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Ready to Transform Your Business with Custom Apps?

You must be familiar with app development’s versatile market if you’re a business buff. Application usage is rising daily, and diverse industry verticals such as healthcare, banking, retail, eCommerce, and more are focusing on application development. 


  • Mobile apps are expected to produce over $935 billion in revenue.
  • 98% of app revenue globally comes from free apps.
  • More than 80 applications a person install on their smartphone.

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Usually, to create an impactful application, enterprises prefer to avail of application development services from the best app development company. This will be really beneficial for you as it will help you build a leading application without facing any hurdles and within no time.

However, the main concern is picking the best startup app development company for reliable and innovative solutions. Well, this is one of the biggest challenges each industry faces. To overcome this challenge, I have listed the names of top mobile app development companies that are proficient at offering app development solutions. 

To list the top mobile application development companies’ names, I have considered various parameters listed below.

  1. Total years of in-market experience
  2. Total Employees
  3. Clients ratings and reviews on social platforms
  4. Hourly pricing
  5. Awards and certifications
  6. Number of happy clients
  7. Clients satisfaction rate

List Of The Best App Development Companies 2022-23 – (iOS, iPhone & Android)

Have a look at the mobile app development companies list below:

1) PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons Key Elements

    • 18+ years of in-market experience
    • 201-500 employee
    • 4.9/5 stars at Clutch
    • Hourly pricing: < $25
    • Happy patrons: 4800+
    • 11500+ fortunately delivered projects
    • Clients: Kraft foods, Next, Blacks, DEBENHAMS

It is one of the excellent web and app development companies that has been serving 38+ countries around the globe. This organization is comprehensively converged to provide quality work.

The company’s top app developers ensure the client’s demand is met within a certain time frame. Moreover, app developers working in the form are skilled enough to settle any sort of errors in a very simple, agile manner.Pixelcrayons clutch

Services provided by PixelCrayons:

Blockchain Development, Software Development Services, Ruby in Rails development services, IoT Development, Chatbot Development, Mobile App Development, Hybrid App Development, iOS/Android App Development, Digital Transformation, Mobile App Development, and so on.

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Key Elements

    • 18+ years of complete experience
    • 500+ employees
    • 5.0 out of 5 stars at Clutch
    • < $25 hourly pricing
    • 97% client retention rate
    • 2500+ happy clients
    • 4200+ fortunately delivered projects
    • Clients: Estel, Candor, Novea, Grundfos
    • ISO & NASSCOM certified firm

ValueCoders is one of the leading Indian app development companies primarily focusing on offshore software development services. Since 2004 the company has been proffering diverse IT solutions around the globe.   

The company integrates cutting-edge technologies in applications to deliver efficient and smart products for various industry verticals, including; healthcare, education, eCommerce, banking & finance, and travel. App developers working in the ValueCoders provide round-the-clock to simplify service.Valuecoders Clutch

Services offered by ValueCoders:

Mobile Development, Android and iOS app development, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, business application development, Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT, Offshore Software Development, and IT Strategy & Consulting.

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Key Elements

  • Total Employees: 201-500
  • 9+ years of experience
  • Hourly rate: < $25
  • Clients ratings: 4.8/5 at Clutch
  • Key clients: Discovery, Viacom, Disney

Since its inception, it has served various clients, startups, SMEs, and enterprises. Among all the award-winning app development companies in India, it leads the charters with global centers delivering mobile and web applications.     

Streamlining business metrics, product metrics, and performance are the keys to their success. The company has a rich vein of experience in developing mobile and web applications and has successfully delivered 4000+ projects around the globe. Innovation, experience, and delivery excellence are the key USPs.

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Services offered by Hyperlink Infosystem:

iPhone app development, Android app development, on-demand app development, Windows app development, Augmented Reality (AR), Website development, Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain Development, Wearable App Development, Mobile App Development, blockchain, BI, AI, and ML.   

4) Kanda Software

Kanda Software Key Elements

  • 25+ years of total experience
  • $50 – $99 hourly Pricing
  • 4.9/5 rating at Clutch
  • 201-500 employees’ strength
  • Clients: Verizon, Dell, Bayer Healthcare, Nuance
  • Partner: Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud

It is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies offering high-level solutions for its customers. The association’s experts can deal with a wide range of tasks impressively.

The company serves startups, SMEs, and large enterprises by forming leading custom applications. Moreover, all projects focus on the client’s key requirements.

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Services proffered by Kanda Software:

Custom App Development, Data & Application Security, Enterprise Application Development, Software Engineering, Mobile App Development (iOS/Windows/Android), AI/Machine Learning, DevOps, Java Development, .NET Development, and so on.

Revolutionize your business operations.

Embrace cutting-edge custom app development solutions.


Key Elements

  • Employees strength: 50 – 249
  • 13+ years of experience
  • Hourly Rates: $150 – $199
  • Key clients: 9Gag, MGM Resorts International, Rite Aid, Harvard, Verizon 

One of the award-winning top application development companies transforms businesses by generating ideas, building products, and accelerating growth in all quarters of app development. 

Keeping the business’s needs and demands in mind, the top app developers of the company proffer solutions. The organization is entirely focused on delivering excellent and multi-featured applications that can support business growth

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Services offered by Fueled:

iPhone Apps, app development for startups, Website development, Web Design, Android Apps, Product development, Digital Product, UI/UX, UI, UX, Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain development, Machine Learning, and a lot more.     

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6) DOM & TOM

Key Elements

    • Employees:50-249
    • 11+ years of experience
    • Hourly Rates: $150-199
    • Clutch Ratings: 4.8/5
    • Happy Clients: 250+
    • Successfully delivered projects: 600+

This organization is a proven game-changer in the tech industry by developing applications with an extensive focus on its performance, features, and functionalities. Developers working in the company provide excellent mobile app designs and web, iOS & Android app-related solutions.     

