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Ruby on Rails is an open web framework that is optimized for programming happiness and sustainable productivity. When developers are comfortable with encoding, there is no limit to the development, transformation, and customization of any web application.

If we think about startup web development,  there is no limit of deliverable from Ruby on Rails. It has the rare capability to complement your mission and vision. Every one of them.

Now, this has made the Ruby on Rails handy for the programmers. Going by the numbers, today 865,472 live websites are using the Ruby on Rails. Once introspect, these fleet of websites have sprouted with different business objectives. Have a look at the stat-

7 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails For Startup Web Development

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Startups, already using Ruby on Rails

No wonder that developers are a fan of Ruby on Rails. Basecamp, Bloomberg, Fiverr, Twitch, Golden Pages, Hulu, Slideshare, Github, Airbnb.

The list is endless. Also, the benefits that Ruby on Rails gives them. Similarly, the business domains that these newly established startup companies operate are the same.

A closer look and find the massive differences they have –

-> Basecamp: Web application management product

->  Bloomberg: News.

-> Fiverr: The freelance market

-> Twitch: live streaming video platform

-> Yellow pages: Directory

-> Hulu- Media: Provider of on-demand television and video services

-> Slideshare: Slide hosting

-> Github: Web Git or a repository for version control and web hosting.

-> Airbnb: Airbnb is an online marketplace and a catering service

From media, product management to marketplace and accommodation – Ruby on Rails covers all modern business domains with BIG YES.

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Why Ruby On Rails for startup web development?

There are multiple reasons for which startups prefer RoR, here are 7 of them-

 1) Flexibility on a budget

RoR is an open source platform. This is a known fact. Using free of charge means that companies with limited budgets can use their framework to create great web applications.

Obtaining license fees for many of the usual languages can be quite expensive, especially for startups. Is it surprising that RoR is strongly associated with startup companies in the programming world?

 2) TTM (Time to Market)

“Should we use Python, Java or RoR?” Clients often come to us with this very dilemma. The use of case scenarios varies, but RoR allows faster development than other conventional languages.

Estimates vary, but RoR reduces development time by 25% to 50% compared to other languages. With RoR, it does not take time to create endless code because the framework already has many plugins and modules.

7 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails For Startup Web Development

3) Easy learning curve

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom is likely to be one of the greatest examples of our generation. The story is that he is the programmer who has mostly learned himself and has learned to work as a marketer for Nextstop.

Instagram is not built on the RoR, but it could be very good, given Rails’ easy teachings. RoR uses a simple English-like syntax to make it easier to understand and write.

Therefore, it is much easier to read Rails code than other languages. And as we have already mentioned, developers save time by not having to rewrite or create code from the beginning.

4) Easy maintenance & support

Combined benefits of Ruby and Rails has created an effective solution that has often inspired the RoR development community to do the same. And there is RubyGems, a Ruby Gem community hosting service.

The synergy of robust infrastructure and useful communities has made Rails one of the best-supported frameworks in the world for startup web development.

5) Clean Codes

You have a fantastic web application built and everything works as expected. Months (or even years) later you experience an issue you did not know about or decide to add functionality.

What happens then? You will find that the company that created the original application no longer exists or the developers who are working on the project are no longer part of the company.

No one knows where the code starts or ends. The result is a painful exercise of a rebuilding of everything from basics or getting problems that are fixed on the original platform to unbearably high costs.

Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, tracks coding conventions that make it easy to move from one developer to another. It’s clean, it’s easy and everybody uses it. Your hair will be grateful because you will not pull it anymore.

ror startup web development

6) Highly productive

Ruby is an eloquent and succinct language, which when combined with Rails and plethora of 3rd party libraries, enables you to development features incredibly fast.

We would say it’s one of the most productive programming languages around.

7) eCommerce friendly

eCommerce is the pioneer of modern day startups. With Ruby on Rails, opportunities of maintaining a strong database, featuring chat application or integrating other required yet complex web application increases very much. This makes it eCommerce friendly platform.

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7 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails For Startup Web Development


Hence, now you know why Ruby on Rails is good for startup web development. If you are planning to build your website on RoR then we can help.  ValueCoders is India’s one of the leading IT outsourcing company that offers you dedicated Ruby on Rails developments teams.

If you are looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers who utilize all the advantages of Ruby on Rails just contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

7 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails For Startup Web Development

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