Top eCommerce Development Companies In India To Change Business Fortunes


As per stats by Statista, e-commerce is all set to hit $4.5 trillion in sales in 2021.

Nothing can compete with eCommerce when it comes to generating online revenue. Everyone wants to purchase or sell products/services online. Earlier it was a trend but now a necessity! For entrepreneurs, developing a business-friendly website is no less than a fairy tale. It gives fodder— to growing e-Commerce development companies to scale innovations every hour. So the ball in your court how to outsource software development to India for having better returns in the online industry.Outsourcing addresses your pain areas in pandemic times.

Like every coin has two aspects, e-Commerce is widespread, possessing full of challenges & vulnerabilities.

When you subscribe to the idea of e-commerce business, you should know the fierce competition. Yes, everyone is selling the same thing, but it matters how appealing your marketing strategies are? Searching for an eCommerce design company may give you some hard times too.

So the right thing to do is to ‘set the ball rolling.’As we know, the website is your sole online business platform. You should treat a website like a glass wall. This blog helps choose top e-commerce development companies for setting up an e-commerce platform.

Based on these pointers, I have compiled a list of top eCommerce Companies. 

1) Years of experience & expertise

2) Projects Completed

3 Clutch Ratings

4) No. of Employees

5) Avg. Hourly Rates

6) Satisfied Services

Let’s have a look at top eCommerce development COMPANIES in India

1) Infinijith Apps & Technologies


A full-stack development company based in Coimbatore with top-notch technology and agile software methodology for the software development process.

The company works with a primary objective of customer satisfaction within the budget. Services that make it popular: e-commerce, healthcare, travel, education, etc.

It has gained accolades for developing secure eCommerce development to drive business in top gear.


Employees: 11-50

Hourly rate: $15 to $ 25 per hour 

Established: 2014

Clutch Ratings: 5/5

2) Pixel Crayonspixelcrayons-ecommerce-development-company

PixelCrayons is one of the popular eCommerce development companies in India with an excellent track record. The innovative software solution provides services to start-ups to large-scale industries. Because of the meticulous approach, it primarily works in e-commerce development. 

The main USP is to never compromise on performance and on-time project delivery. It has such a fantastic client retention record. 


Employees: 201-500  

Hourly rate:  $25 per hour 

Established: 2004

Clutch Rating: 5/5

Specialized Services: Software development services, E-commerce Services, Mobile app development

3) ValueCoders


ValueCoders is also one of the fastest-growing offshore development companies and renowned as the best e-Commerce development companies in 10 years.

With innovative & in-depth software solutions, their services are widespread, i.e., .start-ups to large-scale industries. It gained accolades for better delivery and on-time project maintenance. In terms of client retention, they compete with  best in the business. Here you  save cost up to 60% of your estimated budget.


Employees: 700+  

Hourly rate: Up to $25 per hour 

Established: 2005

Clutch Rating: 5/5

Specialized Services: E-commerce development, Software development services, Mobile app development


4) VerveLogic

vervelogic-ecommerce-development-company-An eCommerce development company with a group of developers focus on web designing. Their popular expertise is innovation and development in logo design.


Employees: 51-200  

Established: 2011

Hourly rate: $15 to $25 per hour

Clutch Ratings: 5.0

Specialized Services: E-commerce development, Mobile application development, Responsive website development, Digital marketing, SEO services


5) TechMagnate 

techmagnate-ecommerce-solution-Suppose you’re looking for one of the leading digital marketing agencies to give a push to your online business. It  ticks all the boxes. As a top e-commerce development company, their professionals deliver top-notch services for clients like Airtel, Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Communications, etc.


Employees: 51-200  

Hourly rate: $15 to $25 per hour

Clutch Ratings: 4.0

Specialized Services: Web and e-commerce development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, App marketing services


6) Sparx IT Solutions

sparxit-ecommerce-solution-It is a privately held IT initiative. By offering 100% client satisfaction and full-effort, Sparx developers empower business in app development projects, creating a niche for producing top-notch digital services.


Employees: 201-500  

Established: 2007

Hourly rate: $10 to $20 

Clutch Ratings: 5/5

Specialized Services: Web Development, Android, and iOS app development, JavaScript expert, Open source development.

7) Angular Minds

angularminds-custom-ecommerce-development-company-Angular Minds is an eCommerce web design company to execute eCommerce projects. They provide clients with innovative business solutions to transform business value(BV). Working with a mission helps provide innovative & creative solutions to meet customer aspirations. It focuses on Ionic, Reacts Native, and React to JS services.  


Employees: 11-50  

Established: 2016

Hourly rate: $22/hr

Clutch Ratings: 5/5

Specialized Services: Mean Stack App Development, Mobile Apps, Angular JS, Blockchain, IoT

8) Brainvire Infotech Inc

brainvire-ecommerce-web-development-company-It provides time-tested service in e-commerce web development. IoT, Blockchain & machine learning are their key services. Also, they work in an open-source framework like Python, PHP & web app development.