The company delivers high-quality projects meeting clients’ demands and also tries to deliver the same within a short time. In a very short time frame, Dom & Tom made its good reputation in the market.

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Services provided by Dom & Tom:

Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Mobile & Web Design, iOS & Android app development, Frontend, Backend, Blockchain, Digital Platforms, Augmented Reality (AR), Enterprise Mobility, Chatbots, and more.

7)  SmartSites

It is one of the best enterprise app development companies providing custom app development services to its clients globally. You can consult their experts for your project needs anytime.

Key Elements

    • 10+ years of total experience 
    • $100 – $149 hourly pricing
    • 5.0/5 rating at Clutch
    • 10-49 Employees strength
    • Key Clients: Rakuten, Harvard University, Porsche

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Services proffered by SmartSites:

Marketing consultant, Custom Mobile development, Website development, Python development, Custom app development, Web Design, Custom app development, Website Hosting, SEO, IT consulting, mobile and website testing, and more.

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Key Elements

    • 9+ years of experience
    • Employees strength: 10-249
    • Hourly pricing: $100-149
    • Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5
    • Key Client: Lexus, CitiBank, Red Bull, Minneapolis Heart Institute

DogTown Media is an app solution provider with headquarters in Venice known to provide disruptive technology by implementing cutting-edge technology to solve everyday app development problems. The experts are working in the form of having neck-deep experience with development nuances.

The company has launched more than 200 apps and counting for various cross platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. In addition, it offers cost-effective software development solutions.

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Services provided by DogTown Media:

iPhone app development, iPad app development, SDK development, mobile app development, mobile app design, iPhone app design, Internet of Things, enterprise application development, Mobile app marketing, Mobile App Development, and more.

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9) Andersen

Key Elements

  • 13+ years of total experience
  • Employee strength: 1,001-5,000
  • Hourly pricing: $25 – $49 
  • 4.9/5 stars at Clutch
  • Key Clients: Marvel, Samsung, Media Markt
  • ISO certified organization

It is one of the foremost enterprise application development companies serving diverse countries since 2007. Andersen is directed on forwarding innovative solutions to its patrons. Moreover, they endeavor to meet client expectations in a little time frame.          

The company holds a proficient squad that essentially supports industries producing leading web and mobile applications. The company focuses on integrating suitable technologies to meet the advanced market needs.

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Services provided by Andersen:

Web and Mobile Development, Custom Software Development, Technology Consulting, Software Testing, Project Management, Business Analysis, UI/UX Design, AWS, SalesForce, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps Services, etc.

10) Netguru

Key Elements

  • 12+ years of total experience
  • 501-1,000 employee strength
  • 4.8/5 stars at Clutch
  • Hourly pricing: $50 – $99 
  • Clients: Volkswagen, Keller Williams, Damac

Netguru is one of the reliable top app companies serving diverse industry verticals (healthcare, retail, eCommerce, banking, and finance). The top app developers in the organization are knowledgeable and know how to manage the work process simply. 

The company focuses on offering innovative solutions and meeting clients’ key requirements.

10 Custom App Development Companies To Seek

Services offered by Netguru:

AI development solutions, mobile development, Web development, product design, user interface, iOS and Android app development, product design sprint, and so on.

From this list, you can choose any company that suits your business needs. Budget constraints are always a great concern for startups and small businesses. So, if you are going to invest in app development, you must be aware of some crucial pointers, as mentioned below.

App Development: A Great Business Focus of Today

Here I have mentioned a few pointers which will help you out knowing why industries should focus on app development.     

1)Growing Sales

For years, apps have been regarded as money generators for businesses. The company belongs to it, regardless of whether it will inspire customers to buy from promo, savings, and reward push notifications. 

Customers who have installed your app can subscribe to your services. With offline location technology, your customers will have a fair idea of products, prices, etc. All these factors make this a sustainable online industry.

2) Building Audience

Digital media (apps) have captured more attention than anything. With applications, you can easily promote your brand. Apps give an edge over the website, domain name, or link as they are available on smartphones. Many apps don’t even require internet connectivity, as it depends on the app’s features.

The activation process asks your customers to infuse private information. Rewards—and bonuses—often encourage people to download more apps. Doing so allows you to sit back, relax, reap, and enjoy the app development world’s fantasy.

3) Budget-friendly Apps

In this modern world, startups and small enterprises can simply afford the mobile app development cost, as developing the application has become a normal norm. This is why app development companies now offer app development services at a very reasonable rate.   

4) Communication & Marketing Channel

They are employing different browsing campaigns to generate business possibilities. Obtaining input from users drives business in the right direction. Conducting polling and carrying out surveys allows users to report errors and more. This way, the app becomes ubiquitous for business.

5) Gaining Competitive Advantage

All businesses do not allow sites to be maximum, let alone do the same with mobile apps. If you stay ahead in the race and begin utilizing mobile applications as a sales & marketing tool in the niche, you are doing a world of goods to your business. Your customer should be aware of launching products & services and information about brands. 


App development is essential for the online business world. It is” the engine of The Wagon Wheel” of app development. Keeping a focus on project requirements helps excel in business.

So what is stopping you?  

You can hire the best app developers or web app builders in India for cost-effective, dedicated services. ValueCoders is a leading enterprise app development company in India since 2004. So, you can outsource app development services to them.

Getting projects outsourced to these hand-picked brands will be a fair decision.

Innovate your business strategy.

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10 Custom App Development Companies To Seek

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