ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is open source and maintained by the famous company Facebook along with a developers’ community. This library (Also convert-able to the framework) is used extensively in developing user interfaces for web applications.  

74.5% OF DEVELOPERS RECOMMEND TO USE REACTJS, it is one of the most loved frameworks.

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Source: Stack Overflow

There are so many tools that help in web and app development but among all only a few are preferred by the enterprises. Facebook’s ReactJS is one of them. With the plethora of frameworks available these days,   it’s hard to find a framework that could ultimately not become a dead end.  After researching at ValueCoders, we suggest you go with ReactJS.


Why Should Businesses Choose Facebook’s ReactJS in 2023?



Here are 7 major reasons why some of the giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are relying on ReactJs. Businesses can choose React.js it to build interactive, unique, creative, user-friendly solutions. For startups, small and large enterprises, it is the most suitable, right, and manageable solution.

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Well, the below-mentioned advantages of ReactJS can also help your small, moderate, and large enterprises in building leading web applications.

1. Reactjs is extremely efficient

Facebook’s React.js creates its own DOM (virtual) where your components live. This approach gives your developer high flexibility and amazing performance gains because React.js calculates what change is needed to be made in the DOM in advance and updates the DOM trees accordingly. In this way, React.js avoids costly DOM operations and does update efficiently.

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1,066,618 NUMBER OF WEBSITES are USING REACTJS all around the globe.

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2. The JavaScript Library

The JSX syntax is a nice and healthy blend of JavaScript and HTML. It is used specifically in ReactJS. JSX simplifies the whole process of writing components for the websites and the HTML aspect allows your developers to render functions without concatenating strings.


The major advantage of ReactJS is, that it makes proper use of native APIs and as a result, JavaScript makes the stack work across the platforms.

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3. It’s awesome for SEO

One of the major challenges with JavaScript frameworks is, that they are not at all search engine friendly. Though there have been some improvements in this area recently, however, that’s not very helpful.

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Surprisingly, React.js stands out, as you are able to run React.js on the server and the virtual DOM will be returned and rendered to the browser as a regular web page. No need for any other tricks!

On STACKSHARE 56278 developers have stated that they are using React.

4. Focused on the User interface

React Native is much more focused on the user interface, unlike MeteorJS, Firebase, and AngularJS. It gives your users a highly responsive interface with the help of JavaScript interactions between the Native environment of the device and React Native. As a result, this increases the application’s load time and helps to keep it running very smoothly without any interruptions.

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5. It’s easy and out of the box

When you start your project with Facebook’s React.js, don’t forget to install the official Chrome extension of React.js. It makes debugging your app much easier.

After installing the extension, you can have a direct look into the virtual DOM as if you were browsing a regular DOM tree in the element’s panel. Quite amazing!

6. Reusable React Components

Another advantage of Facebook’s React.js is it offers the ability to reuse code components of a different level anytime. This is a very meaningful time-saving effect. ReactJS components are isolated and change in one doesn’t affect the others. This allows you to reuse components that do not produce changes in and of themselves to make programming more precise, ergonomic, and comfortable for developers.

92% of developers prefer utilizing Reactjs repeatedly.

7. Raise Productivity

The reason behind using ReactJS or this convert-able framework is its performance and all those features or components that it contributes to making development simple.


Features such as Virtual DOM, component reusability, Backward-Compatibility, and flexibility for other platforms, enable the developers to craft applications that grant excellent UI with intricate workings.

If we talk about the impact of ReactJS on business app productivity, then the apps produced using ReactJS provide transcendent UI, with consumer-grade simplicity. That’s the reason why ReactJS is the most suitable for business app development.

Numerous businesses are confused about technology adoption because there are several technologies in the market, and new technologies are also released day by day. So, which technology is best? It is ReactJS. Yes, ReactJs met all the requirements of many Businesses.

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Famous Companies Using ReactJS

Right now, React has stepped beyond the walls of Facebook, and dozens of renowned businesses have all integrated React into their web applications. ReactJS is benefiting various industries that’s why they are preferring to use it.



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Instagram is one popular social media platform, used lavishly by the modern generation and the corporate world, to showcase videos, photos, and information. The Instagram app includes modern-day features.

Instagram used the ReactJS library in its development and allowed the developers to enjoy its profits. Just because of React, the Instagram web proffers a fast performance and is speedily responsive to various user-driven events.

Instagram features like Geolocations, progressive loading, Google MAPs, image/video delivery, uploading, etc. are applied because of ReactJS.



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Netflix is a suggested option when it comes to watching the online latest video. The development team at Netflix has leveraged the ReactJS segments. Due to the use of React, Netflix now offering the top performance to the users.

Netflix utilizes React on Gibbon. Netflix app includes multiple features such as Ultra HD 4K content, HDR content, Dolby Vision content, Play Netflix roulette, and so on, and this became possible because of using ReactJS.

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Yahoo! Mail


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Yahoo!’s email client version utilizes ReactJS. The Yahoo! development team finds ReactJS simple to operate, debug and learn. Yahoo Mail offers top rating performance to the end-users, and this became possible because of employing React.

Twitter, WordPress, New York Times, Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, and so on also use ReactJS. The React.js development companies which use React know how to optimize applications for easy interaction usability.

Wrapping up

The stated seven significant advantages of using ReactJS can benefit startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in building an impactful web application. If you want to develop an SEO-friendly web application that has the capacity of handling heavy moving traffic, then certainly ReactJS is the one for your next project.

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