They are also involved in open-source frameworks like NodeJS, Python, PHP, and web development. Their products include AuroCRM and Control ERP.  


Employees: 501-1000

Established: 2000 

Hourly Rate: up to $25 

Clutch Ratings: 5/5

Specialized Services: Point of Sale (POS) system, MongoDB development, Android & iPhone application development. 


9) Tvisha Technologies 

tvisha-technology-ecommerceTvisha Technologies is a system integration and network consulting company. It helped companies to enhance digital workplaces. With the widespread reins of technology everywhere, It has stepped into the web, mobile application development, and e-commerce development with full-fledged techniques. 


Employees: 51-200  

Establishment: 2002

Hourly Rate: $25/hr

Clutch Ratings: 5/5

Specialized Services: Web and mobile application development, Digital marketing, SEO services, E-commerce development.

10) Digital Silk

digitalsilk-web-development-company-Digital Silk is a top eCommerce development company you would find. It is adept at developing and creating outstanding digital marketing services. You can drive as a website is the reflection of your business they prioritize your eCommerce development projects to spike in user traffic with a  focus on user engagement.


No. of Employees: 50-99

Established: 2017

Minimal Budget: $10,000 to $25,000

Clutch Ratings: 4.5 /5

Specialized Services: E-commerce development, Web & mobile application development, Digital marketing, SEO services


How an e-commerce development company works?

It delivers and develop a quality platform by typically assessing critical parameters:

♦ Client Brief: The first ladder starts with discovery & research. The company collects reviews on future projects, goals, purpose and agree upon  features & solutions.

♦ Planning: In the second stage, the creation process further induces action plan, and sitemap includes customer wishes. That’s why sitemap is critical in linking different strategies to decide on project needs.

♦ Design: The development process includes the creation of all visual parts of the future website. After the design stage, the customer will confirm or amend. At this stage, the team edit text, write headlines site description & preliminary product information. The process should approve before the coding.

♦ Coding and development: The work done previously will be used to program an actual web store, marketplace, or different e-commerce website, via frameworks, CMS, coding platforms, and search engine optimization tools.

♦ Testing and Launch: Once the e-commerce product is ready, the team carries quality assurance before a site is published.

♦ Maintenance: Launching the site is not only the priority. A few websites require maintenance throughout constant check, support, and regular updates.

Top  E-commerce development companies In India: A Key To Your Digital Assets

It conveys why you need an e-commerce solution for business and how setting up e-commerce development works?

Developing a website from BPOV is critical. Things like load time, interface of the website are nearly essential to keep hooked up to services. However, it all depends on the complexity of client requests, the scope of work, platform, future websites, proposal, etc. 

It makes an e-commerce web design company work as a great partner if you are relatively new to entrepreneurship.

 A well-established company delivers a typical website in less than preliminary 4 months. They are creating a platform usually input design ideas about the shopping cart, images, price calculator, templates, user registration/login, purchase cycle.UI teams specialize brand recognition ensure quality content for websites across all digital platforms.

Payment integration. E-commerce development companies enable your website with payment gateway integration, i.e.PayPal – the most viable payment method for top e-commerce companies with more than 254 million users, or Google Pay with 25 million monthly active subscribers. Apple Pay with over 39  million users. It implies importance of a payment gateway in an e-Commerce website.

ecommerce development

SEO & marketing. E-commerce developers improve visibility, sales & traffic boost. With quality SEO, you attract visitors and potential buyers, increase hot leads into conversions. At the same time, it helps brand recognition, graphics, and excites customers to make purchases.

Technical ongoing support.  It is critical as post-launch, regular updates, bug fixing, troubleshooting, further enhancements, etc.,expert eCommerce development company can deliver all things in a bundle.

How can you choose the best e-Commerce development companies In India?

Before you go and take a step further, choosing the most suitable e-commerce development checking priorities is essential.

#How experienced is your team and employees?

An e-commerce development company deploys multi-taskers possessing the necessary skills to create your project. The team should have expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP & Ruby languages. Equipped with skills in website design, front-end and back-end development, data analysis, search engine optimization will be an extra advantage.

#How much is the charge for dedicated service? How much does it cost to hire?

Various parameters determine the quality, quantity, and end result. The price ranges from $400 – $1,000, depending on the complexity and specifications of the project. You’ll see some companies offer calculators on their websites where one can count the approximate price of the final product and decide if that suits your budget. 

Final Words:

I hope we now have vital information on finger-tips post reading a piece on top e-commerce development companies in India (2021). These enlisted companies work with a ‘SAME MISSION BUT A DIFFERENT VISION’ to meet diverse client needs. I tried to exhibit their real expertise in e-Commerce development. It could be the right moment for you to go ahead and seize the best offers available post-COVID-19 economic distress.

So What Is Stopping Now? Choose the company you think could be the driving force to tale your eCommerce development dreams to scale new heights. My gut feeling says I should go with names like VALUECODERS, PIXELCRAYONS & VERELOGIC.


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