This web app provides Emergency Management services to the compliance-driven organization and larger critical incident response environments. It drives continual performance in Emergency Management to ensure the highest level protection for the organization, people, property, and communities.

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  • .NET
  • Case Study
  • HTML5 & Bootstrap

Technologies Used

  • Decoupled Architecture
  • Dot Net
  • Web Api

Key Challenges

The client needs to develop a system which can provide full protection to organizations, communities, property, and people living in incident-prone locations. They wanted such a system which contains some advanced features that strive to help keep the citizens of a particular country prepared and get informed about any emergency at hand.

ValueCoders was approached by the client to develop this survey portal. The company worked closely with the client-consultant to create this safety tool which provides a complete shield to communities and people in the emergency cases through innovative mobile technologies. This also provides medical aid in such emergency scenarios.

When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address the following tasks:

  • To develop an application which can provide emergency management services to people, organizations, property, and communities when they are in danger or risk of any disaster.
  • Client-side should be focussing on various challenges and demands faced by such businesses today.
  • We need to design a sign-up or registration page for our clients.
  • To provide enough resources in order to save people from such difficult situations.

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • It was difficult to develop an application which can provide immediate help to need people via real-time tracking or monitoring of that area.
  • Maintaining unique accounts of each of its users was another major challenge for us.
  • Maintaining huge database with lots of account details of the concerned people.

Our web developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of web developers understood the technical details of this project, reviewed the existing website and started working on the necessary areas. Make sure that your account has been set up and you are signed in to receive alerts. The only thing you need to do is to follow the following simple steps to get started with this:

Step 1: Confirm response or click ignore.

Step 2: Confirm arrival on-scene- Responders who are assigned to an incident are given three choices in this step i.e confirm, unable to locate or cancel.

Step 3: Confirm additional resources- The responder that confirms on-scene first will be sent a status update from this app and then asked if additional resources are needed.

Step 4: Confirm hospital transport or click no transport.

Step 5: Confirm hospital arrival- Responders who have confirmed Hospital Transport are given four choices. These four choices are:
– Confirm
– Report delay
– Need assistance
– Cancel

As a result, it came out as the robust and efficient online safety system or tool which grabs the attention of maximum users and their interest.

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