Resource Management Administration

How would you feel if your company runs into a loss due to improper management of resource? How would a company categorize resource on the basis of their performance? Think of the complexities involved in managing company’s resource. Visualizing this objective in mind, our client decided to update their existing website that will allow them to better manage their resource. This will add resource management features to existing website that can categorically figure out performance of their employees.

Technology Used:
  • AJAX
  • ASP.Net
  • C# 3.5
  • Git
  • Javascript
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Zoho

Key Challenges

The client wanted a few modifications in their website with various new modules to be implemented to encapsulate each possible ways to better manage resources. The website had, three main parts – Administration, Master Data and AMT as proposed by the client. They had few existing issues with their website for which they were looking for solution. These were poor performance, confusing GUI, no error handling, missing warning/confirmation message prior/after updating of database and unnecessary link buttons.

They were a bit skeptical about the ability and performance of ValueCoders. But, after few discussions, the client could very well make out the potentiality of our techies. We delivered them with a solution in time which was far beyond their expectations.

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • Enhance overall website performance and improved GUI
  • Improve database response to handle missing warnings
  • Working on error handling

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • Improving poor performance of the website
  • Resolving unnecessary use of link buttons that increased post backs
  • Improving database management when an update is done.

Our web developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.

Our Solutions

Our team of developers understood the technical details of the project, reviewed the existing website and started working on the necessary areas. The existing skills and education page of the Master Data Module was touched upon to start work with.

Few problems noted above were resolved. The solution provided to these problems has been listed below.

  • Poor/No Error handling: The website had almost no handling especially at the time of data entry. We added proper validations with warning messages for the users to know what exactly needs to enter. All the validations were added using JavaScript to avoid any unnecessary post backs that make the page slower.
  • Warning messages were added before “Delete” to make sure the user wants to delete.
  • Confusing Look and feel: The GUI (Graphical User Interface) or in simple terms the look and feel of the form was very confusing to a new user. Messages and colors were added to guide the user. Given below is the original Skills Methodical Page.
  • The radio buttons indicate the skill level of an employee and every time a user checked a radio button the complete page updated. This made the performance very slow and it was also hard for the user to remember where the skill has been updated. Our New Design made the page faster and more user-friendly

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