7 Brilliant Web App Ideas to Kick Start Your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

Over 26.2 million people around the world have been affected by the coronavirus disease to date and the number is still on increase. However, due to the increasing number of COVID cases, people have now become quite serious about their health, daily activities, and work-related things. 

The outbreak of this pandemic has not only transformed the living standards, eating habits in a better way but also bought a bundle of opportunities for start-ups, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and web application development companies.

Wondering How? 

Well, as more and more people have started confining themselves in their homes, from start-up to established businesses, companies of every scale are looking to grab the opportunity to cater to people through digital solutions like mobile or web application development in these difficult times. 

For example– The Walmart Grocery app saw a 460.0% growth in average daily downloads during this coronavirus pandemic. Besides, Shipt and Instacart have experienced a 124.0% and 218.0% increase in average daily downloads. 

According to marketreserachfuture.com reports, the global application development market is predicted to grow at $9,336 Million by the year 2023 at a CAGR of 21%.

7 Excellent Web Application Ideas to Kick-Start your business in COVID- 19 PandemicImage Source

With web applications being available for everybody, people have now been able to adjust to this new reality. The surging digitalization enabled by smart gadgets has allowed us to adopt the change by using mediums, including online banking, digital payments, gaming apps, and healthcare apps. 

In crisp, web application development has become more popular than ever due to the current norms of social distancing, lockdown, or shutdown. 

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So. today, in this blog we will discuss seven exclusive and revenue-generating web applications ideas that will help you to kick start your business in the Covid-19 pandemic-

7 Excellent Web Application Ideas to Kick-Start your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

1) Healthcare apps

7 Brilliant Web Application Ideas to Kick Start Your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

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In present times, no place is as dangerous as the clinics and hospitals as we have no idea if the person sitting next to us is affected by COVID or not. The whole COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for healthcare professionals and doctors to take care of their patients without meeting them in person and stepping out of the house.  So what’s the solution? 

Telemedicine and healthcare apps are the perfect solutions for overcoming these problems. 

Healthcare apps or telemedicine help the patient to get directly connected to the doctors and consult for their problems. People with mild illness or pain or regular check-ups can now consult their respective doctors using healthcare apps. 

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, healthcare apps have witnessed a 70.0% growth in their weekly usage. People can easily book their appointments, remotely consult, and get prescriptions or their health updates without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Features of Healthcare apps 

  • File sharing & viewing 
  • Prescription & bills tools
  • Live video conferencing 
  • APIs for integration with third-party software 
  • Patient portals for viewing past appointments and reports 

AirStrip, MyChart, LiveHealth, Express Care Virtual, Amwell, and Doctor on Demand are some of the examples of healthcare and Telemedicine apps. 

To build your own healthcare app you will be required to hire web app developers or need to consult a web application development company as they have the expertise and deep knowledge in creating beautiful, efficient, and customized healthcare web apps.


2) Grocery & Food Delivering App

7 Brilliant Web Application Ideas to Kick Start Your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic
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Before this pandemic, visiting stores for grocery shopping was like cumbersome tasks and often seen as underestimated entertainment. But, in the current times, crowding in the grocery store for shopping is like inviting coronavirus to the family. So what’s the solution? 

Grocery or food delivery apps are what you need now. A safer and faster mode to shop groceries and order delicious food from favorite restaurants. Food delivering apps, such as Swiggy, Uber eats were already in the market for so long and earning a good amount of profit but grocery apps have seen a major spike in the terms of downloads and usage in this pandemic. 

According to a report, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and Instacart have witnessed a major growth of 124.0%, 460.0%, and 218.0% in average daily downloads. 

Features of Grocery apps:

  • Quick shopping list 
  • Delivery scheduler 
  • Easy registration
  • Quick recorder or repeat order 
  • Monthly shopping list reminders 

Grofers, Amazon Pantry, Paytm Mall, BigBasket, and Ubereats are some of the examples of grocery apps and food delivering apps. 

