The advent of technologies touches every niche of the industry. And, after the COVID pandemic, we become more serious about our health. This concern leads us to take the benefits of technological advancement in the healthcare industry as well.

Healthcare App Ideas: 20+ Ideas For Healthcare Professionals

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Let’s have a quick round of facts on the growth of the healthcare industry in recent years. According to the report of Statista, the estimated value of the Indian healthcare sector in 2017 was 160 billion U.S. dollars and projected growth of 372 billion dollars by 2022. The Indian Government plans to raise healthcare spending to 3% of GDP by 2022. 

Digitization in the Healthcare Sector

COVID accelerates digital innovation in the Healthcare industry.  About 65% of European healthcare industries had increased digital technologies for effective clinicians’ ways of working.

In virtual reality, radical data interoperability enables patient-facing programs and associated technologies to reduce the cost of care and increase revenue.

In the second quarter of 2020, cloud spending increased by 11% compared to the previous year. It helps in offering remote care and remote work as well as rendering a scalable virtual desktop. 

Technologies: Revolutionary Changes in the Healthcare Industry  

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Genome sequencing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Health is the most significant part of our survival. The development of technologies brings considerable changes in handling healthcare. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), different algorithms ease the designing treatment plans, creating drugs, and managing medical records.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality acts as a driving force in the future of medical care. AR helps in creating a physical environment using digital visual effects, sound, and other sensory stimuli. With AR, medical students can get a better education by preparing them for real-life operations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) advances the personal healthcare app experience. VR offers impressive experiences to change the life of patients as well as doctors. Going inside the body and getting valuable feeds on body functioning is only possible with VR.

Genome sequencing

Another significant advancement of technology in healthcare is genome sequencing. It determines the entirety, or nearly the whole, of the DNA sequence of an organism’s genome at a single time. Whole-genome sequence data may count as the crucial tool for therapeutic intervention.


Nanotechnology is making significant changes in medicine. Nanoparticles and nanodevices will be considered precise drug delivery systems, tiny surgeons, or cancer treatment tools. It reflects the best combination of science, engineering, and technology, conducted at the nanoscale ( 1 to 100 nanometers).


The highest form of technology in the healthcare industry. From robot companions through surgical robots to pharmabotics or exoskeletons, robotics effectively advances the experience of medical care. 

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20+ Healthcare App Ideas For Knockout Business Growth

Medical App Ideas

1. AI-Driven Healthcare Apps

Artificial Intelligence is creating a buzz in the technological world with every passing day. In the healthcare sector, AI is uncovering many new aspects of managing patients’ health and medical details.

AI-driven healthcare apps help in the analysis of medical images, creation of medications, and facilitation of medical imaging.


  • Mobile phone-based cognitive-behavioral and integrated group therapies to treat eating orders, substance abuse, and depression.
  • Brain-computer interfaces could improve the quality of life for patients.
  • Supports next-generation radiology tools.

2. VR Meditation App

The advantages of virtual reality in healthcare app development simplify the patients’ experience. It provides the best experience to new users as well.

The VR meditation app targets patients with mental health issues and offers an outstanding experience to resolve their concerns.


  • Experience meditation effortlessly
  • Flexibility to choose a mood 
  • Options for listening to soothing sounds and aesthetic locations with different 360-degree views

3. EMR/EHR Software

Electronic medical records (EMR) software or Electronic health records (EHR) software enhances the medical care experience through proper handling of information. 

It offers safety and security in managing patient-sensitive and clinical information. Through EMR/EHR software, industries can reduce hand-transcription errors and misplacement of patient records.


  • Enhance medical history data storing
  • Quick in delivering lab results
  • The effort to form a centralized database
  • Streamline digital prescriptions

4. Mental Health App

Due to a hectic lifestyle, you may not pay much attention to your mental health. So, if you connect yourself with technology, it gets easy to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Through a mental health app, you can address the root cause of mental health problems.


  • Easy to track daily progress
  • Availability to connect with therapists to treat different conditions
  • Soothing sound effects of releasing tensions
  • Help in building self-confidence

5. Nutritional Value Calculation App

The basic idea to develop healthcare apps for patients is to provide proper nutritional value to them. But, developing and managing nutritional value in food regularly is quite a complex task.

