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How To Choose The Right Business Engagement Model While Outsourcing

How To Choose The Right Business Engagement Model While Outsourcing

There are many key challenges faced by businesses who are looking to outsource their projects to third-party software development companies. The first thing is to choose a right business engagement model, second is about allocating of budget. Here are some of the other challenges

1) Communication gap between development team and client.

2) Unable to delivery good quality projects on time.

3) Development project according to requirements of the business.

4) Many projects remains incomplete due to fake commitments.  

Business Engagement Model

Here is the graph below it shows the representation of the outsourcing challenges faced by businesses frequently:

Outsourcing Challenges


In this blog we will talk about resolving challenges related to business engagement model. Here are options which you should do before opting for the business engagement model:

1) Making plans for the project and ensuring that all the activities are pre-decided helps in completing the milestones on time. Therefore, before choosing the right model, your planning should be ready on the table.

2) You should make sure that the expectations with respect to the project are very clear and there is no any sort of confusion. This will definitely help you cut short the list of parameters.

3) The key for better outsourcing is to develop a strong relationship with the outsourcing vendor. This leads to collaborative methods for working environment resulting in improving efficiency of business processes. Therefore, before choosing the model, businesses should check the transparency of the vendor.

4) Being futuristic about your software project helps in getting great results. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges and be ready for them.

5) You should always check for a proper Service Level Agreement(SLA), so that all the development work can be done as required by businesses.

The scope within which the relationship between the outsourcing partner and client exists is called as business engagement model. Here are some of the most popular business engagement models mentioned below:

Retainer Model

In a retainer model, billing is done periodically, usually 2 to 4 weeks. In this model, a fixed rate is defined for each period.

  1. The fee is based on the scope of the project and the resource requirements. Once they are decided, the outsourcing partner gives an estimated retainer rate for the project.
  2. The milestones are also decided previously. If the client feels comfortable with the rate, the project starts according to the stipulated terms and conditions.
  3. This type of engagement model is more suitable for long and long-term projects.


Hourly Model

In this type of engagement model, billing is done to the client according to the hours the team spent in the project. This is engagement model is suitable for small and short-term projects.

  1. In this case, a rate per hour is predefined for the project. Once approved by the client, the ETA of the project is provided to the client.
  2. Billing takes is done at the successful completion of the milestones, as decided.


Fixed Cost Model

In case of projects in which the client is absolutely clear about the scope and requirements of the project, then this model is used.

  1. The outsourcing partner in this case provides a fixed estimated cost according to the nature of the project.
  2. The stipulated time of completion is also defined. This model is suitable for medium and large projects with definitive requirements.


At ValueCoders there is an option to outsource your projects according to the desired engagement.

The Agile teams at ValueCoders are equipped with the latest tools and techniques for all kinds of business projects. ValueCoders provides the following additional benefits

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  2. Guaranteed SLAs
  3. Satisfactory project delivery 

You can discuss with our experts and they will guide you to choose the best one.


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