How Good Is Java For Your Web Application Development?

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages used today since its inception in the programming world. The uses of this programming language go beyond the messengers. Programming with Java is incredibly common for web banking and fintech applications. Compared to other programming languages, Java definitely stands out in terms of functionality and security environment.

According to W3Techs, Java is used by less than 0.1% of all the websites and many popular websites naming,, etc.

According to Oracle, it is the most used runtime platform for many enterprise systems that include 97% of the desktops. Moreover, more than 3 billion devices run Java in some form. Many web development companies use Java for some of their functions and Java server applications process tens of millions of requests every day.

In this blog, we will discuss how is Java good for web app development and how much is it beneficial for businesses these days.

A Java web application has become an obvious business need in recent years. This is because the new versions of Java are continuously enhancing the possibilities in the web app development. With the increased demand for web app development, businesses are looking to hire Java developers.

1) Scalability

Java programming language is easily scalable for web app development. This is because the components are widely available. If you plan to scale your web application horizontally or vertically, the language will adapt to your needs, especially in commercial logic and permanent storage levels.

In simple words, it means that each time you decide to improve the response time and the performance of your web application, less invasive coding will be required and Java developers will invoice fewer hours.

2) Cross-platform

With Java programming, you have to write once and then use the code anywhere. It is the most important feature of Java which is also known as portability. Java is cross-platform as the compiled Java program can be run on all the platforms for which there is a Java virtual machine(JVM).

The actual scenario in business is: first, the business owner contact a Java developer to develop a program. Once the web application is developed, that can be used on any device and in any operating system. This is what is understood when developers talk about a JVM. It is your own autonomous “machine” that can be superimposed on any operating system and on any hardware that exists.

Thus, business owners no longer need to worry about changing hardware or operating systems and then face the hassle and cost of rectifying the incompatibility of existing software. This is a great benefit of Java programming over programming languages that are a Windows-based platform.

3) Memory Management

This may be a bit technical, but there is a simple way to understand how easily Java handles memory. That’s why it is discussed in brief below:

In Java programming, all Java objects “live” it is called a “heap”. A heap is created when a web application starts and can increase or might decrease as it is executed. If the pile is filled, then the “garbage” is collected and eliminated.

Basically, objects that are no longer used are deleted. New objects have space to enter. There are other aspects of this, such as the “nursery” where the newer objects are stored and the “previous space” where the oldest objects of the children’s room go before they are finally eliminated.

The point here is saying that an automatic system to manage the memory is there. Thus, in turn, this helps in managing the effectiveness and speed of the web application.

4) Multi-threading

How Good Is Java For Your Web Application Development?

Java web applications can manage their own use by several users at the same time. This can be done by creating threads for each user within the program itself instead of having to execute multiple copies of the programming on the same hardware. In this process, each thread is tracked until the “job” ends.

Below, there are some advantages of multi-threading:

– Fewer glitches: Multi-threaded servers will always remain responsive and will work no matter how long a particular process runs, while single-threaded servers may stop responding and “block” their operations.

– Fast response time: User commands are processed in a matter of seconds, even when the application is used by a large number of people simultaneously.

– Multiple operations: A number of operations can be executed simultaneously and your web app does not think long before making this step.

– Better performance: The app’s performance would be better due to the optimal usage of cache storage and CPU resources. Your web app will remain stable and be glitching free.

– Low maintenance cost: This is due to various economic resources usage.

5) Budget-friendly

Java is a budget-friendly language which is universally popular. However, finding a reliable Java development company for a budget proof project can be difficult for many business owners. This is in fact quite challenging when you want to develop your web app with a budget-friendly language like Java. Moreover, hiring a Java development company must be within the parameters of the client’s budget constraints.


Java has been termed as the “king of programming”. This the obvious reason what makes Java a suitable choice for web app development. It is so versatile and offers robust custom web solutions for almost all type of commercial needs. This “top position” shows no signs of decline, especially now that Java 9 is on the horizon. Every time it gets better.

However, many other technologies have emerged around us, JAVA is still staying strong and has tons of followers. If you are a startup and planning for a web app development, Java can be your good choice to start with.

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