Grocery apps or food delivery apps require a beautiful UI/UX interface, amazing design, various menu options, and other facilities, thus building a grocery app would be quite tough for you if you are not consulting any web app development company. Thus, hire web app coders to design unique grocery and food delivery apps and to offer your clients an amazing experience.  

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3) Mental Health & Meditation apps 

7 Excellent Web Application Ideas to Kick-Start your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

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Coronavirus is not only damaging physical health but also a major source of mental stress and anxiety these days. Three out of five people are going under mental stress and facing anxiety disorders and panic attacks. The lack of social distancing and human interaction has fostered feelings of left out and loneliness. 

Thus, at this time, mobile phones have become the best friends of everybody and the majority of people spend most of their time on mobile phones. This is a golden chance for grabbing this opportunity of launching mental health and meditation apps as people are enthusiastic to stay positive and healthy. 

Mental health and meditation apps are the need of time. The app will help people to divert their minds from consistent negative thought processes and news. 

According to a mobile insight and analytics platforms App Annie report, mindfulness apps hit by 750,000 in the last week of March, a 25.0% surge from the weekly average in January and February. 

Features of Mental health & Meditation apps 

  • Meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Track daily progress and time 
  • Push notification & alerts 
  • Healthy diet tips and plans
  • Influencers story and suggestions 

Headspace, Calm, Mindfulness, Insight Timer, and Serenity are some of the examples of mental health and mediation apps. 

Mental health and meditation apps are quite trending in the market in the current times and thus creating your own personalized meditation apps would offer you a better return on investment. You need to outsource a leading web app development company like ValueCoders, & PixelCrayons,  to create beautiful mental and meditation apps. 


4) Gaming apps 

7 Excellent Web Application Ideas to Kick-Start your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

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Engaging our mind into something positive and less stressful is one of the most important tasks to do today and especially in this pandemic. But, unfortunately, the means to keep yourself entertained and busy are limited to some extent. 

Well, traveling is one of the best therapy for many but as there are many restrictions imposed on travel considering the increasing number of COVID cases, the second best thing that shoots to your mind is gaming apps. 

Although gaming apps have already grabbed their place in the market, the number of app downloads and usage has increased in this pandemic. The majority of people have started playing online games these days as this is one of the best ways to keep busy and get connected to your friends and colleagues. 

According to a report, the gaming app market is predicted to reach $77.2 billion in revenue at the end of 2020. App stores have grown by 35.0% with 3.0 billion app downloads while Google play has witnessed a surge of 38.0% with 10.8 billion gaming app downloads. 

Features of Gaming apps 

  • Easy commands and buttons  
  • Simple tutorials & guides 
  • Intelligent interruption settings
  • Amazing goals and rewards 
  • Beautiful icons and amazing sound 

LudoKing, Call of duty, Candy crush, Garden escape, and Poker.king are some of the best gaming apps available on the app store and google app store. 

Playing games is easy but building a gaming web app is like a cakewalk. Building an engaging, beautiful, and interactive gaming app would cost you many sleepless days and nights. So what to do? Consult a web app development company or hire web app developers for your gaming app


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5) E-learning apps 

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Due to the lockdown and restriction, all the educational institutions across the globe shut down and exams are postponed for an indefinite time. This pandemic has impelled the need to install or use online education apps or e-learning apps. 

Besides, with work from home and social distancing, people now have sufficient time to learn new skills and upgrade their knowledge and the best time to invest in e-learning apps. Many people who lost their life due to this pandemic have enough time to acquire new skills and add to their resume. 

According to the PRNewswire research report, the online learning market is predicted to reach $21.2 billion by 2027 with a growing CAGR of 18.7%. 

The demand for education apps has boomed during the pandemic. Various people across the globe have shown inclinations towards e-learning apps thus it is the finest time to invest in e-learning apps. 

