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Want To Develop An App Like Uber? See The Features & Cost

Want To Develop An App Like Uber? See The Features & Cost

A revolutionary app like Uber has really helped consumers and businesses alike. It is a perfect taxi app that helped travelers find the right cab service with the convenience of their mobile . Uber app has taken the traveling experience of consumers to the next level adding convenience as well as choice.

develop app like uber

On the other hand, an app like Uber has also helped taxi owners and drivers get more business and appropriate payments for their services. There has been many businesses who have emulated the success of Uber and created similar  taxi apps, only to reap similar dividends.

Hence, an app like Uber remains the talk of the town and so does its services and business model. Before going to the cost part let’s see what conveniences an app like Uber can offer for your target customers:

#1 – Categories of Cabs to Choose From

Uber app provides wide range of  car categories for the users to choose from. With Uber app, customers can avail cabs from high end Sedans, SUVs to economy cars. Once user login from the app and start placing request from current location, by GPS tracking the taxi app shows all the available options nearby.

app like uber

#2 – Carpool Pool and Split Fare

A consumer who books with Uber app can avail the carpool service & ride sharing options too. These services excite users as  they save a big percentage on their ride fares. Besides these also help to reduce down the traffic and fasten travel times by accommodating more people in one vehicle.

develop app like uber

#3 – An app like Uber estimates fare

Uber fetches the current location of user and when he decides his destination, the taxi app quotes the price and tells him about the availability of the cab. The Uber app is so smart that it finds the shortest route to destination with less traffic via GPS and multiplies the distance with the per mile fare.

develop app like uber

# 4 – Discounts and Online Payments

As an Uber app user, one can avail the convenience of getting discounts while booking from the app. The app gives the feature of adding promo codes while making the booking and availing the current offers. Apart from that, there are host of options to make online payments to Uber like debit cards, credit cards and payment gateways.

Develop app like uber

#5 – Share Feedback and Cancel the Trip

With Uber app, user can easily share the ratings and feedback after the journey. The App also allows  to make a cancellation with a no cancellation charges. These factors also affect the driver ratings.

app like uber

Everytime an user rates a cab driver low, the chances of getting the next customer becomes harder for the cab driver. The Uber app not only finds the nearest cab, but also prioritize cabs with highest rating.

#6 – Drivers can Request and Accept Orders

Drivers on Uber can easily know if a customer is looking for a cab in their location. They can place their request and accept orders if they are free to serve the customer at the desired time. They have a limited time to accept the order and the whole process provides convenience to both drivers as well as consumers.

app like uber

#7-Access to Maps and Easy Communication

The driver can access the route map on his Uber app account and easily arrive at the customer location. The app automatically informs the customer upon the arrival of the driver and makes the process simpler. The driver too can rate the rider and share concerns regarding the rider or the fare.

app like Uber

# 8- Drivers Receive Online Payments

The Uber app helps the drivers to maintain and account with Uber and get paid online for their services. The convenience of the app makes it very easy for drivers and car owners to partner with Uber and run a profitable business.

develop app like uber

The Uber app is an idea that has worked well for consumers across the globe. Similar apps are also getting a decent share of the business. Developing an app like Uber cost upwards of $60,000 depending upon the functionalities and services provided.

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