Through a nutritional value calculation app, you can get the value of each food item.  It encourages you to eat healthy food with proper dietary values and calculate it for adequate healthcare.


  • Effortless to calculate daily nutritional values
  • Easy to track the calories count
  • Easy to boost overall health

6. Diet Planning App

While focusing on overall health and fitness, it’s crucial to have a proper diet. For that, you have to create your fitness goals and make an effort to meet them positively.

In your fitness journey, the Diet planner app will help to achieve your targets. Irrespective of your type, vegetarian or nonvegetarian, you will receive the best plan through the diet planner app.


  • Diet plans from top nutritionists
  • Improve the quality of living 
  • The best practical solution to weight loss

7. On-Demand Doctors App

Sometimes, people have to struggle a lot to get an appointment with a doctor, especially when there is an emergency.  To make doctor appointments less hectic, you can take advantage of technology. 

The on-demand doctor’s app allows you to connect with healthcare specialists virtually. It saves time and cost to meet a doctor. 


  • Make hassle-free connections with doctors
  • Choose the best one by reading remarks & reviews
  • 24×7 availability of doctors

8. Women’s Wellbeing Healthcare App

Because of some common concerns, women need more attention than boys and more effective planning for healthcare. Having different healthcare apps for women’s wellbeing is an ultimate effort to make revolutionary changes. 

Being busy with work and home activities may get tricky for women to manage their health issues. By installing an app, they feel easy to keep records of their important dates.


  • Adequate to track period and fertility report
  • Easy to take care of pregnancy and birth control
  • Encourage women for health care

9. Mental Fitness App

Living a healthy and peaceful life may seem challenging when you don’t have the correct information. So, if we live in the most informed era, why don’t we use technology? 

With this vision, a mental fitness app helps you to encourage active living. So, pay attention to mental health if you are eager to improve your quality of life.


  • Workable for addressing mental illness such as stress, PTSD, anxiety, and more
  • Easy to contact mental healthcare professionals
  • Connect with like-minded communities
  • Track sleeping rhythms and time

10. AI-Based Personal Trainer App

Another significant move in healthcare application development is to use artificial intelligence. AI makes your dream come true by having a personal trainer to focus on your health.

It makes you free from paying hefty membership fees. Through the AI-Based Personal Trainer App, you can get complete healthcare training within your comfort zone.


  • Customized exercise plans with proper training
  • Real-time feedbacks
  • Track exercise patterns with wearable devices

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11. Home Workout App

Healthcare app developers focus on providing the enhanced experience of healthcare through vigorous modifications.  The home workout app idea is the creation of developers to offer customized workout plans.

If you are looking for the best healthcare app ideas for startups, the home workout app would be the most appropriate choice. Give a spark to your business in a very initial stage. 


  • Track daily progress 
  • Customized exercise videos
  • Personal health coaches
  • Free health and fitness tips

12. Wellness Tracker App

When it comes to checking your wellness levels, you might seem puzzled. In such a case, you can go through the advancement of technical scenarios and track your progress. For that, the Wellness Tracker App is useful.


  • Monitor wellness levels
  • Track heart rate 
  • Effective for weight loss
  • Blood pressure reading

13. Fitness App With Virtual Training (VT)

Virtual training is the new normal.  VT solves many complicated problems by simplifying them. Fitness App with virtual training offers you the flexibility to manage all things (such as exercises and interactive sections) in a home environment. 

Healthcare application development lets you get a twist of technology through VT apps. Fitness through VT app ideas encourage you to have great activities, including running, riding, and training with others without moving outside.


  • Easy to monitor progress and daily activities
  • Get training from personal fitness coaches
  • Monitor diet for a healthy body
  • Free health and fitness tips

14. Emotional Wellness App

“A healthy body leads you to a healthy mind.” With this principle, it is crucial to think about your mental fitness. The emotional Wellness App leads your actions to develop a plan for your mental health.

Using this app, users can treat emotional wellbeing issues with utmost care. If you are looking for psychological medical services and expert counseling, this app is the best option.


