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Enterprise Mobility Trends

Enterprise Mobility Trends

It is crystal clear that mobile tools and applications play a very prominent role in our day to day life.

We all are dependent upon handheld mobile devices.

These are about connecting people via text messages, emailing or through phone calls.

Majority of modern companies introduce mobile applications to upgrade interaction with their customers and improve communication.

Enterprises consider mobile application as a part of business tools.

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And creating a useful and dependable enterprise mobile application is not an easy task.

Enterprise mobile integration is a form of fixed-mobile convergence that provides integration between communication carriers and enterprise network.

Knowing how to integrate mobile unified communication products effectively is a key in finalizing a mobility strategy.

Enterprises can use evaluation programs to define their requirements for mobile devices.

Enterprise mobile integration also allows customers to use a single number for all different purposes.

There are many advantages of enterprise mobile integration, some of them are:

A single telephone number for workers becomes a practical reality: It’s better for the user to have a single work number. The user can specify the hours in which the phone rings and he can also define which team members or co-workers can ring through at any time.

By linking the account to the corporate network the IT department can assume the liability for services delivered to the mobile user.

Integration with enterprise network features such as directory services and call routing is also possible.

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Without any doubt enterprise mobile integration offers various important benefits.

And the best one is that every user is assigned with a unique telephone number that can be used from fixed as well as mobile locations.

This amazing feature eliminates remembering multiple telephone numbers.

At times, personal numbers are also given.

One should always keep in mind that all the mobile integration strategy/plans should be futuristic. It has become an integral part of technology. One should keep in mind about the security and privacy.

It must have a common framework for authentication and authorization of your mobile applications.

Offline Behaviour of Apps

For customers, it could mean, the ability to check out their automatically downloaded receipts, order status and etc., when they are not online.

Now we will discuss about the key steps for enterprise mobile integration:

Database Synchronization

In database synchronization, information is exchanged among one or more mobile databases. This exchange facilitates the most efficient possible information transfer from the data center to mobile devices. Communication can be encrypted and carried out using common protocol.

Enterprise Messaging

In enterprise messaging, data is exchanged between the devices with multiple communications technologies. Messages can be easily transferred into the enterprise database from the mobile devices.

Web Services

Web services, like HTTP or WSDL allows diverse or machine to machine communication to take place without interruption to the customers.

Enterprise mobile integration is a sophisticated process and requires expert administration. It also offers long term cost savings for the enterprises.   


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