There is the software behind the success of any business in the modern world. To fulfill the modern needs of business people, you need software to quickly get it done. In fact, without software, the success of any business cannot be imagined.

What if any unexpected situation comes in front of you? Yes, I am talking about the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. Currently, it is no worse than a disaster for all people of this world. The government of all countries has taken some serious steps to cure this pandemic disease.

Staying at home is the only solution for all people. It has drastically hit the economies of various countries. As per this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of custom software development in such an epidemic situation.

Here, we will discuss how custom software development can bring you business benefits while working from home. In fact, custom software development from a reliable software development company would be a wise decision rather than off-the-shelf app development.

The off-shelf software only caters to the optimum solution needs of large businesses. It does not fulfill the unique requirements of small as well as large-scale businesses. On the other hand, custom software development increases productivity and runs your business efficiently even in situations like the Covid-19 outbreak today.

Let’s quickly look for the awesome reasons to build custom software rather than off-shelf software solutions for your business in this critical situation:

1) Tailor-made Solution

Off-the-shelf software development is generally done by targeting mass users, limiting the customization your company may specifically require. But when it comes to custom software development, it can meet any specific business requirements. It is basically designed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business. Hence, custom software is the right solution or choice for your business in today’s hours.

2) Instant Bug Fixing

Benefits of Custom Software Development Over Off-The-Shelf Software When Working From Home

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With off-the-shelf software, you cannot expect continuous maintenance. In case of error, all you can do is to report the company from where you have purchased this and wait for it to be fixed in the next update. But when you choose custom software, things are different in this case. With the continuous maintenance option, you can easily correct the error as soon as possible by contacting the respective dedicated developer of that software.

3) Custom High-security Features

With the increasing rate of cyber theft in the past few years, companies are more concerned about the security of their valuable data in the systems. To stop hackers from stealing your valuable data, business people continually search for better solutions.

With custom software solutions, decreasing cybercrime becomes an easy job. As the software makes it hard for hackers to know the ins and outs of your system, they cannot attack you either with your personal information. With unique software developed by custom software developers, you can be assured of world-class cybersecurity for your upcoming business.

4) Most Compatible Software Solutions

Compatibility problems affect the overall productivity of a business. Off-the-shelf products do not easily integrate with existing company applications, which could further create a serious problem.

On the other hand, custom software offers an optimal solution for the integration of all commercial programs. Through easy integration with the existing ecosystem, managing and controlling your business becomes easy. In order to get leading software solutions avail custom software development service from the top-rated top custom software development company.

Benefits of Custom Software Development Over Off-The-Shelf Software When Working From Home

5) Custom Upgrades Facility

Although off-the-shelf software offers constant updates in their applications, they may not provide it as often as you need. When you want faster updates for your application, custom software development is the right solution to choose.

Custom software offers companies the ability to make the changes they want at any desired time. To add new features, you no longer have to wait for the latest versions. This makes custom software preferable for major business organizations.

6) Unlimited Features

When you choose the products available in the market, you will have to accept all the functions that are offered by the particular product, whether they are useful for your business. You have no option to make changes to features.

In case you want different functions from the provided ones, you will have to get another program. But for custom software, you can take advantage of more feature flexibility. Custom Application Development Services allows you to select the specifications you want, as well as edit or make changes to functions during the compilation process.

7) Provides Desired Quality

Benefits of Custom Software Development Over Off-The-Shelf Software When Working From Home

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When it comes to quality, custom software certainly outperforms off-the-shelf products. Because these products are designed for a large unit of users or business people, they can be packed with features your business doesn’t require.

Also, they may not provide you with the quality of the product your business demands. When you need high-quality software, custom software development is the right choice. Together with the desired quality, it can offer you better results and help you improve the overall performance of your business.

8) Maximum Users

Off-the-shelf software solutions only allow a limited number of businesspeople to use the software. In the case of a small business, this might not be a problem, but for large organizations, it becomes a serious problem. With custom software solutions, there is no limit on the number of users. Since the software belongs to you completely, it provides access to as many users as you want.

9) 24*7 Support

Another important reason why leading companies choose custom software development firms to avail of custom software development services is the availability of a wide range of support. With reliable support, running your business smoothly and successfully becomes easy. The experts from the software development team can help you solve all the problems your company may encounter efficiently and quickly.

10) Increase Security

Off-the-shelf software is often created with a focus on ease of use rather than security. This means that there may be some issues when it comes to protecting sensitive data or maintaining the privacy of your customers and employees. With custom development, you can rest easy knowing that a security team has been consulted to ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken in order to keep your business safe from hackers and other threats.

11) Improve Usability

When it comes to off-the-shelf software, you will often find that the interface is not designed with your needs in mind. This means that users can struggle when trying to navigate through different parts of the system or using specific features. Custom development ensures a better end-user experience because each part has been designed with your employees or customers in mind.

12) Customer Success

Off-the-shelf software is often purchased by a customer, occasionally used for the purpose it was intended, and then quickly forgotten about because there are no additional benefits to using the system after installation. Custom development allows you to create lasting relationships that will help ensure that your customers are successful and happy with their software.

When Should You Go For A Custom Software Solution?

Benefits of Custom Software Development Over Off-The-Shelf Software When Working From Home

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Several times you made changes in your business, and sometimes you also encounter issues in your business process; to manage all these things in a good manner, you need leading Custom software solutions. Here I have mentioned a few pointers which you can consider for adopting custom software solutions.

Opening Multiple Locations: If you plan to open multiple locations, then a custom software solution can be developed for each store location. This will allow employees at the different stores to have access only to what they need without compromising security or network speeds.

Workflows Aren’t Efficient: If your current workflows aren’t efficient, then a custom software solution can be developed to take into consideration how you currently operate. This will save time and money in the long run by helping employees get more done each day because their tasks have been streamlined for them with this new system.

For Data Security: Data security is very important when working from home or remotely. If your data isn’t secure, then a custom software solution can be developed to offer security measures that will protect you and your employees from hackers trying to access company information.

Low Customer Satisfaction Rates: If your customer satisfaction rates are low, then a custom software solution can be developed to better benefit customers and increase their overall happiness with the work that you do. This will lead to greater sales due to positive word-of-mouth advertising as well as increased referrals from happy clients.

These were some important highlights which help you in taking an action plan for a custom software solution.


So we have seen a lot of reasons for choosing custom software development over off-the-shelf development, especially when you work from home. It will be more beneficial in the long run as the world is moving to a complete digitalization era. Hence, choosing custom software development in this competitive and critical edge is the only key to success.

Well, to fulfill all your custom needs related to your project development, you can avail of custom software development services from the leading custom software development companies in India (ValueCoders).

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