  • An effective way to treat mental health
  • Share issues without any hesitation
  • Boost mental wellbeing under the guidance of professionals
  • Empower to deal with life’s challenges

15. AR/VR-Driven Healthcare App

Talking about virtual reality in healthcare uncovers different medicines applications that help treat patients with visual impairment, cancer, autism, and depression.

The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality in healthcare practices can improve the patient’s experience. Moreover, AR also simplifies the process of CT scans and MRIs.  


  • Provide valuable information to specialists during medical procedures
  • Add the benefits of telemedicine
  • Get AR/AR training for complex surgical operations
  • More comfort in handling patients

16. Medical Record-Keeping App

Mismanagement is one of the most significant issues of daily lifestyle. But, we have to be serious about our medical treatment records. Therefore, healthcare mobile app developers build medical record-keeping apps to simplify documents management.

With the app’s help, patients can keep records of previous treatments or ongoing treatment, prescriptions, and other health-related documents. It helps patients to have complete solutions to their health problems.


  • Effective management of medical records
  • Secure sharing of essential information between patients and other clinicians

17. Medical Facility/ Hospital Finder App

Medical facility/hospital finder app is another vital aspect of healthcare app development. Sometimes, it is a very hectic task to search for the local or nearby hospitals. So, make it an effortless job using such mobile applications.

Using an app for finding the desired hospital, you can make a wise selection by reading reviews and remarks. Save your time and receive the best medical treatment with different modes of technology.


  • Find the best hospital-based on location
  • Wise selection by reading reviews and others’ feedback
  • 24×7 availability for telemedicine visits
  • Treatment for various diseases

18. Appointment Booking App

When you are eager to advance your healthcare experience, you must adopt the latest technologies. With an appointment booking app, patients can take the benefits of online scheduling.

When you have time limitations, opt for online solutions, especially when it is about your health. Online patient scheduling reduces the appointments gaps and lowers the burden of some administrative tasks for staff.


  • Steer the flow of patients during peak hours
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Support time management 
  • Round the clock assistance

19. Personal Medical Records App

Sharing your many medical details with others doesn’t seem okay every time. Some have personal issues while sharing their medical information. The idea of developing a personal medical records app offers the flexibility to manage documents seamlessly.

It also allows patients to keep their best care and manage their details smoothly. If you aren’t good at handling your documents, take the benefits of technology and download the app.


  • Effective management of medical documents
  • Updated, user-friendly and intuitive interfaces
  • Healthy system to personal details

20. Biological Data Tracking Apps

Working on biological data tracking apps helps patients to monitor their health progress. Being a woman, it gets hard to keep track of the menstruation cycle. With the use of the application, you can remember the dates and take care of your health.

Healthcare mobile app developers advance the experience of patients’ care. Using mobile app ideas for medical care encourages people to embrace their health with positive changes.


  1. Advance database for healthcare
  2. Easy to track infectious diseases
  3. Offers advanced form of biological sciences
  4. Advantages of quantified self-tracking

21. Exercise and Earn App

Sometimes, we need the motivation to think about our health and wellness. With the vision of encouraging people for their health, exercise and earn app is the best source of assistance. 

Grab the opportunity to earn while paying utmost attention to your health. Many service providers render attractive offers to promote their apps and bring positivity among users.


  • Offers the benefits of exercising  
  • Daily activities for health benefits
  • Make exercising an interesting factor

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Top 7+ Healthcare Android Apps

  1. Teladoc
  2. Med&Beyond Telehealth
  3. Skyscape
  4. Epocrates
  5. Evernote
  6. Doctor On Demand
  7. Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)
  8. Leafly


The advancements of technology are making revolutionary changes in our quality of living. It teaches us to take utmost care of our health using a massive range of available healthcare mobile apps. So, check the suggestions for mobile apps and take advantage of technology.

Go through the complete blog even if you are looking for healthcare app ideas for startups. For a practical approach, contact a reliable healthcare application development company like us to meet the best team of healthcare app developers.

Healthcare App Ideas: 20+ Ideas For Healthcare Professionals

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