Apparel Shopping Portal

An online apparel store designed to access a large variety of apparel clothing from T-Shirts to Trousers and much more.

Technology Used:
  • Apache
  • Jira
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • TFS

Key Challenges

Our client was curious to develop an online wholesale shopping website for clothes customer. A large variety of cloth ranging from Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo, Trousers etc for both men and women are available and can be easily purchased using this app. User / Customer can also find clothes for infants/toddlers, headwear and also accessories over the site.

When they approached ValueCoders, we had to address the following tasks:

  • Creating an attractive landing page for the e-commerce site is to bring more traffic to the site.
  • Design and product display is the backbone of any e-commerce website. To ensure an effective product display and design.
  • To make SEO effective for users to easily search the product they desired

While developing this shopping solution, we faced a number of challenges including the following ones:

  • Making a smooth navigation flow in the landing pages
  • Listing all the products in an organized way
  • Enabling proper SEO tagging for each kind of products

Our web app developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative & creative ideas and with their technical expertise.

Our Solutions

There were a few major parts in the project which were skillfully handled by the talented web development team at ValueCoders. This is how we have implemented this web portal:

Landing Page Design

We had to create an attractive landing page for the e-commerce website that can bring traffic to the site as well. To ensure it with our client, we did the following things:

  • Our design team made the product listing with smooth navigation and flow.
  • Landing Page has overview of all the kinds of cloth type and brand the company is deal in.
  • It also is precisely descriptive of company’s services and features such as newsletter etc.

Product display and design

As we know, design & product display is the backbone of any good e-commerce website. In order to ensure an effective product display & design:-

  • Our development team kept in mind to list all the products yet make the site user friendly.
  • The design also offers a filter enabled search to make it easier for the user be more specific about the search.
  • SEO friendly content

By using an effective search methodology, we developed an e-commerce site that offers an enormous range of products. It was also SEO effective for the users so that they can easily search their desired products:-

  • It has tag aligned with each product
  • The site is enabled with proper tagging in each category of products
  • It has filter enabled

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