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JavaScript is high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. It has curly-bracket syntax, prototype-based object orientation, dynamic typing, and first-class functions. 

As per Statista, 67.7% of Software developers choose a JavaScript programming language for developing websites.

Over the years, these 4 Frameworks (NodeJS, AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS) have done really well in the IT domain. All 4 Frameworks have unique features and are used for a particular type of role. Their unique features have already been listed above below in the infographic: 

Here is an infographic showing top 4 JavaScript Frameworks of all time:

Choose The Best JavaScript Frameworks For Your Business [Infographic]


All these platforms are very good and give a complete competition to each other, these frameworks have gained a good reputation over the years, but mainly it depends upon your project. 

You can hire Node.JS development companies or hire node.js developers, for developing an Application based on Node.JS frameworks. Similarly, you can hire Angular.JS development companies, React.JS development companies, or Vue.JS development companies based on your preference and the type of application you want to create. 


Many companies have the same question, which platform is suitable for them for building an application, and how each platform differ from the other? 

You can find almost every answer in the infographic posted above, and with that, there are several advantages and features of the JavaScript Frameworks listed. If you are willing to develop an application, you can hire app development company

Choose The Best JavaScript Frameworks For Your Business [Infographic]

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