App Store Alternatives of Android

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Google play is probably the most popular app stores out there in the market. Using alternative app stores gives you access to a wider range of apps, specially the free ones.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon app store available for Kindle tablet users by default. The app store is easy to use and has got a selected range of applications. Amazon has got some interesting free app options that one can explore with ease. The apps can also be tried on the browser before being bought.

Opera App Store

The mobile browser Opera also offers an interesting kitty of apps from the right from the mobile browser. The apps can be easily downloaded, however the interface of Opera apps is not completely upto the mark.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Many handset manufacturers promote their products with the help of App stores. Samsung is one of them. Samsung galaxy apps is an app store available to Samsung smartphone users. The store uses a special algorithm to recommend the right apps to each individual.  


This is another app marketplace that offers apps for mobile as well as desktop users. The app store provides recommendations based on the requirements of individuals. The interface of apps on this platform is very decent. One can also download, ringtones, books and videos.  The platform also provides a mechanism to transfer files from the mobile device to the PC.

The platform is a games marketplace for Android games. One can search for download interesting games in this store. The games on this platform are either free or almost free. The games listed on this platform come from game developers which are  and communities which are either test marketing their apps or have developed new gaming apps. As a game developer one can gauge the popularity of an application through this application.

1 Mobile Market

Is a marketplace for free Android Apps. The store has to be downloaded to be used on an Android device. The marketplace is also free for app developers.


This is a relatively smaller marketplace for Android apps. The number of apps on this platform are relatively fewer and the apps are sent to users using an SMS or an e-mail. The app store is free for developers to upload apps.


The store is another free source of apps for android users. It is a complete app store that helps you download apps from this platform for free.

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