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Why Is JavaScript The Programming Language Of The Future?

Why Is JavaScript The Programming Language Of The Future?

JavaScript programming language is  one of the most easy, all-round and result oriented languages  for web development. The language makes processing and calculation of data a cakewalk. It also helps in adding visual effects to the screen.  

 It is a language that is being used for both client side and server side applications. According to redmonk , JavaScript programming language ranks number #1  as per popularity leaving all others behind making it future of web development:

Advantages of JavaScript programming language: Why JavaScript

Here are some of the key advantages of JavaScript programming language-

JavaScript is concluded on the client side

The user’s processor does the code execution here. This saves bandwidth for the web server.

JavaScript programming is easy to learn and execute

The JavaScript programming language offers many functional features. Most of them are pre-written and that’s why Javascript makes the development task faster and easier.

User Friendly

The language is user friendly. The  faster execution and low bandwidth utilization of the web server is beneficial for the users.

Availability of Third Party Addons

The language enables developers and users to add functionality to websites using code snippets.

Libraries of JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript has a host of libraries that helps in quick development of websites.

Prototyping Language

JavaScript enables objects to be defined and developed  really quickly. Since the object is a result of a class, no specific class has to be developed for each object. This enables variety on the development process, while making it fast and flexible.  

Easier Site Maintenance

JavaScript is a programming language that makes removal of bugs easier. The debugging of JavaScript code is very easy  using Unit tests or breakpoints.


AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScriptAnd XML. Ajax is now becoming really popular with web apps wanting to make their interface more interactive with the users.

1) Faster response time with performance and speed improvement

2) Faster traffic between client and server

3) Firefox add-on makes it easy to debug Ajax call.

4) Get access to JS Libraries like Query, Prototype, Scriptural, etc.

5) AJAX websites are easier to navigate than traditional ones

Fragmentation of JavaScript Alternatives

 There are quite a few alternatives to JavaScript. However, the fragmentation level is quite high for others. JavaScript is the only programming language with a vast compilation.

Here is an info-graphic that tells you more: Future of Web development

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