Machine Learning App Ideas

Artificial Intelligence shapes a lot of things we do in our day-to-day lives. The Netflix show you’re binge-watching while on quarantine, the compulsive purchases you make on Amazon, and even the things you search on the internet come to us courtesy of AI.

Investments in AI and its key subset – machine learning, are increasing more than ever. The total global investments by private businesses in AI accumulated to a total of $70 Billion in 2020. A survey by McKinsey reported that 82% of enterprises using AI and machine learning across their organizational activities have received a significant return on investment.   

Machine learning is easily one of the most funded and applied subsets of Artificial Intelligence. We’ve already seen loads of innovative ideas made into reality using machine learning. But don’t you think there are a lot of other machine learning app ideas yet to make it to the market? I certainly feel so. If you’re a curious mind wondering about the possibilities enabled by the use of machine learning, this post is for you.

I will list some of the best ideas for machine learning ideas that we haven’t seen in the market yet. I will also list a few other machine learning app ideas that are already being worked upon by a few companies – yet have a gap in their market that maybe your business could fill.

Various companies are Expert machine learning services providers and to build the best machine learning app, you should opt for the services of top-notch IT companies only. This list of best machine learning app ideas is divided based on industry. So you can explore all kinds of AI app ideas across your preferred industry verticals.

Machine Learning App Ideas 2020


Machine Learning Application for alerting about Potential Disease Outbreaks 

Chances are, many of you who will read this have already experienced the effects of global tension amid a pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak is said to have started in December 2019, when a lot of patients were getting admitted to hospitals in China with cases of pneumonia. There was an explosion in Pneumonia cases which initiated suspicions about a possible outbreak of an unknown disease. 

But these unprecedented cases of pneumonia were only recognized when a doctor saw the pattern in hospital records. By that time, it was already too late.

Could this outbreak have been recognized earlier than it was? Yes, it definitely could have been. But for that to happen, the hospital would have needed technological assistance.

What if hospitals in Wuhan city in China had an application that keeps records of all cases, analyses data through machine learning algorithms, and lets its users know if there’s an unusual pattern of cases?. Had there been such machine learning applications in place, the COVID-19 outbreak would have gotten detected much earlier and helped the Chinese government prevent it from spreading as much as it did eventually. 

The novel coronavirus has taught us an important lesson. This machine learning application idea I just suggested could help hospitals and governments identify disease outbreaks in record time and help them take immediate measures for prevention.

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Requirements for an AI-based Disease Outbreak Alerting Machine learning Application

  • Data on all known diseases, their symptoms, causes, and all essential precautions for preventing them. This data is meant to be fed to the machine learning algorithm for its functioning. The ML algorithm will eventually use this data to detect unusual patterns in hospital records.
  • A digital dashboard that keeps, edits, and maintains records of all registered cases in the hospital, the diseases of diagnosed/admitted patients, patient demographic details such as age, sex, residence, etc. 
  • A cyber-security system is in place for anonymizing user data (so no individual could be directly traced through data from their records unless their data is asked for by higher authorities such as the government).

There are numerous Top machine learning application development companies in India that can render the best services and even can help you to hire dedicated machine learning developers. If the developers are experienced then they will for sure make your task easier by delivering the astonishing healthcare-related application

Machine learning Healthcare app

Machine learning Healthcare app for Personalized Treatment Recommendation

You must have been in a situation where you’re suffering from minor health problems, and need a quick dose of some medicine that could help take away the discomfort. The medicines for such minor problems could be in the form of painkillers, tablets, syrup, or perhaps even an injection.

But it is always advised to never take medicine without a prescription from a doctor, even if it is for something as minor as a fever, a cold, or a headache. 

What if there was a machine learning healthcare application that could use measurements of your vitals and potential symptoms, along with data from other illness-struck people to suggest medicines you could take for self-treatment?

It is highly recommended that you go to a doctor if possible when facing illnesses. But in cases where a doctor or a hospital is not accessible nearby, an ML application to understand your symptoms and suggest required treatments would be a life-saving boon.

If you are planning to build an application for the Android platform then you must read this blog on amazing android app ideas you can opt for in 2020 as this will help in analyzing the current market need. These ideas are in high demand and will bring good ROI in the present and long term.

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Requirements for a machine learning application idea that suggests personalized treatment for illnesses

  • This machine learning application would require data about medicines, treatment methods for all kinds of minor illnesses, along with data about their dosage, and possible side effects.
  • The greatest advantage of machine learning applications is that their quality of information could be improved with user feedback. Users who are suggested treatments can report feedback on how the treatment helped them recover. They can also provide data about their allergies, among other personal weaknesses. This data will help in improving the algorithm and deliver more personalized treatment suggestions.
  • As in the case of the previous machine learning app idea, such an app would require a heavy investment to ensure that user data remains anonymous. 

