Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular Or React?


A few years ago, startups, SMEs, and large enterprises were mainly arguing on whether they should be employing Angular vs React for their projects. But, now we saw a rapid growth of interest in a third player known as Vue.js.

According to Github’s start history, in 2021 the number of stars of Vue got increased and now it also became a popular framework like Angular and React.

vue vs react vs angular

   Source: Github start history

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which One Is Best?

VueJS is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces. Combining with some other tools it also becomes a “framework”. I think you already know that Vue.js is one of the top JavaScript frameworks and it is replacing Angular and React in many cases. This brings in the topic of this blog Vue.js is good, but is it better than Angular or React?

Vue vs React vs Angular


In case you’ve never heard or used Vue.js before, you are probably thinking: Come on! yet another JavaScript framework! We get it. However, VueJS is not new in the custom software development domain. It was first released in 2013 and now it has 171k stars on Github and downloaded a number of times this year.

VueJS Stars

Source: Github

Hence, neither Vue.js is new nor less popular than other frameworks as per mine research. Now, let’s view the winning factors present in Vue.js.

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Why is Vue.js special?

vue features

Source: Google

The greatest benefit of Vue in the war of Vue vs Angular is its absence of pedigree. It is fresh and has little baggage. It has been learning from the mistakes and successes of React & Angular. The way we see it, Vue is lightweight & easy to learn.

vuejs developers

It has got some fairly basic docs but they do a good job, and while there isn’t a great deal to learn compared to angular – this is a good thing as it’s deceptively powerful. PageKit, Python China are two of the projects using Vue among many. Here’s the list. Also, it has a two-way data binding facility like Angular and Virtual DOM like React.

Now, we hope your basic concept about Vue.js is quite clear. Hence, before we start discussing React vs Vue vs Angular, let us check their current position:

react vs vue vs Angular

Vue vs React vs Angular: Vue Comparison With Angular and React

vue vs react vs angular

Source: Google

Let’s start Vue vs React vs Angular war. We will start the war by firstly doing the Vue JS comparison with Angular JS.

VUE vs Angular: Comparision

While comparing Vue vs Angular, let us first declare that Angular (mostly after the release of Angular 2!!) is a mammoth and Vue.js is the tiger hungry enough to become big soon. However, there are many reasons for which developers are switching to Vue.

Vue.js is a more flexible, less opinionated solution ( than Angular ). That allows you to structure your app the way you want it to be, instead of being forced to do everything the Angular way. It’s only an interface layer so you can use it as a light feature in pages instead of a full blown SPA.

Now let’s see a few codes which will give you some basic insights  for the war of Vue vs Angular (credits:

Angular js vs vuejs

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There are many tools in Angularjs and so many complex syntax that it can confuse you sometimes. On the other hand,  Vue.js is much simpler than Angular and sometimes even better. If you are concerned about the future of this framework, we suggest not to be. This is going to stay for long and no way to fade in the upcoming two years. However, you can consult with a reliable Angular js development company or hire angularjs developer that is also a great idea to clear all your doubts.

angular development


React vs Vue: Comparision

The comparison between these two frameworks from a developer’s perspective with a few simple how-tos for each framework. Let’s see what happens in this Vue vs React comparison:

Hello World

How React Does it?

Hello World React (Reactjs vs Vue.js)

How Vue Does it?

Hello World vue.js (Reactjs vs Vue.js)Source:

This is simple. With a single script tag, you’re up and running. The advantage of using Vue features is that it can be used without learning any new technologies.

javascript developers

Two-way Data Binding

How React Does it?

two way data binding, react (Reactjs vs Vue.js)How Vue does it?

two way data binding, vue.js (Reactjs vs Vue.js)Source:

Two way binding in Vue.js is quite simple when you use v-model. In React it’s a long way down. Moreover, you can outsource your project to a reliable React js development company to leverage its benefits.


reactjs developers

How React Does it?

Iteration react

How Vue does it?

Iteration vue.jsImage:

In this case, Vue wins with fewer lines and simplified codes.

Vue vs React: What these examples mean is that Vue.js is easy to learn and can be immediately productive. provides a path to simplicity with new tools and patterns for managing large codebases. Vue.js can scale up with your knowledge so that you can start to learn the updated tools and best practices.


ReactJS and VueJS have some similar features. Let’s view the similarity between these two JS frameworks, this will help you examine the result of React vs Vue war. The similarity between ReactJS and VueJS are:

1) Utilize a virtual DOM
2) Provide reactive & compose-able view components.
3) Keep focus in the core library, with concerns like routing and global state management handled by companion libraries.

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Angular vs Vue vs react Comparison Table

Here is a table that would provide you with a few valuable information about Angular.js,  Vue.js, and React.js frameworks. This table will help you in estimating the result of angular vs Vue vs react war.

React vs Angular vs Vue Comparison Table

Source: DZone

Bottom Lines:

Vue is not much popular as React (maintained by Facebook) or Angular 2 & 4 (supported by Google), but then to businesses prefer to use Vue in developing full-fledged web applications. Vue provides an answer to the issue of React & Angular and gives you a much simpler and easier way to code.

