Web Design 

While website development with WordPress is popular, web design is also handy with it. WordPress enables you to use a variety of templates that makes front-end designing hassle-free and swift. 

Wondering what templates are on WordPress? Actually, templates are PHP source file that generates the page on the screen, mostly the way visitors request it. The screen output appears as HTML. In short, Templates include HTML, PHP, Tags of WordPress Templates. 

WordPress empowers you to separate templates depending on the needs of your site. Having too many templates isn’t essentials. However, having different template files makes your file fully functional. Design templates are chosen and generated based upon the template hierarchy, and these templates get integrated into particular themes.  

In short, templates are part of WordPress themes. For example, index.php is a template file that each webpage on the website can use. Moreover, there are many more template files that you can use, such as : 

  • style.css: It is the main stylesheet that every Theme must include. It includes information about the header of the Theme. 
  • rtl.css: It sets the text direction of the website from right to left and gets generated via RTLer plugins. 
  • comments.php: It is the comments template.
  • front-page.php: It is the front page template.
  • home.php: It is a home page template, front page by default. 
  • single.php: It is a single post template for a single post to be queried. 
  • page.php: It is a page template. It is mostly used when an individual Page is queried.
  • category.php: It is a category template. Used when a user query category. 
  • tag.php: It is the tag template tag that is queried.
  • taxonomy.php: Being a term template, it is leveraged when a term in a custom taxonomy is queried.

Staggering Insights Into WordPress Design & Development For Small Businesses

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These are some examples of templates; there are many more templates that contribute to the development theme, and the themes setups the UX/UI experience of your website. WordPress’s design largely depends on the templates. At the same time, WordPress themes are a major aspect of WordPress Web Designing. 

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Wrapping UP

There are a number of aspects of WordPress that can’t be discussed in a single blog. However, it is confirmed the WordPress holds a great potential to turn the future website development.

The way it keeps evolving and expanding its potential, possibly it can turn out a major website development tool with enormous capabilities. Currently, Indian WordPress developers are using their fullest potential to bestow small businesses with high-level website solutions. You can also secure the one at ease. 

Staggering Insights Into WordPress Design & Development For Small Businesses

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