Order Management System Based on SYSPRO

Order Management System

  • Client Domain: Manufacturer of Fashion Accessories
  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Logistics and transportation

One day, the management team of our client decided to invest in automation for streamlining their operations. Because they were a manufacturing unit, they needed a software development partner who would work on the backend integration for all the business functions for ensuring smooth operations. They selected ValueCoders from a shortlist of 4 companies.

Also, our client belongs to a SME category they decided to go ahead with the SYSPRO ERP software for the backend process. ValueCoders developed a middleware solution which would interact with SYSPRO at the backend and the ecommerce site at the front end and with seamless integration for the orders into the production schedule.

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  • Web & Enterprise Portals
  • eCommerce


  • Apparel

Technologies Used

  • ASP
  • NET
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Server
  • Ajax
  • SysPro
  • e.net

Client Requirements

  • Online Ecommerce store of their own.
  • Seamless integration between the front end ecommerce website and backend SYSPRO ERP.
  • Proper interaction to understand customer requirements.

Challenges Faced

  • Developing online ecommerce store from the scratch.
  • Creation of middleware solution for interaction with SYSPRO ERP.
  • Retrieving the data from database and then manipulating it into the UI and after that passing it onto SYSPRO database.


ValueCoders team of developers designed and created an application which consists of several modules like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Shipping, Manufacturing, Ticketing, Finance and each module was further divided into sub-modules like Customers, SalesOrder, CRM etc. The users of the application were also divided into different groups based on the modules which they can access. A user can log in to the system with the help of form authentication, if the user is an authenticated user they get redirected to authorized modules.

The main thing about this application is retrieving the data from the database and manipulating it in the UI and subsequently passing it on to the SYSPRO database. Here is the design of the system architecture given below:

Future Relationship

ValueCoders successfully executed the system development well within the time frame. The client achieved its target of making an Order Management System based on SYSPRO by adding custom functions for better customer experience.

It was a learning experience for ValueCoders to work on this development project that has helped the client and brought in repeat business as well. We ensured that the client and the development team were on the same page by frequent collaboration and regularly making use of project reporting tools. Agile methodologies were used throughout the time to discuss, improve and implement solutions before the final delivery of the system.

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