Advantages of Meteor JS For Web/Mobile Development


Every developer is looking for a common framework that can be used for the web and mobile – to save time and effort. Meteor.js is one such framework that solves this problem for the developer community. At the same time, this also speeds up the development process for the client. Meteor.js is one of the hottest frameworks for development in today’s time. Here are some of its key advantages of Meteor.js : 

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Top 12 Advantages of Meteor.js Web & Mobile Development

1) Real Time Web Development

Meteor.js is a development framework that has got a distinctive feature of real time development. Real time web is the buzzword for the large online companies in today’s times. The data in the templates automatically gets updated, as soon as changes to the data are made.

Meteor.js has got a range of production applications that separate it from the rest:


 2) Pintask

 3) Respondly

 4) SonicAgile

 5) Verso

2) Develop With A Single Language

With Meteor.js, the development process is highly simplified with frontend, backend and database all rolled into one language – JavaScript. Another benefit of this feature is that it works equally well for the client side as well as the server side.

3) Avail Smart Packages

One of the top advantages of Meteor.js is that it helps you to create users through an accounts system that is highly simplified. The system makes the process pretty simple.  You can also use the smart package to do other things like: Writing CoffeeScript apps etc.

4) Large and Helpful Community  

Meteor.js has a large and helpful community for you get on with the basics really fast. There is lots of proper documentation of the framework that makes it really useful. You can also go through the official Meteor.js Youtube channel to learn more about the framework.

5) Simplified For Developers

While other famous frameworks and libraries like Angularjs and React JS support HTML & CSS for better coding, Meteor.js stands out. JavaScript is devoid of CSS, HTML and JavaScript which makes the development process really simple.  Though in today’s time Angular and React takes the top position in the developer’s community but they can’t offer such a simple way of coding.

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6) Easy To Learn   Meteor.js

One of thew biggest advantages of Meteor.js is that, there is a good beginner friendly community support and by just knowing a single development language, developers can learn Meteor.js with ease. Apart from that, you can learn Meteor.js quickly and show something in very less time which makes it more interesting to learn.

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7) Meteor.js Is The Framework Of The Future

With features like real time development and ease of use for developers and users, Meteor.js is certainly the development framework of the future. Also, being a part of JavaScript family, the programming language of future, it makes Meteor.js’s path more clear.

8) Meteor Framework Is Easy To Set Up

You can easily start creating projects in Meteor.js as soon as it is installed. This makes the process much simpler and faster. Here’s the link to do that.

9) Useful Meteor.js Resources

Meteor.js offers some very easy to understand and user friendly resources. This makes Meteor.js more supportive and acceptable to developers. Here are some resources to learn Meteor.js that’s worth a mention:

10) Faster Development and Testing of Lean Products

Startups are mostly looking to develop lean products which are quick to develop and can be test marketed equally quickly. Meteor.js provides a solution can is best suited for lean startups. They can create smaller product and test market it, in a short span of time.

11) Meteor Framework for Native Mobile Apps

Build faster native mobile apps with Cordova integration using Meteor.js.  With Meteor.js, you can build amazing mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS. You do not have to write different codes for that as the web app code will also run on mobile when converted with Cordova.

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12) Project Scalability

Scalability is the prime concern of large projects run by enterprises. Meteor.js is a highly scalable framework and that is what makes it so highly preferred for large scale projects. in Addition to that, Meteor.js is soon coming up with a hosting service which shall definitely be an add-on for businesses.

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Sum up:

If you want a JavaScript framework that works smooth on both web & mobile interfaces that too with high scalability, fast testing and development options and backed by a large community then Meteor.js is the correct choice for you. We hope the above discussed advantages of Meteor.js will help you take the right decision of choosing the right framework.

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