Well if making use of the right framework is essential along with that selecting the skilled developer for web development is also vital. If you hire Angular js developers or Vue developers from a recognized software development company, then you will be able to develop an impactful application. 

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16 thoughts on “Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular Or React?”

  1. Some parts of Vue.js remind programmers of working with Angular websites. Templating, model binding, loops, conditionals, and event binding work in a similar way for both frameworks.

  2. The bottom line is: the Mobility framework will beat both in terms of simplicity, features and flexibility. However, not yet available, release date q4 2018.

  3. Please don’t compare React or Vue to AngularJS. Compare it to Angular. When the AngularJS team started on a new version the should have given it a new name. Because it’s not the same I have coded in both and there are different frameworks.
    And it not hard to get started with Angular the cli is amazing and there are a gazillion articles about Angular. RxJs is the hardest part to wrap you head around and it baked into Angular.
    The biggest problem are that nobody have the time or resources to make a real application in all 3 framework.

    1. I would say yes, I would also question the learning curve argument I hear a lot a little bit.
      I’ve been doing Angular 2+ and VueJS development for a couple years now, and I haven’t found anything that Angular can’t do that I can in Vue, but I’ve found a few things that I can do in Angular and not Vue.

      As far as learning curve, I think if you have experience with programming language other than just Javascript, Angular is fairly easy to pick up. The issue isn’t Angular vs Vue, it’s Javascript vs Typescript. Typescript works as a more standard Object Oriented programming language with types, etc. There’s a lot of benefit there. Javascript, bless its heart, is basically a prototyping language. So if you’ve been doing only web development in your career, which means you’ve probably been solely working in Javascript, Vuejs, which doesn’t force you to use Typscript, is going to be quicker to pick up. I think that’s where the learning curve really is here.

  4. I find Vue to be breath of fresh air in the over crowded, OVER HYPED, js framework world.

    The very fact the vue.js uses Django style template syntax makes it an order of magnitude better to me than react. This means I can still structure my projects like I alway’s have. I can render templates server side and cache them like I alway’s have.. AND I can easily get the power of a proper front end framework with almost trivial amount of effect.. OH.. and it is smaller in size than jQuery.

    No question. Hands down. For me. Vue wins.

  5. Every few months there is a new JS framework that is “way better” and that “everybody is moving towards”. A few months ago it was react, now its vue, tomorrow it will be something else.

    1. That may be true, but as a JS developer sooner or later you will choose one, because it’s senseless to reinvent the wheel. In any case, one library is not better than another… it’s just what you settle on… and find comfortable with. They all will be able to produce the same app.

      1. How about we keep things KISS …The web has been developed upon a simply system of rendering webpages on the server end.

        Now we are moving logic and functionality on the front end, devices the application developer does not control.

        Where we had one job, now its two jobs. I have nothing against having some dynamic responses on the front end but most websites can simply render html webpages with some jquery, instead of going full blown MVC style setups.

        The company i work for got into major trouble because one of the developers decided on building a complex application very front heavy in Angular. When he quit, then came the issues of not finding people. When we stayed with basic HTML + maybe some Jquery or other simple JS, we will have finished the project ages ago.

        Its tiring with people reinventing the wheel and other pay the price for it. This also applies to back-end technologies like PHP and the hundreds of frameworks, or other languages.

        Where are the times people simply know there basic languages and quickly can put together the tools and function they need, instead of always running to massive overblown frameworks.

    1. ^this. ^this ^this. I wish new people coming to web dev would at least take the time to learn and understand the benefits of proper server side templating and caching.

      1. ^ This … and it applies not only to front-end but also back-end.

        It becomes tiring needing to hire people for specific frameworks because companies use them ( hype of the month ), then they lose the developers and have a hard time finding replacements. Because hey, why spend time teaching somebody that framework, lets hire somebody that know it. O … we can not find somebody ( withing a reasonable price ).

        Its the same for use developers who are job hunting. Instead of knowing the basic xxx language as a senior, no, your expected to know dozen of frameworks ( flavor of the month ) like a pro, maybe some other front-end technologies ( flavor of the month ) on top, a few different design patterns ( flavor of the month ) and lets not forget some SCRUM, Agile or whatever is the new flavor of the month pattern.

        So fed up with it all. It sucks the fun out of the jobs.

  6. I like VueJS and I wouldn’t say it’s simple; it’s “ergonomic”, since it seems to have a developer in mind (if you say “simple”, it looks like you are saying “quick, easy, cheap, nasty and dirty”, and it isn’t). Of course, any framework should be related to the projects you must develop, but no framework is actually a real standard and, even if there are famous frameworks, there’s really no “definitive” way to build client side applications. In my case, I developed projects using Ember and Angular, but I could did them using Vue or other frameworks, without scaling issues.

    I would even overturn the question: do I really NEED a pachidermic framework to build what I must build? Imho, it’s not always the case.

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