Android 6.0 Marshmallow vs Android 5.1 Lollipop – The Key Differences

Google’s has certainly surprised everyone with some cool new equipment; two new Nexus smartphones: the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, a redesigned Chromecast 2, and the Google Pixel C convertible half and half tablet. Obviously, the biggest news was the new emphasis of Android itself, Android 6.0, also known as Android Marshmallow.

Google announced Android Marshmallow a couple of months back at its yearly Google I/O expo, which happened in the US. From that point forward it has come up with a bundle of beta variants of the product for developers and loyal Android fans who were desperate for something new.

Android Marshmallow is now a must-have inside any handset. The product is more cleaned, looks better and consumes less power. Boot up a Nexus 5 with it and you’ll experience around 30% better battery life.

Android Marshmallow, in general, is a really complete redesign that hopes to alter a significant number of Android’s dormant features. The most striking of which is security and force administration. Here is how the Android Marshmallow is scored over the Lollipop, with these features and updates.

Fingerprint Scanner

First, the inclusion of the unique finger impression scanners and then the rollout of Google’s own Android Pay and now the unique finger impression examining and biometric security. Google has now created a support system for Android developers to use this feature to further develop interesting features like device unlocking and point of sale purchases etc.

App Permissions

Marshmallow’s application consents have been changed, empowering clients to reject or endorse authorizations from individual applications and individual capacities inside of that application. You won’t be hit with a major mass of authorizations when you introduce an application, rather when you utilize a component, say the voice message recording inside WhatsApp, that is the point at which it’ll approach you for consent. You can, in any case, go into authorizations for a given application and change them whenever nonetheless.

Android Pay & Mobile Payments

Google has finally come up with what most businesses would have wanted. The Android pay helps you to sync the service with the existing debit or credit card. The service has already tied up with a host of service providers and retailers in the US.

Web Browsing and Chrome

Android would at some point be expected to provide the users with a taste of the Chrome browser. The ‘customs tab’ – a feature that would allow in app web content to open up in a smaller space rather than the browser. Developers can now customize these tabs to the look and feel of their own website.

Save More Battery

The Android Marshmallow does not want users to do without a reasonable battery backup. It uses sensors to go into a sleep mode when the battery is not in use. The new USB integration would help you charge your battery faster. So, if you had been using the Android Lollipop and not happy with the battery performance then Google may have just solved your problem with the latest version of the Lollipop.

Adoptive Storage

This also is a very interesting feature from a user’s perspective. The feature helps you to add an external memory card to your phone and treat it as on-board memory.

New Animations

The new Android has got more interactive and intuitive overall and appeals more to the user. It has got some new animations and a new app drawer design which makes it a unique experience to the end-user.  It automatically puts your most-used apps on top and matches your colors with the current wallpaper adding to the delight of the user.

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