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in the Retail & eCommerce Industry

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Retail & eCommerce Industry, artificial intelligence app for android

Personalized Chatbot for eCommerce websites

Chatbots go beyond machine learning and use ano+ther subset of AI known as Neural Language Processing (NLP). These are machine learning algorithms that help it imitate human conversations.

To date, we have mostly seen chatbots used for customer services. They are even used as a virtual assistant if you are using Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Assistant. 

But is it hard to imagine a personalized chatbot that uses machine learning algorithms and data to help customers make better buying choices? Yes, there are already recommendation engines on platforms such as Amazon that already do a good job in recommending products to buyers. Personalized recommendations drive 35% of Amazon’s overall sales.

But this idea goes beyond product recommendations. You see, a chatbot using ML algorithms can also ask what buyers are looking for. Then, based on the data of other buyers of the platform ML chatbot can help someone compare two different products of similar categories.

For example, let’s say that a buyer is looking for a smartphone on an eCommerce website. This website has a machine learning chatbot that asks users what they are looking for. This is different from searching, as the chatbot understands what a buyer needs specifically. Say, this buyer wants a smartphone with 6GB RAM. The chatbot shows the buyer all models with 6GB RAM. 

However, the buyer can’t just choose any random phone. They need to know the differences. This is where he/she can ask the chatbot about it. The chatbot then goes through reviews and tells the user how two different models of smartphones having similar features are different from each other. 

Requirements for a Personalized Chatbot Application

  • The features of this chatbot app idea require it to have information about a product (to compare it with another). Data from user comments could be utilized by the chatbot to optimize its algorithm.
  • In an eCommerce website that uses data from buyer comments on products, the comment interface should be designed in such a way that it makes it easier for the algorithm to understand buyer context.
  • The development of an NLP engine would be essential for the ML chatbot to communicate with human buyers smoothly and this will help you in building leading machine learning apps.

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Personalized Recommendation app – For physical Retail Stores!

Personalized recommendation engines are highly proven ways to increase sales for eCommerce and content streaming platforms. But what if you could utilize such machine-learning-powered recommendation engines for the retail world outside the internet.

Let’s say you are a retail shop owner whose shop has a decent footfall of customers daily. As an experienced shopkeeper, you know what items most of your customers want and work on keeping the stocks of such items full. But what if your store had a machine learning app to be used by your customers for billing purchases made from your store.

The purchases made through the data will create enough data for an ML algorithm to determine the products that have the highest demand. Additionally, this algorithm could understand user preferences and alert them about price drops and new offers at the shop directly from the app!

Requirements for Retail Store optimized ML Recommendation app

  • A retail store application powered by machine learning would require a user registration system and for this, you need the Best machine learning solutions and which can be only obtained by hiring expert ML app developers
  • Since billing would be done through this app, we would also require features to enable quick and easy invoicing.
  • There needs to be an arrangement for data collection and its security, for maximum protection of sensitive user data.
  • Nowadays React Native applications are also used in the business and somewhere it is linked to machine learning, to know more you can have a look at this react native app ideas blog, this will help you in choosing the best.

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Intelligent Travel Assistant App

An app that helps users know more about foreign places. Collects data from all tourists and lets them share their knowledge on the platform. Like, if a couple of age 35 visited a place and marked romantic places, then the app’s ML algorithm suggests the same type of places to another couple of the same age group when they come to visit this place.

This sort of application will help the audience in identifying famous places based on various categories. If in this sort of application places feedback options will be included then it will be easier to analyze the various places in a better way.    

We all know that when we plan a trip then our first task is to identify the famous tourist places. For example; If I am planning a trip to Goa then firstly I will check which Goa beach has a high visitor rate and according to that, I will visit Goa’s famous places. Analyzing these sorts of things can also be possible by utilizing the ML in the applications.

Requirements For Intelligent Travel Assistant App

  • Tourists’ data based on traveling is the very first thing we need as this can only help developers to identify the components to be added to an application.
  • In this sort of application, one feedback page can help you in analyzing and gathering the customer’s data. On the feedback page, you can add places rating, commenting, suggestion, etc options. This section should be designed in such a way that from here one can collect and analyze the data in an easy way.

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Group Touring app

This app lets users find other groups of people interested in going to similar places, and who also happen to live nearby. Uses machine learning algorithms for matching. This will help you in planning the trip with several people.

This sort of application can help one in managing all things in the best possible way, from these sorts of application traveling agents and other popular traveling companies are added that helps the customers in planning the trip by booking tickets, hotel, etc.

Requirements For Group Touring Applications

  • Analyzing and recording people’s interests so that groups can be clustered. For this, we need to develop the MI integrated section that can help you to record and analyze the data.
  • There needs to be an arrangement for data security, for maximum protection of sensitive user data.

