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11 Mobile App Development Tips For Startups (Android & iOS)

11 Mobile App Development Tips For Startups (Android & iOS)

In 2018, if you are running a business then regardless of your industry vertical, you need a mobile app. Now, as you are reading this blog, then we can assume that you might already have an idea in your mind and planning to build it. However, these days for a successful mobile app development, you need to keep a few things in mind. In continuation of our previous blog where we discussed the best app ideas, here we will talk about factors those lead to a successful mobile app development project completion.

Right now, there are more than 8 million mobile apps in the app stores and only two percent of them are successful. This means the rest 98% are doing something that’s not right. Let’s see how to be one of the top performing apps on the app stores.

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1) Find out users’ likes & dislikes: Mobile App Development Tips

Users aren’t bound to use any app that does not motivate them even if you have invested hundreds of hours to build that mobile app. They have no business with any app that does not trigger their interest. You will need performing deep research to create an app that motivates users, set off their interest so that they can like, and then fall for it.

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 2) Right platforms and features: Mobile App Development Tips

Once you are clear with your users’ likes and dislikes, you need to decide your app features and right platform. The aesthetics and appearance of the application work differently on different platforms. Hence, you will need to study the target platform, how it works and the specific parameters to make the application appropriate. Another integral part of providing great experience is choosing the right features to be included in the application itself, with good content and an excellent user interface. If it does not have some basic features to make it useful to the user, it will be quickly uninstalled from the phone.

3 ) Offline Friendliness: Mobile App Development Tips


Now, it is a new trend in the development of mobile applications that is getting the attention of both companies and developers. It is the way an app behaves when there is no Internet connection available. If some application features work offline, the user stays on even without the Internet. It’s one big thing that makes applications successful these days.

4) Make simple apps just like a smartphone

Smartphones are a sensation. From a toddler to an old person, everyone can use it. This makes its target audience even bigger. Just like a smartphone, your app has to be simple. It will not only expand your reach but also users will keep coming back.

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5) Ads & Banners: Keep it limited


To make it a successful mobile app development project, you need to avoid overuse of ads and banners. A consumer can delete it anytime if he finds it is bothering his browsing experience. This is a very broad hint and not just a friendly tip! If your user finds the mobile screen too cluttered, they will certainly uninstall your app.

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6) Customized Design:

There are two leading mobile operating systems in the market i.e. Android and iOS. Both users have access in different ways. Ensure that your application complies with each operating system policy and fulfill their terms and conditions.

7) Grid-based applications:

Accept the grid design to ensure maximum consistency even when users move from page to page in the entire application. Experts will always adopt draft concepts based on grids in mobile application development projects.

8) ASO & SEO friendly

To get to the top of the millions of applications in the online market, your app needs something more than ordinary to get noticed and downloaded. Support the application development process through search engine optimization (SEO) and ASO (Application Optimization) that increase the visibility of newer mobile applications.

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9) M-marketing is Gaining Traction

Yes, it is trending to market via apps. In the peak season, your product will need to go public/live. Develop and launch the app a little before that and script out the marketing strategies. Align them together for best results. Ensure to make use of optimization searches.

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10) One App For One Reason

Keep your app focused only on single problem. Any app needs to solve a single problem only and do that in an expert manner. Don’t make an app that can unzip files and become a torch and then let you excess to GPS and so on. This type of app never succeeds.

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11) Choose the right people

A successful mobile app development depends fully on the developers. You should always emphasize on hiring only veteran iOS or Android developers who have specialized in at least one specific technology. It is better to hire Android developers with experience of producing high-quality mobile apps than look for someone who has a vague mixture of knowledge across several technologies.

Bonus tips

12) Check out for new OS Updates

Be it Android or iOS, updates are important. A major update sometimes changes entire landscape and if your app cannot meet the requirements, it would be a big issue. If you stay up-to-date, you can also help prevent the issues listed on the platform with the latest releases. Take a look at the improvements notes that capture the potential issues that will damage your success.

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13) Test properly

successful mobile app development

After all your efforts and long working hours if you do not test your app on every platform it would not be a success. While physical devices are used, you do have the option of testing on simulators for mobile devices.  Ironing out the bugs by running your app through a variety of device simulators can help save you time and help exponentially to make your app a success by improving the user experience.


Hope these tips are helpful and aid you towards a successful mobile app development project completion.

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