Can you build Enterprise apps with Laravel?

enterprise apps with Laravel

One of the frequent questions asked by Laravel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs all around is, can we build enterprise apps with Laravel? Is it enough mature to handle big projects? The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. There are some factors on which the answer will hinge on. How would you define an enterprise app? Is it upon lines of codes? Based on dependencies? amount of security? Or on traffic?

Most of the people would determine it based on the number of classes, which in other words would mean that big enterprise apps would be called thus based on the number of lines of code. The scope of big enterprise apps, however, is wider and all the attributes mentioned above determine this scope. To clear out confusion, we can see what Laravel can offer and check possibilities whether we can build enterprise apps with Laravel or not. However, let’s first start with some examples-

Has Anyone Ever Build Enterprise Apps With Laravel?

enterprise apps with laravel

There are hundreds of millions of pageviews sites, running on Laravel – like Alexa 500, multiple Fortune 500 companies. Various video game sites like Fallout 4 had their landing page on Laravel. We are pretty sure, you will find more examples.

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What Makes Laravel Fit For Big Apps?

There are many features that make Laravel outstanding for big enterprise apps, here are a few-

 1. Service Container – A powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection.

 2. Queues – Laravel queues allow you to postpone the processing of a time-consuming task, until a later time. Laravel queues provide a unified API across several queue backends and even a relational database.


 3. Events – Laravel events provide a simple observer implementation to know and subscribe to events that occur in your application.

4. Artisan: Laravel development services usually interact with this framework using a command line that creates the Laravel project environment and handles it. A built-in tool for command-line is provided known as Artisan. This tool manages to perform the majority of tedious and repetitive programming tasks that most of the developers avoid performing them manually.

 5. Migration for The Databases: With Laravel, Migration assists to extend the structure of the database without the need to re-create it every time a change is made. It helps to secure the development data from any loss.

 6. Security: When you build enterprise apps with Laravel, it improves the security of the app by using salted and hashed password. It means that Laravel never saves the password as plain text in its database and as a result, you build secure apps.


 7. Modular: Being built on more than 20 different libraries, Laravel framework is quite big. It is divided into a number of individual libraries and adopts modern PHP principles, allowing a Laravel development company to build more responsive, modular, and handy web apps.

So how to build enterprise apps? Just make sure you’re using a good cache or session driver like Memcachedor Redis, on a server like Elasticache if you’re on AWS. At Laravel level, check if you’re using config: cache, route:cache, make sure you’re using composer dump-autoload –optimize. Another great thing to do is to separate your database from your web-server. It makes it easier to do the scaling, like if you want to add the second server.


Hence, after considering the powerful features that Laravel offers and the examples of the big enterprises who have their web apps on Laravel, it is quite clear that you can build enterprise apps with Laravel.

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