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Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Banking & Financial Services

Exploring Innovation: Machine Learning App Ideas

Financial Goal Tracker

This app collects user data about their money spending habits. It allows users to set a defined financial goal for themselves. Analyses world economic data, users’ options for earning more money, and lets them know how they can reach their financial goals.

This goal tracker can benefit people in determining the financial aim at a time and will also help in organizing things in a synchronized way. If you are planning for shopping then by using the Machine Learning apps you can analyze your money spending limit as per the monthly tasks.

Always remember to design this sort of application, always hire dedicated developers who can fulfill all requirements as per your business need.

Requirements For Financial Goal Tracker Applications

  • To track the data, you need to use the MI technique as this can aid in saving and analyzing the information.
  • Financial data is such a personal and vital thing so it is really important to secure this sort of information and this can be only done by making use of a secure cross-platform services. 

Fee Calculator

Machine learning Apps that collect data from schools, institutions, and all course providers to let parents and students know about the expenses in pursuing certain educational courses.

This helps parents to plan out the monthly budget and to analyze money-related things. These things can be only possible by using the ML and these high featured applications can be developed by the experts of Top machine learning application development companies.

Requirements For Fee Calculator Applications

  • In this, you need to develop a calculator for estimating and calculating the fees. This will be possible by ML.
  • To build the secure platform you need to set up the security configuration.
  • In this sort of app, you need to develop a login panel. It will not let any unwanted activity to perform by the other users.

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in ISVs and Product service companies

Intelligent Project Development Quote application

The first thing a lot of business clients often do with ISVs and software products & service companies is to ask for their quotes for a particular project. Using ML, sales teams of such companies can help their clients get an early estimation of project costs. It is made through an analysis of patterns in rates of the company’s previously completed projects.

Requirements For Intelligent Project Development Quote application

  • In this application, the analysis system integrates. Because this can help in analyzing the data and this is only possible by using Machine Learning.
  • You need to add chatbots in this application as this will help you in interacting with other customers.  


Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Education & eLearning

Machine Learning in Education eLearning

Personalized eLearning portal for students

This eLearning uses machine learning algorithms to prepare an appropriate timetable of subjects for a student to learn online. In this way, the lessons let a student learn the most after optimizing in a defined pattern.

This sort of application eases the tasks of parents and helps students to save time by building the study plan. By utilizing AI techniques, you can easily develop this type of app. This application allows you to search the top eLearning platforms.

Requirements for Personalized eLearning portal

  • In this application, you need to add or suggest the different study modules. This will take place after examining the student’s needs.
  • By using Machine Learning you can collect and analyze the student data and searches.
  • It is important to add a search bar in this sort of application as this helps in saving time.

Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Digital & Marketing Agencies

 Cyber attacks and Data hacks analyzer application

This sort of application helps in analyzing suspicious activities. It also allows you to secure the data in the best possible way. By utilizing machine learning you can analyze the data and this will help you in securing the data from hackers.

With the help of AI, the examination of cyber-attacks take place in a very easy way. That’s many of these organizations use AI techniques in this sort of application. Moreover, different companies are using these types of apps to secure their data and website applications.

Requirements for Cyber Attacks and Data hacks analyzer application

  • In this application, you need to introduce machine learning as this can help in analyzing and examining the outsource data.
  • You need to add a feature that can detect unsafe and outsourced links. It is because this thing can help you in preventing cyber attacks. For this kind of fully-featured application, you might need to hire dedicated machine learning developers.

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Best Machine Learning App Ideas in Media & Entertainment

Customer sentiment Analysis Tool

This tool allows you to record the customer’s interest and for analyzing the customer’s rate of interest. The media and entertainment sector mainly use this tool. This is because the recorded data helps this sector to make more add ons and improve the services.

In this type of application, Machine Learning helps in the data collection and analysis process. The entertainment and media sector utilizes high-grade technologies. Moreover, it provides customer’s best outcome and this can be only possible when they will use various AI techniques.

Requirements For Customer sentiment analysis tool

  • In this type of application, you need to add a feature that records and analyzes the data. For this, you have to use Machine Learning.
  • You need to use the security feature in this tool as this will help in securing the collected data.



This blog will help you in knowing the best Machine Learning App Ideas that are utilized in various sectors such as Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel & Hospitality, Banking & Financial, and so on. By using ML you can predict customers’ needs, estimate data, detect spam, improve security, and much more.

 I hope this blog helped you in analyzing the best Machine Learning Apps Idea. If you are planning to build your ML application then hire machine learning app developers, we will help in building full-fledged applications.

We have a team of dedicated developers, every developer is experienced and trained in their specialized domain and technology. As we offer all solutions under one roof, we promise to deliver a fully customized app to you in the end. In addition, it is based on the latest and trending technologies.

Exploring Innovation: Machine Learning App Ideas

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