Features of e-learning apps 

  • Learned-focused design 
  • Push notifications and alerts 
  • Drip feeding content 
  • Support for offline content 
  • Multilingual & support

Skillpill, Moodle Mobile, Lynda.com, E.learning Age, and Unacademy are some of the best e-learning apps available in the market. 

To create an engaging and intuitive e-learning app you need to partner with a web application development company that has at least ten or more years of experience in the field. ValueCoders is a leading web application development company in India that has more than 15+years of experience in building intuitive and creative e-learning apps. 


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6) Video Conferencing apps & online collaboration tools 

7 Brilliant Web Application Ideas to Kick Start Your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

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As social distancing is only the utmost cure or to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the majority of businesses have adopted work from home. And for so many businesses out there, work from home is actually benefiting them and they will continue this model. 

Employees are also getting friendly to it and in the future, we never know, work from home could be the trend in the market. But, organizations encouraging work from home policy need significant tools and apps that help them to stay connected and efficient. So, what is the solution? 

Video conferencing apps and online collaboration tools that help businesses stay connected to their employees anytime and keep a track on their work activity so that the work quality should not hamper. Remote-work app solutions come with a variety of features that help businesses stay agile and efficient. 

The Global Video conferencing market generated a revenue of $3.71 billion in 2018 and it is expected to value $9.65 billion by 2027, surging at a CAGR of 11.2% during the forecast period.

Features of Video conferencing & online collaboration apps 

  • Multiple Webcam capabilities 
  • Screen sharing & HD video
  • Unlimited recording 
  • Chat & remote features 
  • Voice over Internet Protocol package 

Zoom, Zapier, Google Hangout, CISCO, AND Jitsi are some of the examples of video conferencing apps, and Trello, Slack, Asana, Yammer, and Google Keep are some of the online collaboration tools available in the market. 

Video conferencing apps and online collaboration tools are helping businesses in many ways in this pandemic and have a good amount of opportunities to gain user engagement. To create an efficient and high-quality video conferencing app, you are required to consult a web application development company in India.


7) Live-streaming apps

7 Excellent Web Application Ideas to Kick-Start your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic

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For streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, DisneyHotstar, and Voot, this pandemic has been proven to be a great shot. The majority of people these days now spend most of their time with their phones watching movies or playing games. 

Live streaming apps have changed the whole picture of watching movies and getting entertained. With hundreds of movies and television shows and fewer ads and easy to play and pause features, people are just going crazy for them. 

The global video streaming market is valued at $42.60 billion in 2019 and it is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% from 2020 to 2027. 

Features of Live-Streaming Apps 

  • Mid-playback functions
  • Live playback on various devices 
  • Mid-screen and full-screen
  • Chat and comments 
  • Social media sharing

Netflix, Amazon Prime, DisneyHotstar, Telegram, and Mulli are some of the trending live-streaming apps in the market. 

For building an engaging and beautiful UI/UX interface live streaming application you will be required to consult a web app development company that has at least ten years of experience. ValueCoders have 15+ years of experience in providing app development services to 2500+ clients in more than 31 countries. 


Some more WEB APPLICATION IDEAS to pitch in this pandemic

  • Furniture delivery app so that people can easily set up their business or workspace at home 
  • Fitness tools to manage a workout routine,
  • Cooking apps and WFH tech tools, and
  • Gaming apps for 45+ and above
  • Online invoicing software for contactless and paperless transactions


Every business is doing their business to beat this pandemic and help the world come out of this heartbreaking time. Undoubtedly, not every business can transform themselves into a technology-driven business with just a blink of an eye, it takes a lot of time but outsourcing a web application development company for your next web app development will not take so much of time and investment. 

So, if you like any of the above web app development ideas then don’t wait, hire a web app development company and kick start your business now


7 Brilliant Web Application Ideas to Kick Start Your business in COVID- 19 Pandemic


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