Governance Assurance SharePoint System

Governance Assurance System

  • Client Domain: Software Services Provider
  • Location: UK
  • Industry: Banking and Finance

The idea of developing such a system was the result of long discussions on the customer side focusing on the various challenges and demands faced by industry sectors and in particular those that gave rise to a greater financial burden or Increased resources. The client's research team focused on the basic realizations with the aim of developing a unique system to solve each problem they encountered.

Mindfire Solutions was approached to develop the system. The Mindfire SharePoint team developed a high-quality product along the architecture and proposed specifications. At the time of delivery, the customer was delighted to receive a robust, scalable and easy-to-use system within the timeframe they wanted.

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  • Banking and Finance
  • eCommerce


  • Apparel

Technologies Used

  • MOSS 2007
  • VS 2005
  • SQL 2008
  • .NET 2.0

Client Requirements

  • Develop a system which can calculate risks and impact faced by the organisations.
  • Use of pre installed governance package for calculation of risks and impact faced in this system.
  • Client side should be focussing on various challenges and demands faced by sectors of the industry.

Challenges Faced

  • Gathering all risks and impact from the system
  • Developing single system to tackle all these risks and problem.
  • It can lead to increased financial burden.


ValueCoders’s SharePoint development team was able to successfully deliver our client with a perfect system. They developed a SharePoint website and certain number of features which helped our client in achieving the below mentioned features:

  • Documentation
  • Mapping Linking and Relationship
  • Generation of Task
  • Assessment of Status
  • Quantity or Risk vs Quality or Risk Management
  • Automated Risk Classification
  • Automated Risk based Review Scheduling
  • Responsibility Reporting and Relationship Mapping
  • Task Reporting Click using Functionality

Future Relationship

ValueCoders successfully executed the Governance Assurance SharePoint System development well within the time frame. The client achieved its target of making an user friendly Governance Assurance SharePoint System and adding custom functions for better customer experience.

It was a learning experience for ValueCoders to work on this development project that has helped the client and brought in repeat business as well. We ensured that the client and the development team were on the same page by frequent collaboration and regularly making use of project reporting tools. Agile methodologies were used throughout the time to discuss, improve and implement solutions before the final delivery of the application.

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